System trade is tragic

Well, except for Shiyo.

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I was trying not to be specific.


the game has problems this is not an opinion it is a fact. today less than 4k players, retention of 1 in every 80 players.
Giving feedback on what we don’t like serves to align and point out the main focuses of this exit, this is not negativity, those who waste time coming to the forum to talk do so because they like the game, those who don’t like it will play something else, there are millions of games out there , if the community and devs want to ignore the problems and live in a bubble of “positivity” they just saw the game fail, I’ve seen that, I think wolcem and New World are perfect examples of this, because they even banned those who criticized the game in the forums, that’s it. It’s a recipe for failure

And your suggestion fails to achieve that purpose.
I have 0 investment in the Bazaar screen, outside that I think the MG/CoF choice should not be influenced or marred by UI issues. The fact your response to my counter-arguments is calling me a shill says enough about how open to criticism you are.

On that, I agree.


Oh man, I was never a fan of C&C either, but then I found Dawn of War: Soulstorm. I bet I have 1000 hours in that game. As an RTS it just hit all the buttons for me. 9 factions, Warhammer 40k, huzzah! Good times.

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