Registry files to change Right mouse button bindings (swap RMB+LMB or binding RMB to 1-4th skill slots)

You cant change any keys on a controller for well over a year…lol

You get around this by doing what I suggested above…by fucking with your Steam settings for controllers

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Usually it’s very easy to remap buttons using autohotkey or device (mouse/keyboard and idk about controllers) manufacturer software. For dungeon ability it will be much easier probably, than trying to figure out controller key codes (which i didn’t find yet, but have some thoughts after reading documentation for Rewired plugin, used in LE for input). RMB/LMB actions were just very different for this topic’s case since they are used a lot, not just for skill buttons and moving character.

Weird, my controller is setup as KB&M through steam. If you are using the developer recommended config, try using Steam’s “gamepad with mouselike joystick” template instead. You just need to click on the name of the config when you open it up, select templates, and find one.

It could be that the developer config cannot be changed, unless you save it as a personal configuration. I’m not totally sure, but like I said my configuration saves fine.

Thank you my friend. Working perfect!

With REWASD, you can remap controller buttons, keyboard keys, and mouse clicks , creating customized layouts that suit your playstyle. This allows for more intuitive controls, the ability to use a controller even if the game doesn’t natively support it, and the possibility to set up macros for complex actions, enhancing your gaming experience. I haven’t tried it in Last Epoch yet, but in other games, it works quite well.

I have a quick question about this. Did the file really only change attacking and moving/interacting, or did it completely change everything in the game? For example, if I want to close the map or distribute skill points, can I still do that with a left click or do I have to use right click?

For me it’s much easier to remap keys with AHK, but the issue came from combination of skill order on panel for Runic Invocation and skill priorities (so one skill can be interrupted by another when needed). So while playing with runemaster i had the most weird skill bars ever in arpg :smiley: Finding where game stores key binding really helped. And i myself had an issue when i deleted RMB binding and was looking for a way to fix it without completely resetting all my other binding configs.

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It applies only to your skills. Nothing else. That’s exactly why i had to look for configs instead of simply remapping mouse buttons with something like mouse software.


I tried it and it works really great! Thank you very much!

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Welcome on the forum between :smiley: And yeah, as i also said above, remapping would cause issues like having to use weird button combinations for interacting with all game mechanics, while rebinding keys allows to still use default mouse actions for interacting with npc/inventory/crafting.

Is there a way to change the interact button aswell?
I still have to press left click to pick items up, even tho i used the reg file.

Reg files change only key bindings existing ingame. You probably need to swap buttons completely with mouse software/windows left-handed mouse option.

Hm, I thought the movement key interacts as the interact key.
It even says movement/interact ingame.
Swapping keys via registry doesnt change the interact part tho… I might’ve done something wrong? There is no way I could’ve fucked up changing the extension handle and executing it… right? :slight_smile:

Tested it again and it’s quite weird right now. NPCs react on rmb after swapping, stash too. But context menu for other players is still on rmb, which creates some issues in towns while trying to move nearby. Equipping items is still on rmb too. I don’t remember it working same way when i finally found control configs. So yeah, swapping key functions by mouse software/windows config is better for this case. You can find reg file for default mouse bindings too here to avoid resetting your keyboard bindings too.

Aight tyvm dude.

There is a way more convenient way - use app like X-Mouse Button Control, and remap keys any way you wish.

Hi and thanks for all the great work you did.

I would have a question : On the game there is just below “the move/interact” a “force move”.

Would you be able to create a reg file to assignate “right clic” on “force move”.

I tried to understand all 6 files you sended to do it myself but didn’t find a way to understand them.

I would like that the game keep the right clic as it is cause it’s so weird to swap LMB and RMB. But would like to just “force move with RMB” and use all skill with other bind (not a prob if i don’t use any skill with my mouse).

If you can do it i thanks you in advance cause i started the game tonight and i feel the deplacement real weird.

Thanks in advance (and sorry if my english is hard to understand).

There is no separate binding for “Interact”, so you won’t be able to talk with NPCs and open stash. You can swap RMB+LMB with my reg file and then add keyboard binding for “Use Ability 5”, so your main skill could be used with both, mouse and keyboard.
But as i noted above, currently it works not very well, game doesn’t swap everything, so it’s easier to use mouse software in this case (swap mouse buttons with mouse software and add keyboard binding for main ability).

Yep i know there is no separate binding for “Interact” but i was going to put “F” on move/interact and use it ONLY for interact.

Then (below it there is the force move) i want to put the RMB (to ONLY MOVE with it).

And then i binded anyway my 5 ability (i’m not even using the LMB if i can until they let us be able to change everything).

PS : i tried with my mouse tool to bind LMB on RMB and RMB on LMB but it’s so strange playing like that and when i go back to windows it’s the same xD

Added option with Force Move :slight_smile: