Poorly Telegraphed High Damage Abilities

Is it just me or do some abilities desync animation and hitbox when the boss gets slowed/frozen while doing some attacks? E.g. Rayehs ability with the zones or that laser from 2nd phase in Lightless arbour.

This is slightly of topic, but on the subject of off-screen attacks. I personally dislike these kinds of mechanics. I really like this game and I have played it now and then almost from the start, and almost everything is to like about this game. But there are a few exceptions that I think of every time I play, off-screen attacks being the biggest of them, by far. Typical examples are:

  • Orsprix Lightmage
  • Sacred Bloom
  • The whole spire echo thing

I have played ARPGs since Diablo 1 and these mechanics are among the most annoying since I started playing. I love challenging and hard content, but the ones above aren’t particularly challenging. They just fall under the utterly annoying category sadly.

I play mainly HC in most ARPGs and I love the fact that you have decided to let loot drop identified, so you can hover over the item and just decide whether or not to pick it up. But stopping at a loot explosion, on hardcore, with 3 spires active… well, just annoying. :slight_smile:

My suggestions:

  • Remove spire echoes, or at least give all echoes names so you can know what’s in them or just tag them with what content it is. This way its possible to dodge them. People, including me, will still do some if the affixes and rewards are good.
  • Rework minions like Orspix Lightmage and Sacred Bloom so that attacks happen when they are visible on the screen. Speed up the attack slightly to compensate maybe.

Love the game, keep up the good work!

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Can’t actually hit you, they never aim at you, always off to the side. You can even tell what direction they ate from the angle of the projectile!

Will only cast at you if they’ve been spawned/woken up & you’ve run off screen. I agree that they should have a max cast distance of slightly less than a 1080 screen.

Didn’t know that actually. Valuable tip, especially for HC! Doesn’t change much for me on my general opinion though, I guess I’m just not a fan of off-screen attacks. :slight_smile:


That’s fair enough & if you walk into the AoE then you’ll get hit, but they won’t target on you.

i dont remember the name but i remember it was a nekrotic or void damage type i think.
it happend in the soulfire instance on t4 i was standing next to the door to the next zone (it was a big zone and i had to search for the door for a while) i killed almost all the mobs on the way to the door, there was pretty much not a single mob on my screen and even like 2 screens away there wasnt anything, the mob that somehow killed me was at least like 3 screens away and the last time i even saw ANY mob was at least like 4-6sec ago or something. i pretty much killed a few mobs, sprintes to the door and was standing next to the door for like 2 sec, than i saw a super tiny little glowing jellow “wisp” flying from offscreen to my charakter. and yeah my charakter was dead, i had about 3k ward and 2k life at at point and 75%res, it was like the 8. run in a row the instance felt super boring and easy all the time. but yea that super tiny friendly looking wips apparently did over 5k damage to me …i usually dont care much dying in hc but that just felt super unfair, like what even was that ?? some super delayed on death mechanic or somehting ? and why does it look like a tiny friendly “buff” or somehting ? if that shit does like 5k damage and can straight up oneshot your char it should look like a HUGE FIREBALL or somehting like that.
didnt have crit immunity and only had 30-50%reduced crit damage i think, so i guess it was a crit maybe ?

and another death (a while back so i dont remember much), my wizzard had about 1khp and at least 50% res and died to some dead boss/rare mob or somehting in a lvl 62 map, im pretty sure it was some kinda explosion looking like it was void/nekrotic damage.
i happend after the mob died and i kinda died while looting basicly, i feel like 1k damage in a map as low like that is way too much even with low res.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Skalnir Mercenary, Imperial Deadeye’s normal shoot
TBH all the range enemies need a dmg nerf.
Spellblade in 400r always get one shot from these attacks

Lagon is too hard to read relative to other bosses. General chat told me the stairs trick. I’d have needed a carry if that hadn’t worked for me.

It’s not clear where he will hit with the claws and the stun can be deadly in P3. I had no idea where to stand. No matter where I went when I saw the claws come up he’d hit me.

The beam telegraph isn’t good either. The snapshot seems inconsistent relative to the animation. I’ll move when I see the red eye but sometimes he doesn’t aim where he was, but where I go. Dead.

Other than Lagon I’ve been very happy with boss telegraphs. A little thought does need to be put into the “Enemies have a 18% chance to slow on hit” though. I couldn’t outrun Rayeh’s beams until I realized I was getting slowed by the sparks.

The sweeping eye beam will always fire on the side you were when his head started moving, that’s when you meed to move to the other side.

You do need to be careful of which modifiers you have running when you do a boss, haste, frenzy & heals when not damaged recently can be very very bad, and dodge is just painful. But the active modifiers are within the player’s control.

