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One thing this game is lacking

I see identification as unnecessary addition to the slog. If there is lack of anticipation, it it because there isn’t much powerful gear yet.

Ok, I am not a master of expression and english is not my first language so, Paraphrasing: bad things make you perceive/appreciate good things better. That statement is directed towards the zaodon’s statement of eliminating all tedium anyway rather than specifically about identification. At certain point in mid-end game, loot filters would have hidden majority of the bad loots. It minimizes the illusion of control and near-misses. Identify is trying to add back a bit of illusion of control. I think most people consider having to identify as “bad” given the backlash I have in suggesting to all-identify just <5% of total drops with 2 clicks via NPC.

Also, I personally do not see the effort to farm/kill enemies as “bad”. It is an enjoyable gameplay aspect and would put that experience as “good”.

Laugh at it if you will. Relative satisfaction is a common theme in many literatures, past and present.

Ofcourse, I am not gonna link a paper that no one is gonna read past the first two pages. Research in depth on a niche like ARPG loot is very, very few, if a credible one even exists, but lootboxes has been garnering a lot of attentions lately.

Every entertainment in the world have this elements of “attraction”. I am suggesting EHG to keep an open mind and eye on other games/genre (if they have not done so) and perhaps be inspired by some of the elements (which in moderation is not a bad thing). Let’s face it, while the core idea of LE is solid, it does feel like it does not pay attention/priority (yet?) to player engagement/experience. Example: Hitting sound, enemy death animation, loot sound, gold sound, less vibrant color of loot drop and small font, vague highlight of rarity in inventory, item editor ui in crafting and so on. All these are element of “attraction” that ftp gacha games (and PoE) are very good at. Is clicking through cards for reveal ala hearthstone part of the “attraction”? I do think so, others don’t. EHG will be the judge, hopefully with a qualified advisor.

Also, tbh, some posters has good points that I am not well-equipped to answer such as what if you know the mechanicism behind it. Will it still generate anticipation? I myself am oldschool and not against that minor frustration and would answer yes, but it is anecdotal and might not apply to majority.

What is your definition of powerful gear? In Diablo, +x to skillwith resist is considered powerful, % cast speed is desirable. In LE, +x skills with +%dmg hybrid in 1 affix drops seems to be considered as boring. Before you say Diablo mechanics are antiquated and obselete, D2R recently have server issue because of concurrent traffic in the hundred thousands to million. Not bad for remaster of 20 years old game in the midst of all of Blizzard’s failings

One more thing, since I originally gave a bad example due to bad memory on Headhunter, a better example in PoE is Watcher’s eye. A unique with random powerful affixes.

Another use case of un-id’d uniques are also it sells better than low rolled uniques when trade are implemented. Id-ing is quite significant decision making if the unique has huge roll variation (omnis amm says hi)

There won’t be trade in LE so that’s not an issue.

Please don’t derail thread to argument about whether bazaar is trade or not.


I’ll just leave this here…

Specifically this bit:

I am glad I dont have to identify items, its useless, tedious and costs a lot of time to see if you got something good or garbage. I hated it in POE cause you always have to carry and get new ID scrolls. Right now the system in LE is good as it is. My opinion.

No, the thing is it’s pointless to debate around your topic, you’re mixing up personnal tastes with universal facts, and you’re wrong on several things, the first of them being POE’s loot system which lets you know by simply hovering over the uniques what they are without needing scrolls of wisdoms, and you seem to ignore that, while still saying this is an example of what LE could aim at. Almost the same system on LE, but here we just don’t need the useless scroll’s step to know we’ve droped a chase item.

Only interesting thing to add in LE for me would be a special sound for chase unique, something we could define with settings, why not a custom sound, but that’s about it imo, people love QoL, scrolls and systems lie these will never be, Diablo 2 belongs to a 20yo past.

