Quest "Monolith: Blood Frost and Death"

There’s that, the chief free himself, never thought of that.
I’m a new player and I don’t know how the quest properly work, sorry for not being precise with describing the issue and thanks for people help.

All good man its just annoying that its happening. Hopefully the devs find a fix the issue quickly

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Just ran ending the storm and did both endings… reign of dragons opened up but fall of the empire didnt. Got the blessings and quest rewards twice. guessing its something with fall of the empire not the two monos that link to it

So does this mean my Char is gimp’d for progress until next update that might resolve this issue?

Ugh…I was just starting to have fun lol

It happened on my second completion of the quest, but i didnt do any portalling away. I first completed by siding with one of the clans, no issues, and then when i wanted to restart the quest as I didnt get the boots the first time, I sided with the other clan. This time, I died once to Formossus, beat him on retry, and ended up in the stuck state described in the thread.

Hopefully its a hotfix. 8 2 has been about the revamped monolith and if you can’t actually progress in one of them then that’s a issue that needs to be sorted asap in my opinion.

Looks like the response is to stop “exploiting” and wait for a hotfix. Sucks for those that ran into this issue naturally.

Over the last few days I’ve killed this boss many time in empowered (trying to get a particular blessing grr). I’ve gone through both quest branches without problem multiple times, but this morning I’ve experienced this bug for the first time and ther is no way to progress that I can see. The 3rd quest remains ready to do but won’t complete.

No portalling or explotiing that I know about. I don’t even look at what the bosses drop unless they are purple or in my filter, its all about the blessings.

Yeah, ran the third quest again and absolutely the killing of the boss is not triggereing the next stage. There is no quest information after you kill him, you do not get the notification or quest marker to free the Wengari Chieftain, therefor when you click on him and select that option it isn’t applying to an active and open quest.

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I did not port at all in any part of the entire timeline. Yet still had this issue. I do not believe its related to porting. The golden question mark is over the head of the trapped chieftan but clicking on it does nothing.

Please fix, I sided with the frost guy (to unlock echo path to lvl 80) and killed the boss, after saving him and tried to talk to him, he just stands there.

I have same problem

This is still an issue after 0.8.2g. Killed the boss and the cage seems to disappear when approaching Frost Brand Chieftan. The Free the Wingari Chieftain prompt does not do anything.

This bug started for me on my second empowered kill. I’ve since killed the boss a few more times attempting to bypass the bug by delaying the fight, killing with him while he’s casting certain abilities, and attempting to interact with the Wingari Chieftain mid-fight without luck.

What progression state are you in on the non-empowered timeline of Blood, Frost Death?

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Monolith: Blood, Frost, and Death

  • Discover the remaining branches of the timeline

Monolith Completion:
Timelines Unlocked: 10/10
Empowered Timelines Unlocked: 0/10
Monolith Completion: 12/20
Total Timelines Completion: 12/20
Total Echos Conquered: 407

Hope this helps?

Sorry for the confusion.

Please, go to the monolith stone: Blood Frost and Death.
Click on non-empowered version and post a screenshot of that.
Do the same for empowered.

My non-empowered Blood, Frost, and Death was at 0 stability. I completed 1 non-empowered echo then went to fight the empowered boss and was able to complete it. Thank you for your help!

Edit: The 1 non-empowered echo I completed was my first and only one.

Hey so this sounds so odd but I managed to reset the full thing.
I decided to go for a manual walk all around the bridged untill i got to a central hub eventually that unlocked the ability to go into EMPOWERED Echos.

After the animation played I now have the option to run normal and empowered echos.

After going to the same quest line, the quest line finally was able to be completed and is now reset back.

I think what a lot of people are experiencing is not a bug but a lack of direction due to no information. I hope this helps everyone else.

same problem is still happening in patch 8.2g. i have completed my 75 and trying to unlock the 80. click on the chieftain to set him free and get an empty dialogue that disappears.
Cage still opening before u approach it

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Error still persist after the latest patch. He still bugs out after talking to him, just standing there.

@DewScented was able to get it to work here:

Maybe trying again once or twice might work?