The claw attacks aren’t supposed to be a big telegraphed attack you need to dodge but if you’re moving when he starts then you can avoid them. Stun chance is based of hp so you xan reduce the chance by getting more hp.

I am not 100% at all bosses in the game but here’s what has helped me:

-Treat every ACTUAL boss encounter like a casual game of Tetris or Mineweeper or whatever. Just relax and don’t care.

-Only respond to their mechanics and get your damage in while or after, depending on your build.

-What should be truly helpful though in this or in ANY boss fight is: DO NOT EVER LET THEM FACE YOU.

-Just, THAT. Do not EVER let ANY boss EVER directly face you. Other than that, stay out of bad circles and rays, etc.

Thanks, that’s helpful about the beam. I think I ran when I saw his eye go red but before he moved. That said, it makes the discussion about telegraphing salient. I haven’t had to get advice about other bosses. I know when to move from the in-game cues.

Thanks for the HP tip on stun! Again it sounds like my movement wasn’t timed right. I would have preferred to dodge those because they did chunk my health down.

I learned about the importance of modifiers with Husk of Gaspar. I had enough speed on my gear for the tri-beam but I kept dying when I hit a spark. I finally figured out I had slow on hit. Ouch. Since then I plan them and save a good pre-boss path through the echoes.

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Thanks for the tips. They line up with what I’ve figured out in-game. I’m a long-time gamer and “don’t stand in the fire,” live first and DPS second, and dangerous boss frontals/charges are standard ARPG and MMO fare. I’m just glad the dragons in this game don’t tail swipe too. I was instinctively staying on the flank of Emperor of Corpses until I realized he didn’t have a tail swipe.

For the most part I like the clarity of tells and types of boss mechanics in this game. I can dodge them well enough to get my loot. Lagon is an outlier for me, which is why I posted here.

The Ascendant Embermage. He’s not even a boss, but he calls down meteorites very fast. Too fast to get out of the circle unless you are already moving. Not a huge problem on his own, but sometimes there are multiple embermages all casting on you at the same time. You can be killed instantly without a fair amount of time to move.

The ogres’ boulder throw. The circle is so large and the window of time so short, it’s impossible to avoid unless you are already moving before it begins.

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As fred said, a tanky build could survive D2 Diablo’s red-fire-laser briefly.

But my opinion, which is worth nothing, is that allowing for defenses to scale to near-unkillable levels is less bad for the game then allowing nested multiplicative damage which allow for so much damage the DR became required. (super nested multiplicative damage is super fun, btw. It looks good on me, but the rest of you shouldn’t have it).

And minions have been a problem in these games forever. They either suck, or they are godly (well hello Uber Wraithman! How are youuuu HOLY FUCK THAT WAS A LOT OF DAMAGE YOU JUST DID… YOU’RE A GOOD BOY! A VERY GOOD BOY!)

  • The name of the enemy:
    the mountain beneath (t4)
  • A description of the ability:
    rocks/falling treetards
  • Your current location:
    Alt+F4 → D2 resurrected
  • Anything else you consider pertinent:
    actively dodging by walking and using movement skills you still get sniped

The Crimson Blade (arena boss) does an attack where she teleports to you and slashes for heavy damage. It’s not telegraphed and is completely unavoidable. It’s enough to one-shot my acolyte with capped resists.

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This has already been reported multiple times, but since the ability has not been adjusted to be considered “okay”, I’ll list it here again.

  • The name of the enemy: Ascendant Embermage
  • A description of the ability: orbital nuke (aka meteor)
  • Your current location: chair
  • Anything else you consider pertinent: On paper it has a telegraph; on paper it has a windup time. However the telegraph is poorly visible when in combat, and is totally not visible on top of most of the player’s abilities, monsters you are fighting, and their abilities. I’m specifically talking about melee, as ranged characters won’t have this issue, as they are not surrounded by enemies most of the time. This pretty much guarantees that they get at least one volley if they come from the south (in this case they can off-screen you), which is enough to one-shot player most of the time, considering that this ability does heavy damage, and they come in large packs and cast simultaneously. Even if you somehow see this ability being cast, it doesn’t leave a realistic time to react and get out of the way, considering: internet delay, brain lag, animation lock from attack you are currently performing, and use time of your movement ability/time to run away manually if you don’t have one/have it on cd, and the fact that the embermages themselves are one of the most unassuming looking enemies in the game.
    So I’d like to see this ability adjusted in some way to make it avoidable considering all the points listed above, and not an ideal situation when you stand in the open field, and know what is coming, and have your movement ability ready.

To clarify, this is the “profane flesh” that has this attack. Possibly other ogres as well.

Heorot’s “ice stab” is a high damage, instantaneous attack. In theory it is very, very briefly telegraphed with a marker on the floor, but it doesn’t always match its telegraph.