Notice: Hardcore Character Issue


Please avoid playing Hardcore characters at the current time. We are investigating reports of Hardcore Character deaths impacting Standard character stashes.

Latest Update

Update 2024-03-19T17:22:00Z:

We have finished restoring all accounts which we were able to identify as having been affected by this issue, and were able to be restored from backups. Thank you all very much for your patience on this matter.

Previous Updates

Update 2024-03-15T18:38:00Z:

An update before we head into the weekend: We have processed and restored the significant majority of accounts which we were able to identify missing stash data on. We are currently investigating a few remaining outlier cases, and are looking to have these remainders restored early into the next week.

Thank you all for your patience, and have a great weekend Travelers!

Update 2024-03-11T17:22:00Z:

We have begun restoring stash data to affected accounts (tabs, faction progress, gold and shards). As this process requires you to be offline, we will be processing through the list of affected players skipping anyone who’s currently online, and coming back to them during a different timeslot. We will be locking out accounts as they’re being restored, so if you find yourself unable to log-in and were affected by this issue, please wait about 15 minutes and try again as we may have been restoring your account.

To re-confirm: This restoral merges back in missing data to accounts which had it available in the backups, and will not affect progress or items obtained since the issue occurred. Thank you very much for your patience as we worked through this resolution.

Update 2024-03-06T17:07:00Z:

We’re checking in on the recent Hardcore character issue with the latest information:
We have managed to successfully retrieve backups for most users from one hour before the patch was launched. With this, we have started are creating scripts to merge data for most affected characters, and testing updates to find edge cases such as situations which may result in 201 tabs after the merge.

One thing we want to note with the restoral process, is that while we’re merging the backup data to the account, we will need to temporarily lock the account so it doesn’t have any changes made to it while we’re restoring.

This shouldn’t result in being locked out of the account for long - we want to make this as quick and painless as we can. We also want to re-affirm that if you were affected by this bug, you can safely play either hardcore or standard, and your progress now will be preserved - we plan to merge in the backups for the affected users we retrieved; so all new progress is safe.

We’ll provide more information and timing windows on this as soon as the the process to merge data is ready to start.

Update 2024-03-01T19:37:00Z:

We are still working to identify the players impacted by yesterday’s hardcore character issue. Investigation into what solutions we may have for those players is ongoing, but we are able to confirm that any solution we may have will not impact any progress made since the bug. So affected players are able to play freely, knowing that any items they store now are safe and the root cause of the issue was addressed in yesterday’s hotfix.

Update 11:00pm CT

Hotfix is now live, which fixes cases of HC Character deaths resulting in Standard stash data being lost.

We will be carefully monitoring the situation going forward, but we are confident the issues with hardcore character deaths are resolved. At this time we are working to identify those affected and what options we’ll have.

  • If we find that we can restore data, and that is the path you’d like to take: We advise waiting to play using the affected stash until we have more information, as restoral, if possible, may require restoring to pre-patch state.
  • If you are not concerned about the lost data and would like to continue playing, please do. You may do so knowing that if your hardcore character dies, your standard stash will be safe.

Please restart your clients to download this update. If you do not see it in Steam right away, please re-start Steam to check for updates.

Update : 07:15pm CST

We are currently creating a build with the fix for this issue to release to Steam. We are aiming to have this patch out in the next few hours, and we are continuing to investigate the viability of data restoration.
We will provide another update once the patch has been deployed.

Update: 06:10pm CST

As of now, the status of this issue is unchanged. We are still working to resolve it ASAP and will continue to update you.
We will update you again in 60 minutes

Update 05:15 pm CST

We are continuing to test the potential fix for the issue, and are feeling good about the change. We are investigating the viability of restoring data for the small number of users already affected by this issue.

We will provide further updates within 60 minutes

Update 04:16 PM CST

We believe we have identified the cause of this issue are currently testing a potential fix. If the fix works well, we are hopeful to have a patch out later today.
Next update within 60 minutes

Update 03:13pm CST:

From investigation, the issue appears to be deaths of hardcore characters are resetting the Standard stash data (stash, gold, crafting materials, and faction information). This does appear to be affecting both online and offline game modes, however does not cross over between Legacy and Cycle. (Hardcore Character death on Cycle does not effect Legacy stashes).

