Offline MTX

As a mostly offline, single player only player I would really like to see MTX be made available to me. As an online only feature I will be avoiding them which is a shame as I have over 1k hours played and obviously really enjoy the game as a whole, but feel left out of this feature as a result.


There’s already been like 3 of these types of threads made for this topic.

Should probably stick to those other ones and vote on them if you support them, no need to spam new threads.

Personally I’m fine with or without MTX in offline, since adding it into offline would create some form of authentication requirement somewhere in the pipeline, thus making it less offline focused.

I understand their MTX cosmetics would require some form of DRM, so it’s probably best to leave it for online and not tamper with the true-offline nature of offline mode.

Could always work on a modding scene for offline mode to create your own cosmetics and skins? EHG has stated previously that a modding scene for offline is permitted and they won’t aid or hinder it’s growth.

I’m also not foolish enough to think they would add MTX into offline mode without any form of DRM, since that could harm their profit margin for online and people’s incentive to pay for official skins.


Didn’t see the others before posting, or I would have.
If the only reason for blocking MTX in offline is profit margin, it’s counterintuitive. Thinking some people may steal them so we must deny everyone the ability to purchase them and use them legitimately only pushes offline players to mod them, should modding be opened up. And it certainly has pushed me in the direction of not buying them at all.


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