System trade is tragic

I would like to know if the game will have significant changes to the trading system. The current trade is ridiculous for several reasons:

  • 70% of items cost 0. This happens because people just want to get reputation, but after you reach level 10 it’s better to quick sell than to sell, because if you sell even cheaply, no one will buy it right away. Most of them cost 0, which is horrible for the market.
    -Separation of classes making it impossible for people in the circle of fortune to negotiate. This weakens the market a lot, in my opinion there shouldn’t be an increase in drops, but everyone should have access to trade. Just like it works in Diablo Immortal for example.
    -Screen filters such as forge potential, affix quantity and suffix are irrelevant.
    -It is absurd that the single item affix and search filter are an advanced filter, since it is the second most important filter on this screen, which forces the user to click on the More button just to be able to filter
    -The tier filter should be ordered from highest to lowest, as you are much more likely to buy an item with a t6 or t7 than one with t1.
    -The idols you try to sell don’t show the row correctly (it always assigns t1 to any affix regardless of its percentage), so you have to keep comparing page by page which is also horrible
    -You cannot filter, for example, 1 affix on t5 and 1 affix on t7 in the same filter
    -You can’t filter an idol by name
    -You have to go from NPC to NPC to find out the value of the items
    -Sometimes you enter the market and the filter for sorting by gold (low to high) changes to (from lowest to highest) but the next day it goes back to low to high (this has happened several times)
    -More than 90% of the green items in the game are irrelevant if you reach at least 100 corruption.
    -If you think about putting together an all-green set, you can forget about it because even with the set buffs, the items are much inferior to those with LP. This shouldn’t be like this but it is.
    -When you sell an item on the market, you have to look for the page where the item was sold to redeem it, there is no button to redeem all the gold obtained from sales
    -You cannot sell an item that you have already purchased before, not even if it is an item that can be sold but has an affix from an exalted that was purchased
    -Several items on the market, especially idols, are priced out of the curve, and even after 30 days they are not removed from the market, this hinders buyers as it pollutes the search filter.
    -You cannot sell several items at the same time.

Anyway, there are even more bad things, but only then can you notice that the trading system is horrible, as is the stability of this game’s server.

So you want all the people that don’t want to trade to suffer the worse drops that MG gets? And you think that’s reasonable or fair?

I agree that the UI could do with some improvement.

Yup, they don’t want the worst excesses of PoE’s trade, most of which are die to being able to resell.

That’s what can happen in a player driven economy.

You can, you just have to do it individually just like in PoE (if the items are individually priced).

Yup, the devs want a way to get rep while using the market. What the sellers don’t realise is that they get the rep whether the item sells or not. Perhaps they just want to give the item away? Which is their prerogative.

Sounds like you don’t want a purely player driven economy.

I’m not getting any problems, it’s therefore likely to be somewhere between the servers and your pc.


The trading system isn’t horrible. The UI is. And that has been acknowledged by EHG and will be changed soon, most likely with 1.1. Most of your issues come from this point, so that answers most of them.
Idols only show T1 affixes because idols only have T1 affixes. Searching them is, once again, an UI issue.

Not being able to resell items is a deliberate choice by the devs (and supported by many players) so that you don’t have “Trade: The endgame mechanic” like in PoE, where many players barely play the game at all and spend the whole league just trading (usually with price fixing, sniping and other toxic practices).
If you want to just use the market to get rich, LE isn’t the game for you. If you want to use the market as a vendor shop that just happens to be supplied by players, then that’s what LE’s trade does.
As for the second part, obviously you can’t resell those either. If you make a legendary where one part of it was bought, you can’t resell it. That would defeat the whole purpose.

Having a lot of items being sold for 0 gold isn’t really any different from all those items in PoE being sold for an orb of alchemy, or a transmute or whatever. As @Llama8 pointed out, they could sell for some gold and still get the reputation, which some players don’t realize, but some just want to give stuff away that might be useful to new players.
The economy was hit hard by the gold dupe, but this was happening even before. In a player driven economy, players will sell for however much they want. At least in LE there aren’t toxic traders scamming you.

Sets are terrible right now. You rarely use them, even before level 100. EHG wants to change them. Most likely not in 1.1 though.

This happens in PoE as well. The game can’t simply decide to remove your items from sale. It’s up to the player to decide that it won’t be sold and either relist it, remove it entirely or let it lie in the hopes that someday someone will buy it.

So, to reiterate, trade system isn’t bad (for most players), unless you want to use trade as an endgame mechanic, which EHG (and many players) doesn’t want you to. The trade UI is atrocious, which is where most of the complaints land. It will be changed.

Fanboy last epoch detected, multiple players have problem with this.
The game is made to trade, yes, anyone who doesn’t want to trade will be harmed, yes, there is no world where someone doesn’t want to trade. The people who don’t do it are because of the circle of fortune, if it didn’t exist they would do it calmly (just like in other games). And that is extremely fair. If the game removed items that have been on the market for many days and are not sold, this problem of out-of-curve prices would be resolved. When I talk about selling multiple items, it would mean selling several at once, not individually. For example, supposing I wanted to sell 3 items (a boot, a sword and a glove), then I would select the 3 items and drag them to sell, automatically the game would appear one screen at a time asking the price of each one, currently I have you have to drag 1 item at a time in addition to giving an extra click on every sale. The game servers are horrible, if you’re not having problems it’s probably your region, don’t judge if you don’t know things. I constantly have lost connection in dungeons and monoliths, especially in the Julra t4 dungeon, and this only happens in the last epoch, in any other game I don’t have this problem.