We are continuing to investigate and are working on pushing out a fix for this ASAP. We will have further updates within another 60 minutes.


That’s how updates should be done! Thanks @EHG_Kain! :sunglasses:


Hello ! " We are investigating the viability of restoring data for the small number of users already affected by this issue. " Is there anything to do to “prove” that my character (offline HC no death) has lost my stash tabs and crafting materials ? I’m kind of new on this game and just wanted to know if thereis something to do, as i really don’t want to lost my items. Thanks for reply !

I just logged in and all my stash, gold, and shards have disappeared. I have never played a hardcore character.

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Really hope to see the items restored. I was sad to lose everything I grinded 38 hours for. Thanks for the communication though, thats alteast some relief that effort is going into this!

this patch broke my character, no one answer for me on forum

What do you mean no one answers? You’re literally in a thread with official announcements about the issue, and they’re updating it regularly and unambiguously.

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How can I talk… 100 hours?? to perhaps “viability of restoration”

я плохо разбираюсь в компьютерах мне сказали что экспорт данных успешно завершен, дали ссылку на зип файл, понятия не имею что нужно делать с этими файлами,мне ничего не обЪяснили

Really hoping there’s a way to restore data for offline characters. I was just trying to move some items over from my hardcore stash to my softcore by dying on a character, and now everything is gone, including CoF rep.

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Thought this was normal, had mine deleted when my HC died but just went with it…stash, inventory, and crafting was all gone. Equipped items is what remained. If i knew this was a bug i wouldn’t have stopped playing hardcore altogether. Told my friends there was no reason to continuing a HC death if all your work was deleted.

Yea, i just started playing so I “only” lost 4 hours but… ffs this makes me sad.

Otherwise same issue no gold no materials no stash

Happy to see devs are trying to restore data.

Maybe Windows System recovery can help with that if u lucky

This happend to me, is there a way of restoring my stuff, i played way to much to have it all go to “waste”.

Unfortunately, I don’t think so. I don’t have a backup point to restore anything to. I’m just going to restart with an online character I guess.

Well that sucks ngl but i guess a heads up though i lost my online stuff if u got there just don’t loose it again xD

Nice fast work :stuck_out_tongue: Now i need a fix for char sometimes not moving unless you use a skill or sometimes even a restart is needed, controller disconnect doesn’t really help. Its been like 80% of my deaths ngl. Ngl actually it would be really nice to get this one char back its just lvl 21 but this part is so exhausting i actually hate it and i again died bc of weird shenanigans and thats ughh

Glad to see a fix is up now. But the lost stash haven’t been recovered?
Is it safe now to play a new HC character? Can the lost Standard stash still be recovered if I start a new HC char now? (What if the HC char dies?)

I took the entire week off to support and play this game. I play HC Solo & SC w/ my friends only play SC. So 2/3’s of my time so far as been with them in SC.

I just lost a HC, ALL OF MY STASH in SC is gone, yes surprise that’s what this whole post is about but I’m just flabbergasted at the way this major major problem was handled and communicated.

Why was this handled this way?
Why was there no in game notification?
No Character Select notification?
The only place this bug and warning was placed was at the LOGIN screen, discord and forums.

Then, to put the message on the one screen that everyone sees for 2-3 seconds and then insta clicks “PLAY ONLINE” just makes no sense. On top of that it was just so small barely visible, a little marquee of text? On my 1440P monitor it was barely even visible.

Why was there no in game chat message upon login? Like a “message of the day”
Why was there no WARNING or news on character select screen?
Why was there no pop up or something to notify players? Just, nothing?

Now I’ve lost probably 80hrs of play. This is incredibly disappointing as someone that’s done nothing but praise this game and even got 7 of my friends to buy it. I’m just defeated and incredibly upset with how this was communicated.

At this point I’m not even as mad about losing everything. I just hope this is a learning moment and realize such a major issue needs to have FAR FAR better communication in game if server level actions aren’t going to be take to prevent the issues


This update - has not resolved the issue. Tabs are sitll getting deleted and it is not just tied to HC characters dying.

In fact my stash tabs just got deleted on a none HC -offline char.

no deaths required, your stash just get wiped…

  • 09:00AM GMT+2) 1st March 2024