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Shuriken Bladedancer - Empowered Abomination in 6s 0.8.3b

Shuriken throw demonstrates very high endgame dps. Used together with Synchronised strike it can deliver up to 45 Shuriken hits per second. This turns our ailments (phys shred, shock, armour shred and Critical Vulnurability) into reliable constant damage multipliers. New shield Bastion of Honour greatly improves our survivability underlining melee playstyle with Blade Shield Shuriken morph.


Hi! Looks amazing! Would you mind sharing your build planner for this? thanks!

This looks incredible, I’m looking for Bladedancer ideas for 8.3 and would like to play around with this. Can you post screenshots of your skill trees? Thanks for sharing.


Smoke bomb


Sync strike

Lethal Mirage

Hi and thank you for your response! I posted skill trees, tho i didn’t bother modelling this build in the Dammit’s planner. If you’re building this and got any questions, you sure are welcome to ask them.

You don’t have to model it you can just import it on the left side (top icon, arrow up). You just need to find your save-files and the correct character number.

Would be really interested in the gear you used in this video :slight_smile:

Thanks, here’s the link Bladedancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3c) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Thanks for making an effort to share your build! Will definitely try it!

Question… How is the health sustain? (I realise you are using Ward too)…

Was thinking that the Grand Wrath of Rahyeh Blessing with +(3.1% to 5%) of Throwing Damage Leeched as Health could potentially make this a pretty godlike build considering the damage levels it showing…

The build has already no sustain problems, only problem is that you can get oneshot :slight_smile: . So i just skipped that leech to take void resist

I think about moving from ward stacking to Max HP, endurance and no-dodge 100% GB. it’s promising to b more stable on arena


Considering its easier to get GB/health in Rogue, it might turn out to be far simpler/stronger… Dodge is obvioulsy not guaranteed (even at high levels) so it will not stop the one shots on its own, but GB/Endurance might do it.

also health gain on glancing blow. I think if i get it on body affix, all the mobs will heal me until wave 300. Because of insane block + armour + GB mitigation

Have you considered (or tried) using the two-piece Corsair set?

Corsair’s Blood Cowl - Set Blood Cowl - Helmet - Last Epoch Item Database (


Corsair’s Boarding Shield - Set Bandit Shield - Shield - Last Epoch Item Database (

I had a thought about it, but didn’t try yet. I think it suits some bleed builds. However Shurikens damage is heavily affected by our helmet. I use helmet with t7 Shurikens skill level and t5 flat lightning damage for Shurikens and it gives about 60% more damage.
It also looks like Bastion of Honour suits better for Rogue. Because of high mobility, you never take damage from distant enemies. So you get your 100% block chance with little drawback and don’t have to drop GB chance for that.

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im new to last epoch, would you say this build could work as a beginner? i dont have any of the uniques. does it have good clear speed?

thanks for sharing this build, looks (and sounds) pretty cool

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I recommend to start building it after level 70, once you find the unique gloves. T7 shuriken level helmet won’t come easy but the build can work without it.
Some tips to make offensive mechanics work:

  1. No need to invest into any crit chance sources, just 10/10 Wound Maker in Marksman passive tree
  2. Manage your Shurikens mana cost. It should be 0 (to activate Sapping Strikes passive). Mana cost is added by Shurikens skill tree nodes that add more shurikens and is reduced by ring suffix.
  3. In Shuriken skill tree you always need:
    Bladed Armor: 3/3
    Entry Points: 3/3
    Ethereal Blades: 4/4
    Abrasive Arsenal: 1-3/4
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One more question for you, @Ytunabe , have you tried using Thorn Slinger belt with this build? I know it’s low level (12) but I am curious what your thoughts are on it.

Thorn Slinger - Unique Leather Belt - Belt - Last Epoch Item Database (

Having additional skill point for Shurikens allows us to put it in one of damage nodes, so we can get 7% more damage. Our other skills are fine already without additional skill points. So we win not too much compared to max HP we lose by not using crafted belt with Hybrid health + Increased health.

Do you have a link to a build planner for the no dodge version/glancing blow version? I just dislike dodge builds in general

you just cant not use dodge mechanic , its spesifically for rogue defence mechanism , like paladin is armour stacking defence .