Some UI text looks awful since major update


If anyone can help (vapourfire) that would be great. Since im assuming RM released (I only played a few days ago) I noticed the text behind the character details looks awful, I have taken a screenshot but its not the best, ive never had this issue ever before

Character data and Stash tabs looks awful on the text. everything else is fine. All settings general on either Low or Ultra. I checked gamefiles incase, no crashes, infact game performance is actually the best ive ever seen. I remember I had this issue years ago in POE and had to adjust something on my graphics card settings but the whole images of things were pixelated not just occasional text boxes

Cold/Fire resist in pic 1. and the LP top middle of pic 2 are prime examples

Just wanted to chime in, I just bought this game and also am having this issue, I started googling it after playing for 15 minutes because I genuinely couldnt believe the font would purposefully look so bad.

Just so you guys know, devs noticed and will probably have that fixed for 1.0