Sigils of Hope doesn't buff Ring of Shields' fire aura

When you have the immolation node on ring of shields, it gives the shields a fire aura. This should get buffed by Sigils of Hope’s +4 fire damage to spells, and also the empowering sigils node which gives increased damage. But Sigils has no effect on the fire aura damage at all. I’ve tested this and so has @yles9056. Here’s a link to another thread discussing this (and other things). Sigil of Hope + Ring of Shields interaction

The Shields from Ring of Shields will not benefit from the base Fire Damage to Spells as the Shields are actually counted as Minions. We are looking into this issue as a whole on our end.

But shouldn’t Sigils of Hope buff allies which includes minions?

We’re checking into this issue as a whole internally. Looking at it, it would seem so?


The description says “you and your allies”.

Great to see this is being looked into, thanks.

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