Siege Golem damage bypasses Ward

Not sure if this is a bug or a design feature.

While tackling a Siege Golem in Arena - around arena level 90 - I got caught in one it’s attacks (or dots, not sure which) and my health dropped to nearly zero but I still had around 2k ward.

Are their attacks supposed to completely ignore or bypass ward?

I exited game for the log.

Player.log (167.8 KB)

Edit. This also just happened with the Osirian Gorn … I died with ward still remaining and zero health.

Player.log (97.8 KB)

That is pretty interesting because the same thing happened to me yesterday. I just assumed I got 1 shot and the game bugged visually showing me with full ward. I would be curious to hear from a dev if this is a visual bug or a ward bug.


Here is a screenshot I took of a Siege Golem Flamethrower death. It was taken about 1 sec after the death (as quick as I could get to the print screen button).

Siege Golem Death

I still have Ward.
Health shows 0/694 … but there is still red in the health globe.

Player.log (56.9 KB)

What’s going on?


I just stood in front of 3 siege golems in monolith, watching the damage.

Flamethrower killed me (my life showed 0/694). I still had a large chunk of ward and my health globe was full red on death and then drained as I watched the screen. Sorry, no screenshot. All other damage “felt” ok, just flamethrower seems very odd.

Had the same issue today , with Flamethrower and Soul Cages.
I died and had 2-5k Ward left.

I started playing a low life ward build and have died a handful of times this last week with 2k-3k ward remaing. I just thought it was intended like dot damage or something hitting my hp before ward.