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Patch Preview: Beta 0.7.7


Patch 0.7.7 raises the bar in many areas. The update features a massive graphics overhaul, many new ambient and environmental sounds, user interface improvements, and lots more.

This patch includes a very large number of small changes: for example, chests you find in zones have new models, a new visual effect surrounding them until they have been opened, a new visual effect that is played when they are opened, and a new sound effect is played when they are opened. These changes will be listed in the Patch Notes thread.




  • Patch 0.7.7 brings Shrines to Last Epoch!
    • The location and modifiers of Shrines is random.
    • We’ve posted the concept art for Shrines here.
  • This patch includes Character Introductions for every available base class!
  • Steam Cloud is now supported by the Steam client!
    • If you currently do not play through Steam, installing and opening the game through Steam will cause your existing save data to be synced.
    • If you do not currently play through Steam and would like to begin doing so, please see this support article for instructions on how to link your accounts.


  • This patch features significant changes to lighting and postprocessing in most zones.
    • We posted an early look of these changes here, as well as a few teasers shared on Twitch. Further improvements have since been made.
  • Improved many environmental models and textures throughout the game.

Sound Design

  • Many zones now have new ambient sounds.
  • Some zones now have new environmental sounds.


Patch 0.7.7 includes several new skills, each of which has its own specialization tree.

  • The Acolyte now has a new skill called Drain Life.
  • The Acolyte now has a new skill called Spirit Plague.
  • The Forge Guard now has a new skill called Smelter’s Wrath.

User Interface

  • Performed a significant overhaul of the user interface.
    • Expect to see a few teasers next week!


  • It is now possible to alter the zoom level of both the minimap and the overlap map.
  • The opacity of the overlay map can now be adjusted.

Bug Fixes

  • Items in a vendor’s buyback tab now cost the amount of gold they were sold for.
  • It is no longer possible to equip Idols with an unmet class requirement.



  • We have created more performant shaders for most outdoor zones.
  • We have been addressing one cause of long loading times on a zone-by-zone basis. The more non-hostile NPCs in that zone, the more substantial this improvement will be.
  • Superior garbage collection has removed one source of stutter.
    • The term ‘garbage collection’ refers to the process of memory that’s no longer needed being released back to the Operating System so it can be used by other processes.


After This Patch

We’ve made the difficult decision to hold back Chapter 8 so that we have more time to spend both on that content, and also more time to spend on improving currently available content. Don’t worry - Lagon is still approaching - he’s just a little further out.

We have recently recruited an Animations Lead! If you’d like to see an example of his work, pay a visit to the Osprix Warriors in Chapter 1’s The Southern Plateau in 0.7.7. We will be replacing many existing animations, however this will take time.

We have multiple new skills in development which will likely be included in Patch 0.7.8.

Prior to the release of Patch 0.7.8 we hope to release a new launcher for the standalone client which will reduce the amount of space needed during game installation and patching.


Nice. I assume there’s a number of skill tweaks, bug fixes & stuff that will be detailed in the patche notes?

Great stuff! :slight_smile:

Excited to see what these performance improvements bring to the table!

Optimize! Thank you!

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Excited for this patch to help get me through these weird/tough times. Is this the one that contains more unique items to hunt?

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It is indeed!

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This has me super excited. Keep it up guys!!!

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Lagon i am coming for you just time travel has yet to be perfected in IRL! also side note excited for the new patch!

This game update declaration throught to steam sound my for good and I’m waiting it take a turn for the better that game run faster for Windows. :grinning:

Cannot wait for this. Looking forward to trying out the new skills and seeing all the graphical improvements. :+1:

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This is what I like to see. Keep rolling out good stuff.

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Sounds great but what’s the release date for the patch? I heard it’s plan to be release at the end of March. Is it correct?

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That is indeed correct. :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool, thank you.
Good luck for future

Was going to ask the same been waiting on the new patch to start playing again. hoping it will be a little easier on my pc

hopefully this fixes the airplane-sounding gpu problem so that i can play again.

I’m not sure how I missed this earlier but this is huge for me :smiley:


My forge guard is ready for that skill.