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Patch Preview: Beta 0.7.8

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Patch 0.7.8 brings the hotly anticipated eighth chapter of storyline content, a number of new features, changes to class passives and items, and some technical advancements.




  • This patch includes the eighth chapter of story content!
    • We’ve posted a few screenshots of Chapter 8 here.
    • One of the new tracks can be listened to here.



  • The Acolyte now has a new skill called Spirit Plague.
    • Spirit Plague is a Necrotic Damage Over Time skill that can spread to other enemies.
    • Spirit Plague has a specialization tree.
  • The Lich now has a new skill called Death Seal.
    • Death Seal is an effect that removes Ward and caps Health for your character. While active it increases damage dealt; when toggled again, it unleashes a wave of damage.
    • Death Seal has a specialization tree.
  • The Mage skill Ice Barrage has been redesigned.
    • Ice Barrage now has a specialization tree.

Class Passives

  • Unannounced change. Check back soon!


  • Unannounced change. Check back soon!
  • All helmets and body armor now have 2d art that matches their 3d art.

User Interface

  • A floating Ward bar can now be displayed above your character.
  • We have overhauled many UI windows, including skill trees and the character sheet.


  • Blocking players now hides their messages in general chat in addition to preventing PMs.
  • Replaced the system used to filter chat messages.


  • Replaced all animations used by the Mage class.
    • We posted a preview of some new animations here.

Quality of Life

  • The button to reset the Monolith of Fate has been moved. Clicking on it will now trigger a confirmation dialog to avoid cases of the Monolith being reset by accident.

Bug fixes

  • Lightning Blast no longer crashes the game.


  • We’re removing 70% of the game!
    • This refers to optimizing of the game’s install size; no content is being removed.
  • Improved the performance of displaying damage numbers.
  • Improved the performance of displaying the client’s FPS.
  • Improved the performance of objects that are set to dynamically fade to avoid obscuring the character being played, such as trees, walls, and pillars.


After This Patch

The issue preventing us from updating Last Epoch on Linux has been resolved. We are QAing Patch 0.7.8 on Linux and correcting any issues we come across. While we would like to release the patch for Linux at the same time as Windows and Mac, it will likely be delayed.

We’re currently working on an overhaul of ability tooltips. This will entail an update to their visual style, as well as improved clarity of information such as what stats minions scale with.


Love it, cannot wait to try out all the changes.

nice!! any thoughts of when itll be released jw

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Give me my Rogue /beg


Class Passives

  • Unannounced change. Check back soon!

i have never been more teased in my life than right now at this comment EHG! well played


I didn’t even knew i needed this in my life.

I thought of some interactive buff that could somewhat Benefit a ward or leech lich and wanted to suggest it, but never had great ideas.

Was this suggested somewhere in the Forum and i did miss it?

Anyway great preview, looooooking Forward to it

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nice ! A lot of QoL is arriving. Some of them have been asked by the community, and it’s good to see you’re listening and acting !

can’t wait to test this patch !

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Stoked for these updates, the stash looks awesome!

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Can’t wait for patch day,
in these last days of may
nothing else to say
except for great work EHG !

PS : don’t ask, i dont know why :stuck_out_tongue: but I know i can’t wait haha

Nice work! I hope Linux doesn’t delay to much. I’ll be waiting.

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Lightning Blast no longer crashes the game.
Time to get back to my build. yeehaa!

Can we expect corrections of the tooltip positions for 21:9 screens?

cannot wait to try it out… its looks awsame

Added Marksman and Bladedancer as our new mastery classes.

Added Bows, Daggers and also Quivers

Pleeeeease :smiley:


Looking forward to patch day!

Really looking forward to this! Spirit Plague sounds awesome!

Great news!

Unannounced change? I’m going to press F5 every second! Thanks!!

“Lightning Blast no longer crashes the game” - Why thank you kindly. Soon it will be time to go back to full on crazy ‘Emperor’ mode (one of the most satisfying things in an already fun game).

I wish!!!

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Patch looks awesome! Cant wait to get to enjoy the new content. Hope it will release before the long weekend!

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