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Perhaps you need to take a second read of the thread rather than kneejerking and disparaging people’s opinion. I have repeatedly mentioned in many of my replies that I could very well be wrong and if EHG is interested, to consult with a qualified personnel. My position has always been this is my opinion based on what I had learnt many years ago and not an universal facts. Go and read what is my first sentence in my opening thread. If anything, there are more posters here that thinks their negative feelings on a mechanic = universal facts, being dimissal and not providing shreds of constructive rebuttals, yours included. Do you see me attacking and demeaning any of them, like your comment?

PoE Unique-wise, I have not been afraid to mentioned previously in at least 2 replies that I am wrong in recalling, provided another relevant example like watchers eye. Perhaps you missed it due to closing your eye with bias. No need for your hostile discredit attempt. Also, what is stopping devs to have base item visual before identified and only after identify, the unique model shows? I suggested the devs to take inspiration, not copy-paste.

Gee… this forum community is great at first impression but it starts to grate on me with how unreceptive most are to diverging opinions. So many all or nothing mindset and bad faith arguments.

Why would EHG be interested in this topic, let’s be honest here. Identifying items is not fun, nor was it ever. It’s why they never reintroduced it past Diablo 2. Not going to lie. Your opinion and lack of factual information tends to veer towards you just wanting another Diablo 2. And nothing about Diablo 2 is even considered “fun” anymore. Nor was it engaging towards gameplay, or even towards story. Plainly put, identifying items was a chore and is unnecessary. And how many times do you need to clarify you may be wrong? Or we shouldn’t get hostile? You literally attacked this forum board in your last comment, and for what? Maybe, just maybe, this isn’t what your looking for.

And who are you to say EHG would not be? If QOL is the end of all be all, we would have official autocast, autopickup every drops, auction house etc. There are pros and cons to each feature, and I am bringing up the pros. People are welcome to bring in the cons and participate in discussion constructively like thaelyn, vapourfire, jerle and others did. Personal feeling like disliking the feature are okay. But not disparaging and mudslinging.

And who throw the first punch? Or the second punch? Who keep twisting, misrepresenting my words as factual that I have to keep clarifying my position?

Again, I am not so stubborn on the identification part and unfortunately that is what people laser-focused on. It is to me good-to-have, not must-have. It is but one suggestion to my feeling that LE feels somewhat flat, still good but flat. Neither did it imply LE is a bad game, or not enjoyable to me, just possible to be made better. You are another proof to my last comment with this reply.

Now on your point that are worth discussing. Many games after D2 have identification feature, including D3. D2R have implemented new QOL like autogold pickup, but identification stays. Some games like TQ and GD remove it.

You have an interesting opinion, and I respect the thought that has gone into it.

Sadly, I completely disagree from my own personal perspective.

I play the game to kill as many things as possible, complete timelines, to raise corruption levels, and the optimise my blessings.
There is a lack of proper chase items in LE, as others have stated, otherwise I would be chasing more “super duper” items in my grind.

The one thing I really appreciate in LE is the Loot Filter. I overtune my filters to an insane degree, constantly upgrading them as my items improve per character.

I do this so that only items I actually want to craft or see pop up on my screen. The very last thing I want to have to do is spend more time messing around with identifying items. I only keep uniques active in my filter because of the 500G I get for selling them. That balances off my irritation at the amount of useless ones I stop to pick up.

Your suggestion would slow the game down and add a unappealing and boring element to it for me. I would reduce the amount of time that I could spend doing the main thing I want to be doing in a game like this - killing and completing.

So, I’m afraid I am at the opposite perspective on your suggestion. However, I do recognise that it’s an unusual and original idea that does deserve reading.

Thanks. Appreciate your reasonable rebuttal. Yes slowdown is a thing with identifying. My suggestion is thus to just identify uniques. Gameplay on rares, magic and crafting are hardly affected. To you, is that an acceptable compromise (if there is reasonable benefit to the feature)?

I notice this now from multiple replies in this thread. As a loot-based ARPG, a lot of people really, really like the Action part in LE due to less flow interruption with loot filters, identify on drop and other QoL. In comparison, PoE excels in the Loot and the RPG aspect of Loot ARPG. Hmm. Food for thoughts.

