Ward mechanics is broken (take life before ward on damage taken)

I think it suppose first take all ward and only then life.
Maybe it only happens on DOT damage?

What is your gear, passive & any other skills? From the looks of it, it’s just that particular puddle that’s ignoring ward. So it’s not ward mechanics, it’s that puddle which is “odd”.

its just demonstration, i think that something wrong with damage over time effects on you.
Nothing special in gear/ skills.
If looks like life going down and then also ward with some delay.
It can bring you to sudden deaths, because you watching your ward and know that you have some time to emergency decisions in case it gone (you still have full life).
But then actually you have almost no life and you dead.

I’ve just tried to look at your video and I’m not able to. Could you re-upload this so I can take a look? I haven’t heard of any problems with ward and damage over time.


I tried walking over those spots while I had ward and all damage was dealt to my ward before my health. Could you please upload screenshots of your skill trees, passives and items to a site like imgur.com?

I realize that’s a bit of a hassle, but the best way to determine what’s going on is to re-create your character myself. Thanks!

It can take some time.
I tried it naked (without idols /and gear) without summoning / using any skills (no aura of decay, no skeletons, no golems) only rip blood to get some ward
and got same result.
Maybe it somehow connected to necromancer, didn’t test it on another class.

Happens to me as well on sorc, I’ve always thought that was an intended mechanic though.

its not.
And its just example . I’am sure there are more situations like this,
Sometimes i get 1 shotted in arena while having 10k ward

Thanks, I did try again for some more time and was able to reproduce the issue. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but we’ll look into it.

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