System trade is tragic

I’m CoF only. Solo player. I guess I’m part of the ‘no world’ population. And, no, if CoF didn’t exist I would still not trade, I’d just play solo self-found anyway. :man_shrugging:t2:

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So, again, what we need is a better filter/UI, which is coming. Not for items to be removed.
If you look at PoE’s trade page, they always have thousands, if not millions, of items being sold there. From utter garbage sold for a token value to BiS gear sold for dozens of divines. And also utter garbage sold for high values.

If you search on standard, you’ll see items that have been for sale for years. And yet, you can still find what you want easily because they have a good filter (which they copied from, but that’s another issue).

There is no problem with things being sold for a long time, as long as you can filter them out if you want. And eventually someone buys it, even after a year or two.


Well yes, technically, all arguments come from your head, that’s how abstract thinking works.

As someone in a billion dollar industry who’s primary job has been system analysis and diagnoses (literally studying systems for failures & weak points) for over a decade now; Your suggestion provides a bad solution to a specific problem you perceive.
First of all, your implementation requires players to know the market sell-point well enough to not overprice it, rather than just fill in the price they think it’s worth. That means external tools to track it all, something EHG is against.
Secondly, your implementation will inevitably punish people when the supply exceeds the demand. Unless LE comes with a free working crystal ball, that means sometimes, an item won’t sell even if it’s priced correctly and you lose it and the gold just because of your system.
Thirdly, because there is no removal feature on Bazaar, a player would lock in an item and have an unknown chance on getting a reward. Depending on how local laws are written, that may constitute gambling and cause LE, or at least MG, to be banned from certain regions.
Fourthly, MG players need a way to spend surplus favour somehow, so they’re gonna keep putting up items for 0 gold anyway. Your system does nothing to prevent this behaviour in particular.
Fifthly, if you were to implement a message at 25 days, most people would still repost their items after that warning feature, solving absolutely nothing except making it more cumbersome to engage in the Bazaar and drive players away from MG.
Sixthly, the simple thing here is you not realizing that a filter would not only solve your personal grievance, but would do so without far larger impact on the economy, unlike your “delete items kek” idea.
Seventhly, if you start deleting items from Bazaar it stops being a player-driven market and you might as well just redo it into a vendor system instead.
Eightly, I can’t believe spellcheck stopped seeing these as words halfway through.

Overall, your posts seem rude, arrogant, extremely Dunning-Kruger, and bank more on “ReSpEcT mY aUtHoRiTeH” than engaging with other people as equals. If you need to fall back on your rank or job to prove you’re the authority on something, you have already failed. At no point in this entire thread have you brought up an argument as to why a player-controlled filter would not solve all the issues you attempt to solve.


Not to say I disagree with your points, but currently you can de-list an item from the bazaar already.

Thanks, fixted it!


I mentioned 30 topics of problems that the bazaar has and you only focused on this issue of removing items that are more than 30 days old. What is your problem?? As I mentioned before, in this question, the problem is having several items that pollute the search filter, now if you don’t realize this, you probably don’t even use trade correctly, because this is a notable problem, not only for me but also for others players. Whether the solution will be to remove the items or return them to the inventory is another story, but something must be done about it.

Probably because, like I said before, almost all of the problems listed are related to the UI and not to trade itself. So you don’t need to make changes to trade (other than some tweaks on a few things), just to the UI. Which will happen soon.

As I mentioned, in PoE you have items being sold for years now and there’s no problem there finding what you want. So we just need better filters/UI.


Ah, I don’t agree so I’m doing it wrong!

But sure, I’m bored atm so I’ll humour you just this once …

The fact there are tons of items on there for 0 gold means there is an abundance of supply. If you implemented a minimum of vendor price, those items would all be exactly that. This is a basic example of supply & demand at work.

If you mean factions instead of classes, no. Plenty of people play games without trade, D3 was still played once RMAH was shut down, D4 doesn’t allow non-group trading,… The CoF is a perfect bonus for people who enjoy SSF (or SCF/SAF in LE’s case) but I’m certain a large majority of those players will still NOT interact with the Bazaar if they had no faction system.
It’s selfish to say that people should not have alternatives to Trade systems. Also ironic as this would actually increase the supply side more than demand, and you’ld end up with even more 0 gold sales.

