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The Bazaar

Yes, exactly.
“I’ve never seen that unique before.”
“What an odd combo of affixes. I wonder if it could work with my other character?”

I think it’s interesting that LE is trying to do its own thing. I doubt the bazaar will completely function as intended when first introduced (few designs do), but I’m interested to see how this concept will be iterated on and where it will be when players have had their hands on it for two months, six, and then a year.

Hmm… except maybe for the identically named zone “The Bazaar” in EverQuest which functions almost the same and was released with Shadows of Luclin back in 2001? I’m genuinely surprised no one has mentioned that in this thread.

That being said The Bazaar in EQ allowed you to search the current merchants for specific items and would tell you were the vendor(s) which have that item are located within the bazaar. You still had to run over to them (and hope that a player was actually selling said item at the time ofc) to buy, but it allowed convenience while also enabling window-shopping.

One thing that also hasn’t been mentioned (unless I skimmed past it) is that you could potentially be able to list “buy orders” along with your items for sale. I could imagine an implementation that allowed you place both, and then players that see your shop could potentially fulfill your buy orders and make a pretty penny for themselves.

I also think it should be okay to search for items within your current Bazaar offerings (similar to how EQ did it), since it’s not a perfect knowledge search (since your Bazaar is only a subset of available vendor listings). It would be QoL without enabling the “instant BiS” behavior that EHG appears to be avoiding here.

Personally I’m a fan of the proposed system, but I really want to see how it plays out first. There’s a ton of possibility for making it useful without overtaking the actual gameplay imo. Perfect knowledge trade systems, like AHs from WoW, enable players to amass huge fortunes without ever leaving the AH. Simply buying low and selling high you can become rich in those systems (which is one reason why most BiS aren’t tradeable in MMOs). That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it seems EHG wants to avoid that pattern of gameplay in LE.

As long as someone is in the Bazaar who sells coffee & bacon sandwiches I will be happy.

Coffee & Bacon sandwiches? Wouldn’t they be a bit soggy? Is there anything wrong with Egg & Bacon?

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I feel there should be an inappropriate “comma” in there. After all, commas save lives.

Bad: “Let’s eat grandpa!”
Good: “Let’s eat, grandpa!”


Nothing at all, Egg & Bacon sandwiches are great, just a little messier when that yolk dribbles down your chin…

Unless you’re a cannibal? Then it’s a matter of “How do we season Grandpa?” and “Shall we have chips as well?”

Heh. Punctuation matters right? Let’s eat Grandpa, and Let’s eat, Grandpa, have completely different meanings LAWL.

I feel like this Bazaar would be successful if we get a second chest for trading and can make tabs like there are in the other chest to organize and make tabs either universal or for specific classes and when you go to the bazaar you see their universal tabs and the tabs of the current class your playing.

And the Bazaar only showed you heroes right around your level, regardless of their class.

That was a very good way to frame it. Cheers.

This trade System also is too time-consuming for a casual Player like me. I hope they will change the System so that I can search for items more specifically.

Sounds great to me.

So from what I’ve read, it sounds like there is no mechanism planned that would allow a group of friends (guild or whatever) to save/find items for each other? That would be a major loss IMHO, it was the one thing I felt PoE did really well. My friends and I would just put items in the guild stash if we thought it might be helpful for someone. It was also a nice way for the more hardcore players were able to help the more casual players even if not able to coordinate playing times. If they could work in some sort of “friend only” bazaar options, that would be nice, but I suspect that would just open the door to unwanted types of trading.

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Yeah, that would mean that you friend the world & their dog then you can trade with everyone.

Only if you design the “Friends” feature the same old, boring way everyone always has. But if they invented a new way, a way which requires you to group up, play the game together for some period of time, some way to link you via an email verification (you don’t see each other’s email, you just do it through the game interface and it handles emails), then “real” friends would have no problems meeting those criteria, whereas “fake” friends wouldn’t go through that hassle.

I could see this working actually i really hope it does so I can interact with my friends even if we don’t play online at the same time.

It would work if you had a reasonable limits to your friends list (100?)/guild(i know that’s a post 1.0 feature). And a minimum length of time of being friends with that person. 1 week minimum, i could see a month or even not being able to trade until next cycle. It also could be a special friends list.

It would make more sense with guilds because the friends list has a long term abuse of third party websites and for the real friends it would effectively quarantine friendships.

Trade Guilds would be a coop group found deal still w/ access to the bazaar. You can join and instantly start interacting, but to change you must have been outside any guild for 2 weeks or a month.