Opinions, Yours: Best and Worst skills in the game?

I’m curious what the current community perception is regarding various skills. “Best” and “Worst” don’t necessarily mean “most/least powerful” in this context, btw. More like, “most fun,” or “favorite design ideas” or something.

Rebuke seems to be excellently designed, imo.

How about you?

Black Hole with Binary Star – it looks so freaking cool, and I love it thematically

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Favorite Skill is still Forge Strike, specifically forge weapon, love having 30 minion swords following me around taking out everything.
Worst Skill-Infernal Shade, cant seem to make it work well for single target or groups, can’t find too many uses for it…


I really don’t like the almost mandatory combo Shift / Decoy / Smoke Bomb. These skills are very good, but they are in almost every build and that’s very boring.

About my favourite, it may depend. I’m currently in love with Spriggan Form, which is an awesome skill.


Best: Shatterstrike for the converging strike animation. Who knew a mage could use a sword so well?
Worse: Devour Orb not found a really good use for that, rest of the VK skills are viable.

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DPS (lots of small-ish hits), application of ailments to an entire pack at once, applying Future Strike (& now Doom), Time Rot (for even more stacking attack/cast speed debuffs on the mob along with chill).

If you can get an Omnividence staff and +2 DO on your helm you can go something like this:

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Best: Harvest - very versatile skill, you can do Hit/Crit, Ailment, Minion and Ward stuff. Visually even though relative old skills, still very pleasing.
Skill tree surely needs a overhaul to get a modernization, but still a very fun skill.

Worst: Judgment - Animation and VFX looks very bad. Even though the skill has coll ideas in it’s skill tree.

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So much wrong there…

I’m not sure I have a single skill that I can point to as “best”, I like Devouring Orb, Anomaly (even though it only has 1 build that everyone uses), a lot of the Rogue skills…

I thought I knew what fun was until I found Shield Throw with Volatile Reversal and Lunge. I feel like a mix of Captain America and Nightcrawler.

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Prior to whenever EGH updated Manifest Armor -

Worst: Manifest Armor - not because it was badly designed - the Armor just always died and did awful damage - never seemed worth investing time/gear into
Best: Abomination (however I wont play it again as I cant stand the degen on it)

After the Manifest buff - now hes a giant and ive seen a 165k //95k crit on the dummy/in monolith. Forge Guard Manifest basically IS the Abomination build I wanted without the degen and extremely tanky, can resummon him immediately etc

Best: Manifest Armor
Worst: Unsure because every skill can be saved with a rework - but some really bad skills currently are:

Forge Strike - not really a bad skill but I would love a rework with the weapons to instead of a floating mass of weird damage when 10-30 swords converge on a target that one them alone can one shot - maybe reducing it to having 4 swords but have AI like wolves

Summon Sabretooth - I tested high level gear on a pure Sabretooth setup just to test with approx 400% minion Health and easily 350-400% minion damages, the double 'only 1 companion/more HP/damage node and it dies on a single monster in 100 monoliths (this was 5-6 months ago) theres something wrong with the scaling or something

Erasing Strike/Judgement/Earthquake (non Bhuldar) - all need buffs, massive buffs. Earthquake is actually pretty strong but the other two are really bad and at this point nothing even the Smite on cast can save those skills, another major factor is Rive is just too powerful

I had the same problem :frowning: It was my first character and played it a lot.
I wanted to revamp it but the Sabretooth died to easily.
Mabye i should have build even more into minion health, it might be own fault.
At the same time i noticed other beasts having less problems.

Erasing Strike does not need a buff. If you don’t like that skill that is subjective. But it is objectively not bad.

I played dozens of different Erasing Strike Builds and they all work just fine.
Especially with the new mana regen changes you can use Erasing Strike as a single main skill without the need of any active mana regenerator.

My favourite design is Shuriken blade. So not the multiple blades but changing it to 1 big blade with a boomerang effect with poison damage. Which is sub optimal since have chosen the Bow mastery :frowning: . i didnt expect choosing that one for poison would make it way harder to scale the poison damage then melee.

My worst would be flurry for bow. I tried to go hardcore poison but its way harder to scale it with bows in comparison to daggers and swords. Also only having the option in the flurry passives to have 1 arrow instead of stacking it so you can have multiple once makes it weak for me. I actually love that its a hybrid skill so you can play it with melee weapons aswell.

With daggers etc however, you literally have those chance to potion and poison damage affixes and on idols you have those aswell.

Some bow implicits and quivers have a chance to poison. Other then that in the passives there is no damage over time if you spec into bow (while blademaster does). So when you play melee you have multiple easier options to go Poison while playing bow its way harder.

I searched every bow skill and there is only one that converts Poison into Blood.
Why isnt there an option to have it they other way around aswell.
I really would love to see something like that in the passive bow tree.
They could put it way more to the right (after the threshold line), so melee can not pick it (balance wise).

I bet with bleeding damage there are plenty of options since i saw them. But poison in my opinion with bows falls flat on its face.

The converse is also true. Just because you (or me, or anyone) like a skill doesn’t make it objectively good. There’s a reason why the OP asked for people’s opinions.

Additionally, Shrukn never said it was objectively bad, he just said that (in his opinion, per the first word of the thread title) it needed a buff.

I’m not sure I’d agree with Earthquake being “bad” either, I used a non-werebear EQ build (with Bhuldar’s Wrath, for more Earthquakes) & it worked decently well, I used Tempest Strike as a mana generator, leaped in to the target (which would hopefully proc my totems for chill giving more EQ damage) & while Fury Leap was on it’s 2.5 year cooldown (tru story bro!) I’d manually EQ & Tempest Strike.

He said:

While I agree that there always is some subjective opinion involved, that is a statement is bold.

That statement sounds very much, that he thinks it’s objectively bad.

I already played so many different sentinel builds and Erasing Strike in no application I tried was underwhelming.

Is it really a bold statement? In a thread about “what skills you do like and dislike”? Maybe it’s the language, but I really don’t think it is, plus it’s entirely his opinion which makes it as un-objective as it’s possible to me.

That statement sounds very much, that he thinks it’s objectively bad.

The highlighted word is the key one in that sentence. You read a negative comment about a skill that you like (Erasing Strike) & your fondness dialed his dislike of it up to 11.

Which is your opinion, it’s allowed to differ from his.

Just chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill! The devs won’t make massive alterations to stuff just on the word of one person (not even me!)

I forgot one skill… Werebear form. It’s a skill that really looks cool and seems to have great possibilities, but I find it very boring. I always ended up permanently swiping all around and doing nothing else. Walk, swipe, walk, swipe, swipe, and so on. Super cool skill, but as boring as it can be. In my opinion of course.


It’s funny you mention that because I considered playing one of these until I looked at the active skills. The transformation looks fun, but the active skills looked pretty generic.

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Too much investment for minimal return. Based on other selectable skills. Now if the orb did a single AOE pulse then did it is actions all at once it would be alright. It was the staff that made me look at the skill in the first place. Tried it did not like it.

I am playing this werebear EQ build. Only Charge is even used because it procs EQ and because it costs no mana (meaning permanent werebear form). I take the others off the skill bar after transforming to avoid accidentally spending mana. I only exit werebear or hardcast EQ to fight certain bugged bosses, and that probably says a lot about both skills.

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