Really bad desync, also causes other apps on the network to suffer

I periodically experience really bad desync which seems to be due to several dropped or very delayed packets. The desync takes a really long time to resolve itself (30s+) and so I eventually end up dying since I can’t see what I’m fighting. This is very frustrating.

The issue seems to happen quite often in monoliths, and happened sometimes during the campaign. My other apps on internet (twitch, and I run a ‘ping -t’ command) also show serious degradation (ping shows packets taking 3s+). Windows resource monitor shows periodic spikes of bandwidth above 7Mb/s during these moments.

I took a quick look at my player.log file and it has lots of
‘User service error: FAILED_TO_GET_DETAILS’ and
‘System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’
and a few others. I sort of wonder if I’m trying to redownload resources and somehow causing performance degradation? It’s strange that this is affecting my network beyond just the game, but it seems very easily reproducible and triggered by just playing the game on certain maps.

Player.log (137.2 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (483 Bytes)
DxDiag.txt (123.0 KB)

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This game-breaking bug is still alive and well. Please help devs! Loving your game but this makes it unplayable. Bumping.

We’re investigating this and issues similar to this on our end.

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