This is not true. Many players don’t want to trade. Some are forced to play offline because of several reasons, like bad/no internet connections or social phobias and thus can’t trade at all. Others simply dislike trade in principle.
Even in PoE you have plenty of players that don’t trade. Even outside of SSF.

CoF isn’t an impediment to trade. CoF was an alternative offered to those people, so they aren’t completely screwed over like they are in PoE.


Friend, you are comparing Poe with LE, I never played Poe, the game should remove the items, as this pollutes the search filter for several players who are trying to get the real price of each item. If an item has not been sold after 30 days, it is probably because it has the wrong price, so it should be removed, this would be good even for reasons of space in the game’s databases.

What would happen if I had 10 items being sold and didn’t have any space in my stash/inventory? Does the game simply delete them? It’s up to the players to decide these things, not the game.

What we need isn’t the game removing stuff, we just need a better UI so we can filter things properly. And this is something that the devs already said they will improve, hopefully coming with 1.1.

That’s crap. If everybody always wanted to trade then why is SSF a thing?

Sure, so anybody who doesn’t have an issue is a fanboy? Cool story bro!

Yup, there are no other games where people don’t trade or actively seek out modes where they can’t trade.

It would, yes. I’m not entirely sure I like the idea, but yes.

You’d save N-1 clicks. Pardon me while I still my beating heart at the thought of being able to save an entire 2 clicks in the scenario you propose…


If my region/route to the servers/etc aren’t having problems then that means they (the servers & everything in between) are working properly. Which therefore means that yours aren’t but that means that your ones are in the normal state & mine are the exception? If the servers were “trash” in general then you’d be having everyone & their dog complaining about it like they did on launch. The fact that they aren’t (complaining about the servers) presumably means that the servers are working reasonably well.

Yes, they are both aRPGs with many similarities.

Then maybe don’t judge if you don’t have experience?

The concept of removing items from trade after a period of time is interesting, but it does have potential issues that would need to be resolved, the main one being what happens if the player has no storage space to take back the item.


You are massively confusing cause and effect here.

Circle of Fortune does merely exist because there is a desire from certain players to not trade at all.

I never trade in these types of games even if it is a possibility. I don’t even trade “calmly”.
Trading eliminates all reasons for me why I am playing these games in the first place.

Tell me why don’t you negotiate? In real life, when you want to buy a product, don’t you go to the store to buy it, or search online? It’s the same thing, there’s no reason not to negotiate. Not to mention Cof, you drop several good items that are not useful for your character, so tell me why would you want to drop these items? It would be much better if you could sell items that are not useful for your character.

Yes, 2 clicks less each time you negotiate, that makes a huge difference!

Because many players like having multiple characters. In fact, LE is heavily targetted to these players, since many of its systems encourage you to make alts. If you only had drops for your character, the game would be much less interesting for us and we’d leave much sooner.

If after 25 days the item is not sold, the game would send a notification to the user that there are 5 days left for the item to be sold, if it is not sold the item will be removed from the game if there is no space in your inventory. It’s a very simple problem to solve

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right, but can you share these items with other characters you created? If yes, that’s fine, but if not, it doesn’t make any sense.

Negotiation and item acquisition are two different things.
Playing a video game and wanting to acquire your items on your own is not the same as real life acqusition of goods.

It depends, I like to play Solo Account and Solo Character Found.
In Solo Character Found I can simply ignroe everything that is not for my current character/build.

On Solo Account Found finding items that are actually not for your current build but inspire you to try out a new build is one of the best things that can happen in loot based rpg’s.
If something inspires you, that is great.
Not being able to sell them doesn’t bother me at all, because what do I get for selling things? “Currency”? For what? I don’t want to buy items. I want to find my own items.

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Of course you can. I pass along many gear pieces via stash to other characters.
Lots of times I’ve had a drop that was useless for my character but it made me think that it would be a good item for a different build. And then I go make that build.
LE is a good game for altoholics, unlike D3/D4.

It kinda does. MG exists to allow people who enjoy trading to be able to trade (ish) with reduced drop rates to make up for the ability to trade. CoF exists to not punish people who don’t want to trade as well as give them more avenues for target farming (kinda).

How one can think that CoF doesn’t exist because some people don’t like trading I don’t know…

LE is not real life, trade-related metaphors don’t tend to work particularly well.

So which one is MG in this metaphor? It could be either or both.

Alts, they’re a thing. Just thought you should know.

So the game/Devs are deleting our items now? Sound forking awesome! People will be pissed.

You know that bit earlier when you said I shouldn’t be commenting if I didn’t “know”. This is a good time for you to stop, 'cause you clearly don’t understand how LE works.


Hello, human, I come from another world where we don’t want to trade in an ARPG, we come in peace. :alien:

Chill, bro, no need for violence :smile:


Actually, it kinda works like auction sites. There are a bunch of them and in almost all of them there are listings there that have years and will probably stay there forever.
It’s the closest you have to a player-driven economy and it works pretty much the same as it does in LE/PoE/etc. Except that there aren’t any seasonal resets.

They quite literally did a survey before even designing MG and CoF, and the results showed that half the respondents didn’t want to trade, dingbat.

Sure, it’s totally the same thing. Now if you’ll excuse me, I can’t continue this argument any further, I have to get my magic staff out of the closet because my house is currently under assault from skeletons with crossbows and swords. Hopefully when I destroy them with the many magical spells I’ve learned they will drop enough gold pieces for me to go to the Bazaar and buy all of the food products I need so that my family does not starve to death.


F’ing lol getting magical items in a video game is the same as buying an iPad. Where do you people come up with this shit?