Polish chat tab

On behalf of all Poles who play Last Epoch, please create a Polish tab for the game chat.

Thanks in advance and greet the creators

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Now I’m curious as to what the original title was…

I assume the current chat server software wouldn’t be able to cope with multiple channels (since it has issues with the current 1)?

The Polish tab is needed because a lot of Poles play this game, and if it is, it means that you earn on it, and therefore thanks to the Polish tab, we can help each other in the game in your language. Think if it is not worth doing something that costs you nothing to have profit and satisfied players.

I am not sure if a chat channel for specific languages is desired for EHG.

We already had a similar topic for discord/forum for non-english language.
Main point for EHG to not officially support them (yet), was the ability to moderate them.

I know how you feel, as i wanted to create a german sub-community fpr LE, which was then denied by EHG for the official platforms, which is totally understandable.

I created a german speaking discord server forLE, which really helped in gathering alot of interested players, that want to communicate in their native language and we even did get alot of support from EHG (especially Sarno :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

So while i understand you request, i don’t think they will implement that. Maybe later down the line. If you really want to gather your fellow countryman, maybe start a similar non-official project on any platform.

You are right, but there is no Polish discord or forum, so it’s hard to merge Poles. Chat tabs do not cost developers anything, so I’m surprised that it is so insensitive.
In my opinion, if this is a game for everyone, every language should have a place in it. best regards

Requesting foreign language chat tabs (or whatever) in-game isn’t insensitive but it does raise the issue of how the devs could moderate them.

At the moment if someone were to say something “moderation-worthy” in a foreign language, it would probably require someone else who spoke the same language to report it for EHG to do anything about it. And even if that did happen, it would be difficult since EHG may not have any staff memberswho speak the language well enough to understand colloqual insults (or whatever it was).

Everybody does deserve to be able to play a game & chat with other people in their own language, but then they also deserve to be able to chat with other people without harrassement which is difficult if there’s no-one to moderate that chat & punish anyone who’s not playing by the rules.

Hopefully the devs will be able to find a solution to this thorny problem prior to launch.

First of all, when it comes to moderating the game chat, it is enough to introduce censorship and then moderation is not needed. Do not explain the developers that they do not have anyone from Poland to moderate because they are simply sluggish and because in every game that is created by a foreign studio, Poles are stigmatized and then the situation is that at least 40% of buyers are Poles Poles are underestimated because what for. In my opinion, making this Polish tab and censorship is a matter of maximum 30 minutes. best regards

No, it is most definitely not. As Llama already said, if you want to have chat in a specific language, it should be a place for healthy discussions. Without moderation that will most likely not be the case.
Censorship is not enough to remove toxicity and harrasment.

That is a bold satement, i would be very carefull with that. I do think EHG does have great interestes in supporting foreign languages, just not in the current state of development.
Don’t forget, they are in Indie-Studio with like a dozen of people.

I am not sure, what you experiences with polish language support in other games are, but even as i said in my previous statement, i asked the devs for german support, which is a “major language” in terms of multi-national gaming, i would say. And i can 100% understand they do not want to support the language at this point.

You are probably right and it probably isn’t that much work, to implement foreign language chats/forums/discord channels etc. But that’s not the main point, EHG does not want to support these languages officially, at the moment/current state of development.

I can just say it again, if you think there are so many polish speaking people, that want to form any kind of community, you can just go ahead and create one of your own.

I did get alot of support from Sarno, from EHG, when i created my German Speaking Community Discord and i am most certain, that he would support any other community, the same.

EDIT: In case you are interested, Sarno did explained alot of the reasonings behind not supporting foreign languages currently. But from the sound of it, they will most likely revise that decision in the future.

At the moment. It’s a bit of a key point you missed there.

