Please fix unavoidable damage ... even NORMAL mobs are bypassing 3k ward

Just got killed by a single shot from a non-boss, non-rare Imperial Sentry at wave 236 in Arena.

1 shotted through 3k ward, 0/694 health and full red globe.

Fire and Physical damage.

I have no issues when I die and I know that I made a mistake or did not have enough defense/damage. That is why we farm items and rebuild then re-test.

When my char takes “normal” damage I can see it happening because my Ward and/or health go down … and yet there are still a lot of DoT’s like poison that strip away my health while I still have ward. But I can SEE this happening and move out of the way.

But the total unpredictability of certain damage and “no-matter-what-the-player-does-they-are-fucked” is getting beyond a joke.

This is not fun. This is not a player whinge.

This is an unsustainable mechanic and you are losing players and support.

I suspect this is more feedback than bug. I assume you’re at 100% glancing blow & crit avoidance?


100% GB, 104% CSA, 57% dodge, 61% block. I can maintain 6k ward or more at the target dummy.

At the end of a wave, I tend to ignore the barrels and start the next wave to maintain high ward between waves. That is why I had 3k or more ward at the beginning of the wave that killed me.

The damage bypasses ALL defenses … it doesn’t lower my ward or health by a certain amount based on damage - it just wipes me in a millisecond. I died as soon as the mobs spawned, I had no chance to react or even hit them once.

I think it is bugged if it is happening on normal mobs.

Ah, this isn’t the first bug report about that has been reported, though I can’t remember the other one.

This one might be similar -

I avoid the Fire Golems much better now and also the Marsh Beetles. Frost Wyrms can still be a bit tricky … but basically … as long as you’re f***ing them up the arse, they are manageable.

This seems to be the way to deal with all bosses except Lagon who has a pretty mouth.

So most “unavoidable” damage can be avoided by moving fast , watching the animations and always moving to the rear. This time was very different as it was a normal mob.

Sorry for my colourful language … but I can’t seem to express it any other way right now.

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I was playing my werebear last night, and got one shot by one of those lightning crabs that shoots bolts of lightning. On the first MoF tier, full health, I’m over-leveled, 600+ each resist in bear form, and one shot by a damn white crab. fire golems one shot, bosses one shot (I get properly telegraphed moves, that doesn’t bother me, but bosses also have a lot of one shots), siren’s waves, underwater and ice golems. . .like, when you’re building a tank, you should be able to withstand most damage. One shot mechanics are not fun.

Oh, and the Spreading Frost boss, when there’s 4 or 5 copies and they all charge their one shot in different directions, and you get hit no matter what you do. . .and Bear Druids and most Sentinel specs have no movement skill to get out of that, because they require a target.

Side note: lunge and bear charge should NOT require targets.

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How much was your hp? 'Cause 600 protection isn’t a particularly big number when you get up to Monoliths. Those lightning crabs do do quite a lot of damage, but they’re also pretyt easy to avoid due to the telegraphed nature of the attack.

I’m level 60+ in a level 55 mono, I’ve beat the first 2 quests, and have been holding off on Wall of Flesh, because my Necrotic (this is where I also fractured two 20% gold rings on the first try, and countless 18%, trying to increase) resist isn’t the greatest. I’m playing the avalanche polar bear, and it’s very difficult to see the ground with all the ice boulders hitting, and the lightning crab ground telegraph is also white. That’s the first issue.

The second issue is a white enemy, at least 5 levels below me, one shotting me. That’s bs.

*I’m level 61.
HP: 725
FR: 1382
CR: 1513
LR: 1382

This is in base bear form, with no buffs from roar, attacking, etc.

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