Sigils Of Hope

I love the skill overall for the defenses and damage boost it gives. The duration and constant recasting is an absolute chore though. If you use duration increasing idols and the skill tree duration it still feels really bad. My suggestion is to increase the proc chance from the skill tree node or increase the base duration as the skill is very un-fun at the moment.


Big topic here. Lots of us have talked about the wonkiness of casting sigil (for me it’s the refresh order).



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:smiley: Already thought about replying to this but didn’t really have anything to add…

Using it as a buff feels clunky & a bit annoying. Using it as a direct damage skill is expensive & disappointing.

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yeah i also think the duration is to short. first i planned it for my ssfhc VK but i dropped it instantly after trying it for the first time

Given the fluidness of the Rogue, perhaps Sigils of Hope could refresh on heal or block? Or make it reserve mana or give a reduction to mana regen but be a “permanent” buff or something.


I think giving it a downside, like you mentioned with reserve (if they want to add such mechanic) or reduced mana regen is a pretty solid way.

Certainly something that could be adjusted easily, if they are to strong or weak, givign it another tuning knob, but making the playstyle way more smooth.

Both reduced max mana and mana regen would give you some “goal” to work towards/gear towards, fi you want to have X sigils up all the time

Well I was trying to be obvious without being TOO obvious. :smiley:

Now that’s an intriguing idea. I still think the only thing that really bugs me about it (I actually don’t mind having to recast it or use the %onkill - though that doesn’t work against single bosses) is the fact that it seems to refresh the very first one you cast but the timer seems to indicate the most recent one, so you never have any idea where you are and it’s virtually impossible to keep up your four or five stacks.

Maybe this is as intended but like you mentioned, it’s clunky and annoying.

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Figured I was not alone on this. All kinds of ways to fix this. Can increase Mana cost while increasing duration. Give additional ways to proc it like shield block, damage threshold, on self heal, and others. Spamming 4 casts of sigils everytime kills the gameplay.

I’m not sure about increasing the mana cost, it’s already not particularly cheap as it is.

Mana Cost defenitly is an issue already.

There should be a general change in how Sigils work. I’m not a fan of implementing QoL features in the tree that alters it from plain tedious to use to ok. This makes these skills mandatory to pick.

The skill feels not good to use right away. Because at level 1 it is draining your mana almost completely and duration is to short.

My suggestions

  • Make Sigils a single cast that casts all Sigils at once with just one use
  • let it only be 1 sigil on the base skill and let the node that increases duration also add 1 sigil per point
  • add different ways to refresh a sigil that the player can choose from
    • crit
    • block
    • getting crit
    • getting a GB
    • healing an ally

To balance this it might be necessary to have a cd on the proc and or increase the mana cost with these nodes

  • get rid of the mana cost on cast for the base skill (only add it for the damage variant) and add a mana drain per x seconds per sigil. This way the player can test if he has the mana reg to sustain 1-4 sigils. When reaching 0 mana, the all Sigils vanish.

There could even be passive nodes in the Paladin tree, synergizing with Sigils by reducing mana cost/drain, refresh rate/source.


So this is actually balls up kinda great. I like a lot of these. I’m not at my gaming computer so my one bit of feedback might not be accurate.

If I remember correct base number is 3? And then there are two nodes that allow you to get an extra one so I think you can reach a max of five. Instead of the duration node, I’d spread it out to other areas that can just add +1. that way it also doesn’t become mandatory to have to take duration (if they ever work the damage ability to be better it might not help for the duration to be high for that…don’ really know.) Maybe make two of those ‘extra’ nodes slightly more accessible and two that require more deliberate consideration if you want to try to get all of them?

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Perhaps tie additional sigils to new methods of refreshing sigils?

Sigils Refresh on Block
+1 Maximum Sigils

Coincidentally, you’ve listed 5 methods there…

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Defenitely the better approach. Could also be possible to spread +1 nodes over different areas in the tree (like it actually is) to make it hard or even impossible to max them out, but it grand access to additional Sigils for different builds.

They could make it an instant spell baseline and be done with it ^^.

That would help it work with Warpath as well (which needs some loving).

I think this would solve everything because if you want the good buffs pay with your mana while you are able to keep the sigils up at all time no matter what you do. The buffs from sigils are nice but it’s clunky. Make it instant or go back to the old stack keeping where you only had to maintain the last stack and not each stack individualy but make it even more expensive.

I’d be ok with it taking 80% of my mana pool per cast if It has a much longer duration and refreshed the stacks when you recast it. Anything is better than the current setup. Such a good skill mired by clunky, time wasting mechanics. Just need something that’s fair and fits the sentinel archetype.

As you might know… the devs don’t want autocast or passive skills “sadly”. So you better get used to mechanics on skills. At least the Sentinel don’t suffer from the druid treatment that renders most skills unusable if you shift your form :D, so be happy it could be much worse.

Nothing wrong with mechanics or drawbacks. This skill will be removed from many skill bars because of its “carpal tunnel” mechanic it’s got going on. It’s not user friendly at all, and slows down gameplay unnecessarily.