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Steam Key and Account Linking


We’ve implemented a fix for the Steam Account Linking and key redemption system not working, so please follow this guide from the start if you were having issues:

Let us know if issues persist in this thread!


Same behavior as before after the fix. Already tried logging out and back in; gonna try clearing cache more thoroughly and will report back.

Steam key still blank. cannot access it

I just tried linking it after the fix - it’s still not working sadly. It still just takes me to the main page of the website when trying to link.

The “My Steam Key” page comes up blank with no button to retrieve the key.

still the same issue, i get linked to main page and the other link says i need to link my account

Still not working.
It just redirects me to the homepage after trying to link

No Steam key too.

Account linked, but My Steam Key page is blank

If you manually type in the URL to link to steam, it will take you to the correct page.


Was able to successfully link accounts (was able to do that earlier by just copy pasting the exact link, not clicking the link), but not able to generate a steam key through the linked web page it just shows up as blank under “My Steam Key”.

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When I go to the My Steam Key page, no button saying “redeem my steam key” is there. When you link your account it just takes you to the home page, no notification if account was linked or not.

going to just takes me to the homepage after logging into steam

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Still same problem redirects me to the frontpage of LE site. However i did abit if testing and it seems to be a problem where it doesnt take into account if you are logged in on the last epoch page or not. I tried logging off epoch site before trying to sync and its the exact same process where it just takes me to steam sync and redirects me to frontpage (no login for LE site needed)

Same issue. Redirects to the homepage.
Going to check steam key page and claims to have not been linked to steam.

Hi same as before - Account seems linked coz the Download Links are missing in the Dashboard -> SteamKey Link site is still blank… - Tested With Chromium and MS Edge

Same issue as everyone else it only sends me to the home page.

Same problem, getting redirected to the home page after linking.

Same problem, just getting redirected to the home page.