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So Just did My First Echo Boss in the Monolith

I’m level 84 doing level 55 material and that’s your idea of a fair fight? The damage is just ridiculous! I can see it farther up but at level 55? If this continues like this I’m not going to be around for long. Plenty of other games on my Steam list.

What is it with devs making things so difficult? Is it an ego thing? I’ll show you, you can’t beat my game! Better think long and hard on this one folks. Players do not like getting beat up at low levels.

Are you saying that your taking to much damage while being 30 levels above the boss?

Theres so many mechanics atpllay here.

What did you do for defense?
What affixes and stats did you give the boss?
Did you just stand in all his choreographed attacks?

So you are doing the “Fall of the Outcasts” Timeline?

The level of your character and the area level does make a small difference (in terms of enemy health mostly), but still it’s a very mechanical fight.

You need to understand and execute the mechancis properly, i just explained this fight to another fellow new player.

Here is where i do explain that fight:

I really do prefer those mechanical fights over pure gear checks, that you can face tank. (And you could even face tank this boss if you want to)

If you are still having issues beating it, give us some more details of your build.

The difficulty level of this fight is not super high to be honest.
There will come bosses that need faster reflexes and more precision in dodging

LOL! Thx for the reply BM21. I’m using your latest beastmaster build. I have almost 600 hours into the game albeit I’ve just recently returned. I have pretty good gear from when I originally leveled this toon and crafted it up. Everything up to this boss it was hard to stay awake for. This is just plain over tuned!

So your saying the 55 boss was to easy?

If your using the new war cry beserker build yes its damage is great but defense is still its limiter. The content is harder as you progress towards level 100 mobs

No he kicked my A$$. The post above explaining the mechanics was useful. Not my favorite way to play but it is what it is I guess. Can I swap out the 2nd weap for a shield for this fight? That prolly won’t make a difference right?

I don’t want to sound rude and just want you to prepare for the other bosses.

If you do find Abomination (the Boss that you just did) mechanically too hard… you will have trouble BIG TIME on some of the other bosses.

This is one of the things that set apart LE from alot of other aRPG, there is alot of player skill involed, especially in the boss fights, since they are so mechanic heavy.

I suggest you try an pratice abomination a few more times, as soon as you have some decent understanding on the mechanics, it will becoem second nature.
If you keep on struggled i am afraid LE might not be the game for you. (I do say that was all respect i can)

You could well be right about that but if it’s not the game for me it’s not the game for a whole lot of other people as well. That is going to affect their bottom line which is kind of what my initial post was all about.

Yeah that is true, but if they go the route that alot of other similar games do, they don’t set them apart and are less appealing to peole that want those mechanical fights (like me).

You can’t do it right or wrong here. You will never be able to please everybody, never.

Well thanks for your help and one more comment here. The game sets itself apart very distinctly from the other ARPGs out there. I’m an old gamer, retired in fact, so I’ve played them all. IMO Last Epoch does not need this “feature” to set itself apart. I know I don’t need to list all the great things about it to you. I mean is there better crafting in any ARPG? Just to list one example…

I really do like this discussion, but it’s going to be a bit off-topic here.

I will just create a new thread and tag you, feel free to give us your full opinion there.
And if you don’t have anything more to say that’s ok too.

But i am actually really interested how other people see this. (I also have some ideas for potential middlegrounds, to please both parties)

tl;dr: not giving any helpful information

Gid gud. Seriously, before creating this post, no second was wasted how hundreds of other players have handled the problem, straight blaming the game and threaten with a huge steam list of games. Like anybody cares. Not going into the neglect of available information in game, the forum and other sites that support the game. You are just lazy and uncreative. Not sorry to see you leave tbh.

Thanks so much! Pleased to meet you too. Why don’t you read the posts above to see how the “civil” people handled my now admitted ignorance? One of the great thing about this game is the community. In the time I spent here I’ve read very few posts like yours and contrary to your instant “assumptions”, I have been known to be very helpful in games that I play. Lazy I’m not, and I taught music for a living in addition to playing it, to answer your uncreative comment. I admit to being surprised by this boss encounter and reacted emotionally. I got some excellent replies from the friendly people in the community.



I am an enthusiastic Gamer, but not by any means a really good one, and I do understand that it can be frustrating when you cant progress past a particular boss or obstacle. But I can’t really say I have found anything at all anywhere near unbeatable in this game, I think it is about right tbh. What I HAVE found from quite early on, and I don’t know if this helps at all, you need to keep a sharp eye on your resistances, they are so important, and of course the mechanics of the Boss attacks. I use Boardman’s builds a lot, and I really like them, they synergise really well but they won’t make you impervious to damage, and you do have to work with it. It can be annoying when you are dying all the time to one particular boss, but also soooo rewarding when you get him down too.

I would urge you maybe just to adjust your build, look at the boss attack that is killing you, could you re-forge resistances on your gear to help negate some of the effects of that? I don’t know, I am no expert but I play most ARPGs that are currently around, and Last Epoch seems really well balanced to me, I’m sure with some tweaking and advice from the more experienced players on here that you could get past this, and be glad you stuck with it :+1:

Stay safe


How long ago did you level it and how old is the gear? You know some of your old gear may have changed with patches right?

I thought abom was hard for my first time fighting him but I also didn’t know how to play, I saw you got the mechanics with breaking soul vessels etc, all you need is some defenses and you running circles around him is easy

This is coming from someone who’s been gaming for less than 5 years, as long as you watch mechanics and get some defense you can basically attack him all day

Ah thanks you guys are great! @Heavy nailed it. The problem is mechanics. My gear is good enough and I have enough resistances. I just have to learn the fight. Seems very much MMO style which will actually work out quite well when multiplay comes online. I mean this fight is made for it right? Each guys takes out a beacon and then down goes the boss.


It is a bit jarring. Lagon is really the first boss that lets you know that Main Bosses in the game are mechanics fights instead of gear fights. It is strange switching the mindset over for bosses.

The catch is, once you learn the mechanics of the boss fights, they are really easy. It’s almost disappointing really how little gear matters for bosses.

It is possible with certain absurd builds to facetank everything in the game though. I wouldn’t expect that for the average player though.

With due respect, your OP was part of the problem. The emotional outburst and the assumptions of where the devs were coming from. If you like way the “civil” people approached your topic, I think useful to consider how you can work that approach when you start a topic.

btw, good to know @Heavy had helped you with your issue. I hope you’ll find the game more enjoyable now.

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No question and thanks for weighing in :grinning: On the other hand had I thought it thru I prolly would not have made the thread at all. I confess I like to stir up GD every now and again. Sometimes it even brings out the luminaries and it certainly fomented some discussion. Not necessarily a bad thing imo


Hej mate, guess we got each other on the wrong foot. Respect for staying civil and not raging back to my quite aggressive post.
Did I personally get a wake up call on Lagon in the first playthrough, after breezing through all the other content? Definitely. It was difficult but never felt unfair - after death, I could always tell “yep, that could have been avoided”. Not a pro gamer here myself, not by far. What feels difficult is always relative to where one is coming from and I did not consider that honestly when posting.

I hope you can enjoy the game again in the future, also the challenging content.