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Steam account link

Hey guys, I don’t see a thread yet on how to link your steam account to your Last Epoch account so I’m asking here.

Thank you

Here’s the current one:

Most are having trouble getting it to work though

I can’t link my Steam account either. It just brings me back to the Last Epoch web page and that’s it! Still wants me to buy the game on Steam.

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2 days in a row I make a brain fart on these forums in regards to the game. I linked my accounts apparently. I was able to get a Steam key. I guess the issue is, that when you link them, there isn’t any message telling you that it worked?

Please see this support article.

If you have any problems, e-mail and we’ll help you out.

My Steam account is sync’d the Steam key page is blank, no button to receive or redeem my key. I will be emailing, also contacted via Twitter…


According to the forum you have a Seeker supporter pack. This includes a digital copy of the game at release, but doesn’t include beta access - this is why you can’t redeem a Steam key. I believe one of my colleagues has already responded to your e-mail about this, but as you posted here too I just wanted to follow-up to make sure you saw our response.

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