Severe Lag or Desync when starting echos

So my first echo after i start a game is always run smooth but every time I zone into a new echo the first 20-30 seconds and sometimes a couple of MINUTES consist of running in place, rubberbanding, and invisible enemies. If lucky i can run 2-3 before its completely unplayable after that i have to restart a game then i can run 1 echo and everything is broken again.
I tried to run new character and campaign zones are perfectly fine but endgame echos are unplayable. My game connects shows a 70ms so I have no idea what is causing this.

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same here unfortunately
1 echo is fine, then second one lags and I have to leave game and start the echo again

by the way, which server are you on?

Same here, pretty annoying

okay now the same happened during an Arena,

To be clear, I’ve been playing lots of Poe every day for months and this has never happened. So it’s not my connection.

I found solution for my problem

Maybe arcane ascendance is not the only skill that cause this problem.
If there is someone with similar problem you shoud try to remove your skill from skillbar and see if this helps.

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Arcane Ascendance on the skill bar is the issue it seems…
Remove it from skillbar and this wont happen.

I just tested it and its true. Arcane ascendance gives lag for some reason. this needs to be looked at ASAP

Same here. Need to leave game and start again before every echo