Quest "Monolith: Blood Frost and Death"

version 8.2+

I can’t complete the quest “discover the remaining branches of the timeline” of “Monolith: Blood Frost and Death”

I have already unlock the branche to “Fall of the Empire” ( 70>80 )

I choose the alternative quest and gone with the “blood clan” or something, I kill the boss OK, but when I want to validate the quest by talking to the NPC, there is a flashing empty dialogue box and nothing, the quest is not validate, no recompence, no blessing choice, no “open portal” thing.

I portal away and tried the boss several time, same as above.

Later I completed the 2 aternative path of “monolith: Ending the Storm” fine.

edit: maybe, maybe I did portal away the first time I killed the boss without completing the quest by mistake and now I’m stuck.

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You need to rerun the second quest echo & choose the other tribe to help.

I don’t know how to reset the timeline and the quest, I’m stuck at 400 stability as I portal away from the boss, so no stability reset and no quest reset.

But yeah, I’m pretty sure I choose the other tribe the secong time, hard to tell as there is no detailed quest tracker.

Kill the boss then rerun the monolith till you get the second quest echo & choose the other tribe. You can’t swap/reset/etc from the third quest echo.

Thanks to take the time to answer.

As I was trying to explain, sorry I’m not a native english speaker and I can see my explainations being unclear … so as I was trying to explain I can’t rerun the monolith til I validate the quest after killing the boss … the kill is not the quest trigger, I kill the boss OK but can’t validate the quest, so no reset.

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So you kill Formosus, choose your blessing, pickup any loot & portal out but the stability doesn’t reset to zero?

I killed Formosus several times, then nothing happen, no blessing, no portal, no reset.

The methodology to recreate the bug would be :
-do the quest line,
-portal away just after killing Formosus without validating the quest
-get a few stability back to retry Formossus (the timeline has not been reset as you kinda failed the final quest)
-kill it and try to validate the quest.

The result for me is that I’m stuck with no way to validate.
-the “free the prisoner” dialogue choice gives me back a flashing empty dialogue box and thats it.

As far as I remember, that is what I did, it is my bad ok, I should have payed attention and not portal away in the first place.

Maybe a way to unstuck the quest would be to be killed by Formossus so you really failed the quest, not “kinda fail but not fail”, I will try that later, I’m a bit busy right now give me some time, I will tel you the result.

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I just commit suicide on Formosus then kill it again, I’m still stuck in the “kinda fail but not fail” limbo where I can’t validate anything.

Having the same issue. Chose the level 80 option in the first quest not the second. killed formosus, no blessing, talking to chieftan doesnt do anything.

Same here same problem. I did the 75 first then redid the timeline properly for the 80 and now I’m stuck at the dialogue with the npc and can’t advance.
I did not teleport out for this to happen
I’ve done the boss a few times coming approaching the chieftain from different angles and found that on 1 occasion I could see the cage and it did not disappear but opened above his head as i approached him. Either way I get the dialogue and click to set him free. All I get is an empty dialogue and nothing else.
I’m current playing hc solo so I don’t have an option to die and comeback in.
Is there a way to reset the timeline?

Hey, just wanted to say that I am experincing the same exact thing.
I kill the 3rd Boss, the Stability reduces a bit after killing the final boss, but it does not reset.

This is the only quest left blocking me from getting empowered Echos…I’m lvl 91.
Please help.

Have the same issue. The quest trigger on the 80 lvl timeline after killing foramos (spelling error im sure) does not do anything like it should. Definitely a bug. The op is correct.

Yea man its actually just broken. The quest doesnt trigger if you pick 80 time line and run through it a second time. It was fine when i picked the 75.

Same for me

I found out it is a wellknown bug, exploited to grind Formosus unique gear, now that you can’t reset the timeline anymore, it became problematic as it compromise your progression.

When going to kill the boss are you guys porting in and out to farm the boss but not completing the quest on purpose? Or did this happen first time trying to kill the boss and complete the quest?

Currently I have one issue logged that exploiting the boss by porting out to farm loot is breaking quest state. Till we get this resolved I would highly suggest you all don’t do that on any character.

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For myself it happened the second time I killed Formossus to unlock the alternative pathway, I did portal away by mistake.
Did the blessing/reward pop up after killing Formossus the second time, I’m 100% sure it didn’t happen or I wouldn’t have portal away. I assumed it was because I didn’t talked to the chief.
If the quest trigger is killing the boss and not talking to the chief then it is even more problematic as the quest/bessing never happened.
I was not aware of this exploit so it can happen to anyone I guess.

A typo

It happened on my second run to unlock the 80 timeline. I did not port away.
Definitely not trying to exploit anything just wanna unlock my 80 timeline.
Havnt had this issue before this patch.
Its as if the cage unlocks before you approach the chieftain and that’s stopping us from setting him free. Because his already free the second dialogue disappears straight away.

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