Patch Preview: Beta 0.7.9

Making me come out of vacation early with patches like this XD keep up great work guys!

that is why you gamble lol

We missed you! :sparkling_heart:


Mass fear? The skill spirit plague works pretty well for fearing mobs.

Hey Devs thanks for being so transparent I had a few questions that may have been answered not sure tho.

  1. What phase are we at technically
  2. When can we expect multiplayer
  3. Will there be 1 or 2 more skill slots added? (seems like alot of people including myself would think this is very viable as some builds feel very… bleh due to the lack of skill slots)


  • PB
  1. We’ve still not finished all of the things in phase 2 (eternity caches, tooltip dps), but last patch they added chapter 8 (phase 3) & in this patch they’re adding something from phase 4.
  1. Multiplayer is phase 3.

  2. Probably not. Unless they change their minds.

No I completely understand where you are coming from and you are right. I don’t like the gambler style of looting wither lol

Honestly based off of recent wording I wouldn’t be surprised if the mocved away from phases all together. seems to be more and more the case and confusing too new people.

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Looking good. :smiley:

If I’m understanding things correctly, Tier 6 and 7 affixed items drops post 80 content Tier 5’s will now start dropping at content 50 and above and slowly ramp up from there.

Question: If the monolith no longer scales to player lvl, and it is accessed only after completing the main story, (and that is currently about mid 50’s) does that mean Monolith starts at lvl 50 and i"ll have to work my way to into a monolith deep enough so that the levels are equivalent to level 80 (to get tier 6 and 7 affixes? Will this be the only way I have to play lvl “80” content? Will tier 6 and 7 affixed items drop from Arena barrels? Will these tier 6 and 7’s be color coded in anyway?

““T5s can drop much earlier than before, but their chance to drop scales up more slowly with levels. T6s can drop in all level 55+ content. T7s can only drop in level 90+ content. T6 and T7 affixes increase an item’s equip level requirement by slight more than T5 affixes do, but there isn’t a big difference there.””

Yes. U believe someone said red. But dev defintely said t6 and t7 will be easily seen

I appreciate the effort Boardman, but you just cut and pasted what I’ve read.

I’m currently lvl 95. “T7s can only drop in level 90+ content” What is lvl 90 content? If monolith is no longer scaling, does that mean the moment I enter it its at lvl 55 (the current end of the campaign)? Does that mean I have to go 35 levels deep into the new monolith before I’m actually in lvl 90 content? If I die immediately at lvl 90 content", I have to start monolith over and do lvl’s 55 to 90 again?

I can’t imagine the Arena has been scaling to content as that wouldn’t be fair, so at what lvl in the arena can I assume I’m at lvl 90 content and can tier 7’s drop from barrels in the Arena?

The first timeline in the new mono is 55…
The second timeline is 62.
Im sure it goes all the way to 90+
Look at the map

They said its possoble to go back and unlock all pathways so I assume once you do it on your char it stays unlocked.

However I’m sure its character based not account based so you’ll have to do it for all chars

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So in conclusion, this is basically what I gleaned from the patch notes…

blah blah blah, blah blah, more items, blah blah blah, blah … blah blah blah blah blah, blah… Blah… NO LOOT FILTER. Blah blah blah blah blah blah.


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Love what I am seeing. I would love to get some answers though.

  1. As stated above, what phase are we in? Seems things are starting to jump all over the place.
  2. When will we see ToolTip DPS and Eternity Cache? Or maybe just a sneak peak at either one…
  3. A time frame for dual wield? Besides loot filter, this and rogue class are the only three things I’m really looking forward to. Honestly feel like dual wield should of been in.
  4. Whats the phase 4 content coming? Monolith Updates?

WTF have I missed? Damn Discord…

It’s fine, I’ve found their post on Monoliths…

  1. We are technically starting phase 3 but in all phases as of patch 0.7.9. Things have changed in priority as a whole year went buy and the forecast isn’t super accurate anymore. They will most likely uodate it or remove it all together to be replaced with simethu g more up today’s.

  2. When there close to ready they will let you see it. They dint hide these things on purpose just to make you feel pain

  3. Again when its ready…

  4. Yes the monolith update is the phase 4 item

All good things take time. If its worth doing do it right. Patience

The entire hype train and came and went

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