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fixed in an BOLD edit :smiley:

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If you got support from the EHG, how? because there is no Polish chat on the official discord, which is strange because on such a discord there should be chats with many languages. He understands that EHG doesn’t want other languages, but let them officially say that they don’t want to because they don’t want to, not that they can’t deal with toxicity. I know many developers where not only on discord but also in the game the chats have many languages and have no moderators for each language and the chats are non-toxic.
Let’s face it openly EHG, they only want the English language because it is more convenient for them and they do not respect the rest of the countries, even though they live from them, because not only us Poles, but the rest of the countries, by buying their game we give them a lot of money.

There are ALOT of community created projects, regarding several different topics. That got support here in the forums. One example is my created german communtiy discord, that gotalot of help and attention from EHG, by getting a sticky for the first month and now a auto-bump every 30 days, if there is no new post. (Which helps greatly to make it more visible/prominent)

There are also alot of other projects, which are not foreign language related, but still show that EHG has great interest in supporting their community.

If you read through the post i added in my last post edit, you will see some reasons, why they decided to not support other language, currently.
I am very certain that there will be foreign language support at some point.

Yes, there are cases, where chat’s and discords/forums are toxicity-free, but you never can guaranteed that.

When you buy LE either via steam or the website, there is no indication for language support other than english, so when you buy that game, you know what you get.
As i stated above, jsut read the comment i linked to, in my last post, in the thread there are some great concerns/statements from Sarno regarding the whole topic.
It’s way more than just “convenience”.

That is a very dangerous accusation. I can only repeat myself and suggest you reading through my linked post from above.

But maybe some1 from EHG (probably Sarno) maybe be able to give you even more detail.
But claiming that EHG does not respect other countries/languages is really outrageous, i might say.

Keep defending them, I think they are sluggish and it’s a shame they do. Good night

It’s posts like these that fully make me appreciate the arduous and nearly impossible task a small indie game company has to try to be as broad reaching as they can without opening themselves up to some other major infraction.

To the OP: did you actually read through the post that Heavy dropped into one of his many clear responses? Along with the other responses that try to clarify and explain some of the reasoning behind ‘at the present’. If you did, I am really not sure how you can arrive at the conclusion that they are ‘sluggish.’ If you did not read it, I would really recommend you do, and ask around if there is anything in it that doesn’t seem to be clear.

But honestly, you are certainly entitled to have your own opinion about this, but please try to be constructive in your critique rather than resorting to name-calling or assigning ‘motivations’ if you aren’t fully understanding of the actual response from the EHG team.

For what it’s worth, only two weeks ago they announced something that was very frustrating to read and concerned myself (and many others VERY directly) but they also explained and were very clear and up front about why they had to make this decision. While it was highly disappointing, in my opinion, it didn’t warrant trying to heap assumed motivations upon them and call them ‘sluggish’ or ‘only convenient for them’ or ‘disrespectful.’

Those are definitely not adjectives I’d use to describe them.

As stated and to summarize, you are absolutely and completely free, at this stage, to form your own Discord community and EHG will more than likely give it all plenty of notice, much like Heavy’s German channel. If you’re such a large majority, and even if not, there should most likely be plenty of players who will join you in it, happy to chat. That’s just short term. Long term, EHG is said they definitely want to revisit the issue when their very small team has gotten the actual GAME up and running. And based on their track record, I believer they will certainly follow through on this.


You obviously did not understand what is written:


We get support with advertising this. Sarno even read through our FAQ to correct small mistakes or to make other things more clear.

There are companies that have different languages on their forums and discord. These companies have mods they pay bills to moderate these channels or they have voluntary mods (fans) that do the job.

The Fan moderated forums isn’t something EHG is looking forward to and as an indi dev studio they don’t want to add additional staff in early access just to moderate forums in every language there is.

See, nobody is defending anything. The people here gave you an explanation because they / we had the same questions. But instead of acting like little kiddies and starting to call the devs sluggish or disrespectful we instead created our own unofficial community (100+ members currently).

If you really want help from EHG it’s not the smartest move to phrase your post like you did. Also your current behaviour sheds a bad light on your fellow polish people. You probably should not speak for a whole nation.

Don’t speak for me. Or if you do, please get rid of that entitled attitude.

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