Well, as at the moment I already pick them up just to mainly sell, that would not impact my playing time too much. So, from my own perspective, that would be a fine compromise for the current times. However, if the selling value of junk uniques ever gets dropped drastically, then my opinion would have to change accordingly :smiley:

Or do the PoE way of vendor recipe. Like sell N number of unidentified base to get special item. Maybe a rune that let you re-roll uniques (implicit). ie:trading chances to roll a number of uniques to roll a specific uniques. Just a passing thoughts.

Also, I want to add since you mentioned previously it is my original idea, it is actually not. My reasoning on unidentified is not actually all that uncommon if you visit other ARPG forum/reddit. Not gonna claim credits for it.

I don´t think that POE excels in loot because it is easier as casual player to farm currencies and buy items than loot them.

Not really I personally much prefer the MI system of grim dawn or the crafting + exalteds system in LE in terms of the loot.

PoE has a large focus on the economy side which is not really an ARPG thing imo but very fun to traders and the like (some people just play it for the trade) and is basically another system in its own and the game is balanced around it (which some also don’t like). When do people care about the loot other than currency, few high tier uniques marked in your loot filter and maybe decent influenced bases ? There are a lot of mods in the pool but many of them are mostly useless (light radius, reflect, life gained on kill, etc) and the weightings ensure that you shouldn’t really craft unless you have a pretty high investment or/and trade crafts efficiently for profit.

I don’t see much point in delaying the gratification by adding identify. The way its setup currently you can farm certain timelines to focus on a certain type of unique, so I think the game may be going AWAY from the direction you are suggesting. I do think this is not a good move as the identify feature does not really do anything for PoE as well and people keep calling it useless there as well.

Are you suggesting an added benefit to the unique that you get on identifying? or that identifying itself is the benefit? I thought of the completion bonus on grim dawn relics if you meant added benefit (When you craft a relic in Grim dawn, it also has one random mod from a list of minor stats (+physique/+spirit/+1 to x skill, etc.)

The loot itself is exciting. The chance for them to drop is not. Too much reliance on pity system (ie: currency). That is my view anyway.

I like that system of unique target in mono too. Too bad it is so sparse for balance until very high corruption. Which is why I think LE need another way to generate anticipation as felt in the mono unique nodes. AWAY is good as long there are other WAYS.

No, there is another thread here that suggest making duplicate drops of uniques useful other than selling for 500 gold. Some want to be able to use duplicates to re-roll implicit.

The idea is similar to that, a set/multiples of unidentified uniques allow you to re-roll an identified uniques. I think it is a fairer approach as identify is akin to rolling a unique’s implicit. So, you are trading Nx chances of rolling to one chance of re-roll.

EDIT: sorry @GoldenExperience. I misread your last comment. That is more of a IF scenario where identify has any benefit so it’s both. Your GD example I think is like a unique that has random affixes like Watcher’s eye in PoE. I have also mentioned another benefit in trade where there are markets for non-id’ed items(this already happens in ARPG like D2 and PoE)

Kind of but not exactly, the unique will have its same mods, and always have one bonus mod from a list.
For eg: Mourningfrost boots have their regular mods and can always have +2-3 dex/vit/att/str/int as a bonus mod. Maybe you use something to id that and the dex is obviously the best option with vit being second best and the others being maybe useful only for specific builds but not necessary in any way just a small bonus.

I don’t think that LE’s trade(bazaar) is going to be like PoE or D2’s trade and Idk this doesn’t really feel like that much of a benefit to me. (just my opinion)

Let’s try to answer with facts and not emotion.

Facts are : you’re wrong with a lot of things, you need to play more carefully ARPGs before trying to debate about their core mechanics, it is simply useless to talk on a flawed basis. Doesn’t mean you don’t have to debate/take place in discussions, juste be careful before doing so, especially when opening a topic. :slight_smile:

Please take notice there isn’t any emotion and ad hominem in the current answers, so try to not derail your own topic yourself.