Registry files to change Right mouse button bindings (swap RMB+LMB or binding RMB to 1-4th skill slots)

Update 1.0: Changing rmb still isn’t possible ingame, and all configs still are working.

Saw few people asking for this:

Download required .txt file and change it’s extension to .reg (file extensions should be enabled in explorer) and launch it. Mouse bindings will be reset back to defaults with changes described below. Game should be closed, while launching registry files.

  • Swapping RMB and LMB.
    Last Epoch RMB+LMB swap.txt (11.2 KB)
    Currently game acts abit weird with move/interact binding, looks like some actions for mouse buttons are hardcoded, so swapping mouse bindings this way leads to:
    NPCs and Stash react on RMB instead now.
    Player context menu is still on RMB, so moving in towns near other players might cause occasional context menu to show up.
    Dragging items is still bound to LMB, and equipping on RMB.
    So using mouse software or Windows left-handed mouse option probably will work better for you than this .reg file.

  • Swapping RMB+LMB (force move)
    LE RMB force move.txt (11.2 KB)
    Same as above, but RMB is bound to Force Move instead of Move/Interact.

  • Similar files just for binding RMB to other skill slots, leaving LMB for movement, as by default:
    LE skill #1.txt (11.2 KB)
    LE skill #2.txt (11.2 KB)
    LE skill #3.txt (11.2 KB)
    LE skill #4.txt (11.2 KB)
    These might be very useful for optimizing Runic Invocation with Immutable Order, allowing to remove certain skills from bar, freeing space for another ones.

  • And if you want to repair your broken mouse bindings after trying to change them manually, or just want to revert mouse settings, there is another file:
    LE default mouse bindings.txt (11.2 KB)
    It will revert only mouse bindings to default, leaving keyboard/gamepad bindings untouched.

Don’t forget about order priority for skill interruptions. Skills on left side of spammed one have higher priority, so they can interrupt spammed skill. Skills on right side of spammed have lesser priority, so in order to cast them you have to interrupt yourself. Thanks to Elvenchakra for clarification about priorities (Registry files to change Right mouse button bindings (swap RMB+LMB or binding RMB to 1-4th skill slots) - #8 by elvenchakra).

Enjoy! <3


I don’t want to encourage or dissuade people from using this. I would like to make it super clear that EHG has not checked this file for issues and we take no responsibility for anything this file does. I don’t see anything wrong with it but I have no idea what the giant set of hex codes in there means. It does appear to interact with the correct registry entry to accomplish the task.

And while I can’t say that we’ve had any direct interactions, Faraddox has been around these parts for a very long time and we haven’t had any issues before.



This hex code is just xml with saved mouse bindings. Sadly, they are saved only here, in windows registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch, value of “RewiredSaveData|playerName=Player0|dataType=ControllerMap|kv=2|controllerMapType=MouseMap|categoryId=0|layoutId=0|hardwareGuid=ad60107c-ea39-4d9c-b906-56d39d07be95_h184998139”). Opening it in registry shows xml formatted text. My file has just few numbers changed compared to default one :slight_smile: Swapped action id’s 0 and 7 for left and right mouse buttons.
Kinda weird you don’t know how your game options are saved :wink:

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Not that weird when it’s generated by a plugin we didn’t make.


Got it :slight_smile: Would be nice to get ability to change mouse bindings ingame. Main reason, why i started to look for saved configs is Runic Invocation and it’s node Immutable Order. Since order of skills on panel matters now, it might be more optimal to have main ability at 1, 2 or 3rd place sometimes.

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Immutable Order definitely has me messing with keybinds as well, I just end up using Logitech’s mouse software instead (still a little wonky / messes with muscle memory). While I haven’t needed to change right/left click, I appreciate your effort here.

Makes me wonder if another way to define the order of runes would be possible in the future, I’m too OCD about my keybinds and positioning. OCD to the point that I will de-specialize, then re-specialize a skill so that the placement of my keybinds from left to right match the specialized skills order from left to right.

I can make another config with one of the first skills binded to RMB. But in my experience with Runic Invocation it was a little buggy. While with default binding game interrupts RMB spam to cast Invocation, with changed binding it doesn’t for some reason, so you have to release RMB yourself to cast Invocation (at least during my tests with Frost claw in 1st slot binded to RMB).

This happens because of the way priority works. Skills further to the left have priority over skills to the right, so if you put a no cooldown skill in the first slot and hold down the keybind (whether that’s a key or using your trick to make it a mouse button), it’s impossible to use any other skills.

Wow. Didn’t know this! Thank you <3 Now i can finally rid off rubberbanding flame rush and use teleport on my runemaster! :smiley:

Is there a way to set the LMB move & interact function to the lowest priority, so that it will never interrupt casting? My gamepad keyboard mapping suffers because I need to release the move ability when casting, otherwise I stutter step between casts. If priorities effect this, can someone please explain? Thanks!

Is there a way to change the Dungeon Ability Button on a controller using your files?
Currently the default button for the Dungeon Ability on controller is “Left D Pad”. I want to change it to Right Stick click, because it is more accessible when switching timelines or immunities in dungeons, but am unable to change it in the settings because it is not a changeable setting.

You cannot move “move & interact” to other button on skill bar, so probably no. Idk if priority even works with it, since i was able to “stutter step” even after moving spam skill to the left side of bar.

Sorry, i don’t have gamepad and there is no gamepad config in my registry files :slight_smile:
It should be saved in same directory, “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch” with similar name, i think:

If you’ll find it, you can pm me, i’ll try to rebind it.
Press “Win + R”, input “regedit”, and copy this “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch” (without ") to address bar.

If you’re playing on steam then you can change it using Steam’s controller configuration tool. Just right click on Last Epoch and manage controller layout. Once open, edit the layout, find joysticks, and change it as you like.

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Yeah. I actually figured out a way to fix my issue with the controller, finally figured out a way to prevent holding LMB while using an ability… Still have trouble when using KB&M though, because I’m just used to holding the LMB down, and I’ve also habitualized queuing up the next ability thanks to WoW, like hitting a the next heal spell knowing the one I’m casting won’t be interrupted.
The priority system seems a bit confusing, or at least it limits my customization. Visually, it helps me to have the skills arranged in a similar layout as I’m pressing on the keys.

Anyway, my understand is that skills on the hotbar are interruptible by the skills on their left… That helps make sense of what I thought the game was bugging out on. Thanks


Yep, that’s why i’m using my RMB spam skill in 4th slot usually, so it is not interrupted only by single skill in 5th slot, where i place my movement/utility skill.
Imo, priority system should be changed to simple “interrupt current skill when any other skill is used, and repeat casting current skill after that”, without any priorities.

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You can just toggle autocast on Controllers with Steam Controller settings with every single key on every single steam game

For example on Torchlight Infinite my main damage dealing ability is a channelled running skill. I have Y as a toggle so it turns on/off so I dont hold anything

On Starfield you can use powers by pressing LB+RB at once, you can just set your control so when you press RB it also presses LB as well for example

For LE you want to toggle quite a few skills. Devouring Orb, Dread Shade, Elemental Weapon buff etc

I took a look at my LE Registry entries & this is what’s in there;

I tried to configure controller Settings in Steam, but they didn’t carry over to LE.

Okay, so one of these should contain <actionId>89</actionId> binding, i need this one registry entry… I’m almost sure it will be here:

Or you can simply export whole LE registry directory, i’ll find it myself.
But before exporting:
Since i’m not familiar with controllers, would be nice if you will bind something to right stick click and remove all other bindings for controller, so i can find out code for right stick click to copy it.
Is dungeon ability the only one button you can’t change for controller?