It is not. You find them irrelevant, but you are not the only person playing in this game.

UI works are underway. I would’ve agreed with this point if not for the superlatives.

Preferably, you can choose, but again, improvements are under way.

Again, assume you mean ‘roll’ here. Idols are only ever T1 by design, if I was too look for particularly good roles, I’ld probably want them to be descending in price. There is a good design reason why they don’t want Idol rolls split into several tiers, which Mike has explained repeatedly in the stream. (Every Friday at 21:00 GMT, plus North-American DST)

Did I mention that they’re already working on UI & filter improvements for the Bazaar?

Originally a system limitation issue. Should this get resolved completely, this point still won’t be high on their to-do list, iirc.

Tried the bug forums yet?

Per last week’s stream: More than half the playerbase isn’t even there yet.
I’ve also played several builds with set items beyond 200 corruption, so not entirely true.
Oh, and this has nothing to do with the Merchant’s Guild faction at all, so irrelevant point in the discussion. (but they are well aware of set item power)

I know, I know, how about I call it “interface optimalisation” this time?

Per design, they don’t want trade-scalpers & flippers. The Bazaar is meant for you to buy items you need to play the game, the Bazaar is not the game.

So your suggestion was to delete those possibly rare items because someone overpriced them, instead of … yet again … UI improvements?

You can, you just can’t post them all at once! After all, the Bazaar is for those rare and precious drops, not for dumping a bag full of uniques for 0 gold all at once, right?

Don’t see any issues with servers myself, nor do the vast majority of players, so more likely it’s somewhere between you and the connection from their server to your ISP.

So to answer your initial question:

  • Several changes in the UI are in the works. Considering the timeline between scrapping the old concept and 1.0, the current UI does an adequate job, but is still open for imrpovements.
  • Implementing arbitrary rules for prices or sale duration are currently not mentioned in any dev communication. (afaik)
  • Trying to force players to use the market a certain way inevitably leads to outside platforms, where you have no control over fair playing fields. Also bridges closer towards RMT, like D2 had. This is a Very Bad Thing for the future of the game.

Nah, I tried that, apparently it’s the fault of the people who it works properly for for not having problems to agree with his complaints. So because we don’t have problems, it’s either our fault (totally how it works) or a global problem with the servers that apparently doesn’t affect us because we’re doing it wrong somehow. Or too stupid to notice the ping/lag/issues etc.

I believe the correct term is “fixified”.

Apparently the OP has issues accepting that there can be other points of view than their own & that they can be valid.


Tbf, we’re all just NPCs to the OP’s main character, right? We’re all just here to feed the Bazaar supply him with social interactions!

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But at least we have phones.

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And pronouns! Oh wait, wrong thread :joy:


I don’t want to hijack another thread, but I just want to point out that technically, everyone has pronouns. It’s just that to some people pronouns are a dirty thing that should be hidden and not talked about. Like pooping, or sex, or liking Nickelback.


Can we all just agree to make Nickleback public enemy #1?

I honestly have no issue with Nickelback. They’re decent(ish), especially early on. But they’re a fun meme, like Kane not winning titles (this is a football (no, it’s not soccer) thing, so mostly for non-americans). :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or being able to beat GDI.

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I had to lightly google that. I’m not a C&C fan, so that went over my head.
I got tired of strategy games after “beating” SimCity (the first one), Civilization (the first one) with all paths/tribes and Dune (the first one). I tried C&C at some point but didn’t even get halfway before quitting.
The only strategy games I’ve played and finished since were Dungeon Keeper and the Spellforce games.


The irony.

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I’m almost sure of this, that what we see here are ALWAYS 2 or 3 who defend tooth and nail, doing everything they can to shield the game from criticism and contain damage. IT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE not to see that the game has its qualities but has glaring flaws. pretending that this doesn’t happen won’t solve the problems, it will just make MORE and more people stop playing, this game will have a trial by fire in the next cycle, if retention is as big a fiasco as this launch was, its fate will be of a wolcem, new world etc…

This is, I believe, a strawman. There are no people who won’t admit that LE doesn’t have some problems. It’s just that people disagree whether specific things are problems & that’s specific to different individuals. It’d be just as inaccurate for me to say that there are a few virulently negative people who refuse to admit that there are many good things that LE does.