Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Boss Guide (In-Depth Mechanic Explanation)

We did create a Boss Guide on Julra, the Dungeon Boss of Temporal Sanctum:

So funny story how all of this come together and happend on the LE Discord a few days ago:

@vapourfire mentioned on discord that there are no good Dungeon Boss Guides to reference to for Last Epoch. And he does promote my other MoF Boss Guide and Shade Of Orobyss Boss Guides a lot of times.
Another user asked me if I could do a Guide Video for Temporal Sanctum.
I said something like “I would love to do that, if I wouldn’t hate video editing so much.”
Then @CaiusMartius chimes in and said “Hey I could do that”
And here we are a few days later.

So thanks to Vapour and Caius for making this happen :smiling_imp:

If you haven’t seen my Lightless Arbor Guide yet: Lightless Arbor Dungeon Boss Guide (In-Depth Mechanic Explanation)


Requesting one for lightless arbor…


Yes, we are planning to do these for all 3 dungeons.

Can’t give an ETA though.

Great video ! Thank you for taking the time to make it.

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ETA is all dependent on Heavy getting that footage and VO. :wink:

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So the first few steps for a Lightles Arbor Guide Video are done.

We are making progress but no ETA still.

Get ready! That ETA just got REALLLLLLLLLYYYYYY close. :smiley:


We did it.

Here is my second dungeon boss guide video, this time for Lightless Arbor.
@samonjourus, I hope you like it.

Lightless Arbor Dungeon Boss Guide (In-Depth Mechanic Explanation)


Hey @Heavy , cool video, thanks!
do you have a epochtools/forum link for your Lich build?

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Hey there Storm, glad you like it!

I am and always was very anti build guides so I will not do any guides on characters/builds I create for several reasons.
But I don’t mind sharing my planner for that particular character, if you wanna use it as reference.
I also don’t mind questions about it, but I very much recommend trying to find or create your own builds based on inspirations :stuck_out_tongue:

So here is the planner:

Note: This is the actual current state and is not BiS/perfect/desired stats in every slot.

ah cool, thanks!

I know this video, it’s an excellent boss fight guide. I am still dying, I might just be a bad player, however, I will keep trying :slight_smile:

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