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Sigil of Hope + Ring of Shields interaction

I want to know how these skill interact.

Do the shields benefit at all from the +4 fire damage? Does that change if I have the Immolation and/or molten shields passives for Ring of Shields?

The Burning Sign passive in Sigil gives allies ignite chance. It doesn’t specify on hit, so would that work with shields that have the Molten Shields passive (igniting when they get hit)?

Thank you so much!

The Collateral Damage node would be the only way for the shields to benefit from Sigils’ added fire damage, regardless of whether the Shrapnel damage is converted to fire with the Molten Shields node or not. Immolation should also benefit from it since the node says it scales with spell & DoT damage.

I’d assume that the Burning Sign node wouldn’t work since it’s likely coded as “ignite on hit” rather than “ignite when hit” which is what the Molten Shields node gives.

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Thanks a lot, Llama!

How do you figure this? is it because sigil says" attacks and spells", and Immolation counts as a spell?

Another question: Do you know if collateral damage triggers when the shields expire from time, or do they have to explicitly run out of hp?

Yes. Immolation scales with spell damage therefore it (should be) is a spell.

I think so, but I can’t remember, it’d be easy enough for you to test.

yeah, I know, but my char is still early level, and it’d be a pain to respec to test. If u have a high lv char, it’d be awesome if you’d test for me.

I did some tests on my forge guard with fire minion build. Here’s my test report:

  • Immolation:
    None of the buff from Sigils of Hope seem to work with the fire aura. The damage is the same with or without sigils.
    The fire aura has fire, damage over time, and spell tags with it. Shields do not have these affixes, but you can use +minion fire damage, +minion damage over time, and +minion spell damage.

  • Collateral Damage:
    The sharpnel is considered minion attacks. Sigils of Hope works. Forge Guard’s passive node, Smelter’s Might, also works. Also, it does trigger when Ring of Shields duration expires.

I recommend you try it yourself if possible. Maybe you will have your own finding.

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Thanks for the report! I think it’s inconsistent that sigils doesn’t buff the fire aura of ring. I just got a Herkir’s Vessel and I can press alt to get a tooltip for fire aura. Fire aura has the spell tag (like you said) and sigils is supposed to buff spells. I might try to get the dev’s attention about this, because by all reasoning it should work. Good to know that shrapnel works as desired. Thanks for doing the testing. I’ll do some of my own soon, too.

It seems that fire aura is considered damage over time so it does not trigger on hit effect such as +X% chance to ignite on hit or +X flat number fire damage.
I’m more curious why +X% damage from Sigils of Hope node doesn’t work.

It’s still a spell though so it should benefit from the usual things that affect minion spells.

I don’t know whether it’s intended or not. All I saw was that the damage number from Immolation’s fire aura is unaffected by sigils.

I can’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t work, so bug?

Damage over time is eligible to be buffed by “+x flat damage”. I’m very certain about this because I play a necro with all the skills doing dot.

I also quickly just tested this with some white items, and it definitely is true. The qualifying factor for whether a “+x flat damage” modifier will work is when it says spell or melee (and your skill must match). In our case, sigils says it adds flat to both. The only things “+x flat damage” don’t work on are minion damage (unless it specifically says minion), and ailments (which fire aura is not, you can see ailments on enemies at the top of the screen)

You are right about dots not triggering “on hit” effects.

I come to the same conclusion. What’s the best way to let devs know about this? Create a thread in bugs and link this thread?

Only if it’s a spell, ailments (which are the majority of the DoTs that players encounter) don’t.


Now that we are talking about Ring of Shields, I do hope developers can take a look at this skill when they have time. Ring of Shields has quite a lot of issues with it.

Yup, I did say that:

Yes, hopefully by making a bug thread and linking it here they see that.