Sigils Of Hope

There has to be a middle ground on that topic.

Autocast / automatic refresh is not the solution, but it can’t stay like it is either.

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The instant cast available with it is fine.

Its mana cost can solve its issues. Give it higher mana efficiency nodes or reduce its cost.

I feel they want you to have to heavily build into it to have the maximum amount at all times. Nothing wrong with this but just more people hate it than like it.

Seriously, just change it to ANY of the methods called here.

It HAS to refresh the whole stack no matter what since 5 sigils is hard to play right now because how clonky it feels.

Let stacks refresh:
On block
On Heal
On Cast sigil
On Crit
gosh let it refresh on kill

no matter which way you decide to rebalance it, it can’t stay in it’s current state.

Honestly, simple enough solution is to just refresh the duration of all sigils on cast (one of the options mentioned so far). I won’t mind recasting every 15 seconds or so, if at least it refreshes all sigils rather than just 1.

I think that one of the biggest issues, though, is that the skill is actually so strong that playing without it feels like you’re hamstringing yourself. I tried both my pally and VK without it, and both my DPS and survivability cratered substantially when trying to replace it with a different “booster” type skill. It’s just too good NOT to take, but super annoying to use at the same time.

It’s funny because this is the way it was originally implemented and everyone complained it was to easy and powerful. Hopefully people learned their lessons.

LoL great joke! On a more serious side. It was far to strong and keeping it up one by one was a good thing back then. With all the nerfs to the skill it isn’t anymore. It should be a high mana cost skill that keeps up all stacks while beeing still effective because sadly it’s implemented as a core mechanic a sentinel suxx without having it.

Nope, Sentinels can do just fine without it, it’s not a required skill.

No skills are required


Isnt really a valid argument since ALL sentinels due better with it.

I mean that’s like sayin… wearing a weapon isn’t required

Not compared to a Sentenial who can keep them up and make use of them. Okay maybe “doing fine” is a bit subjective as well but for me this isn’t fine.

I am playing a Void knight and a Paladin, both using sigils. It is indeed an easy choice of a skill and fits both different play styles.

To me tough, it is only working well because I picked instant cast + rive/smite mana on use. Otherwise I would/could not be using it. Having to refresh my sigils once in a while is not fun but not a chore thanks to muscle memory :nerd_face:.

Ok, you play through the entire game with a non-minion character with no skills (just the basic attack) & no weapon. Let me know how that hyperbole goes for you. Even when Lizard did a nekkid boss he still used a weapon.

So you agree that even though its not REQUIRED theres no point as its just slower and uninteresting.
So the comparison with Sigils relates.

I understand the point you are making, I just disagree that “there’s no point as it’s just slower & uninteresting” (though I agree that it’s clunky).

This is backwards, im saying a build WITHOUT sigils is slower not a build WITH sigils.

I think sigils is a comparable utility to flame ward. It really boost a build (although for different reasons) but imagine not being able to use flame ward because it was clunky instead of a nice smooth utility that it is right now.

Sigils is a huge boost of Defense+Damage. A build using it with full upkeep VS a build not using it looses a lot of damage. Not saying it cant be done, you can run a mage without flame ward to, but do you really want to?

I’m still not sure it’s as much as you’re saying it is. Assuming you have 4 Sigils up at all times & have 3 points in the Decree of Flame node (+3 fire damage per Sigil, on top of the base +4) that’s +28 flat damage, which is nice, but not massive (IMO), then there’s the Empowering Sigils node (another +30% increased per Sigil for 120%) & Sigils of Despair for a VK (assuming you have 4 points in Empowering Sigils for a total of +156% increased void damage). Yeah, that’s decent, but it also comes with a fairly steep mana cost to balance it out.

Exactly why its unfair. Rive, vengeance, and smite can use it as an instant cast and do even more damage without be slowed down or worried about its mana cost but use any mana costing skill that also doesnt generate like erasing strike, forge strike, or judgement and these skills which already do less damage are left even further behind.

This would be like giving flame ward a 200 mana cost so it can only be used if your using free, low cost, or mana generating skills. To clunky

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