New to LE - knowing more about this game

Greetings everyone.
So yesterday after doing some research and reading through these forums i decided to buy LE, i’m enjoying the game so far, it hasn’t convinced me yet but i will give the game fair time and hours into it plus it’s not a finished game yet.
I think much of this hesitation is due to think that PoE despite being a good game it’s not for me, it feels like a permanent race, as fast as you can before the end of the season or before the next expansion comes out, or let downs such as Wolcen (that i bought as well) and the game feels that it was so much dead before it actually saw the sunrise, and i expected much more from D3 as well, so maybe this is why i’m still on the fence about LE.

I was wondering if you guys recommend a good website or reliable youtube content creator for good builds?

I am wondering since this game has started development, how’s the dev team do they communicate regularly with the community? What’s the time frame between patches? How many acts will LE have and have the devs mentioned about keeping expanding the story/acts, introduce (maybe) a trade or marketplace in their website where we could buy and sell items with other players and maybe a marketplace in game?

A game like an ARPG feels like it’s never ending or that before content stops coming it will take a few DLC or expansions, do LE devs have long term plans for LE even beyond early access?
I tried to look around but i’m kinda a noob in these parts :slight_smile: , is there a specific place here in the forums where i can check what are the devs plans for the game?

Thank you for reading this.
Stay safe.


This is a good compilation. But you can just go to the class forums to see various builds being shared there.

Join the discord. Devs are active on a daily basis.

Usually 2 months. They have mostly delivered consistently on this since alpha in Aug 2018. So they have a good track record.

9 chapters are planned. Devs plan to keep expanding on the game post release.

Yes. It’s called the bazaar. But specific details not released yet.

Yes. As above. I won’t have supported them with 5 figures if they had simply planned for a once off release :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. Here:


You will find many good builds here and on Discord. Most of them will be with a written Planner and a link to a video.
And welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the board, enjoy your stay.

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Yes, devs are very close to the community, regularly interacting with the on all the different platforms.

Pretty exactly 2 months (+/- 1 week)

We currently have 8 chapters and there is a 9th planned already.
We don’t know yet if they will expand the story further after that.
Depending on your speed an experience the story gives you roughly 5-8 hours of content.

We don’t know anything about the economy yet, there will be somethign similar to a auction house, which they call Bazaar. we don’t have any details.
But since LE just received a new Website and they are already working on some API on their website, i am pretty sure that there wil be some interaction between website and in-game, not sure if it will be trading though.

We currently have a kinda “roadmap” for the EA phase

After launch we will get “cycles” (their version of leagues/seasons), but we don’t have any informations on that.

First off: you will not need builds in this game.
LE is very approachable and not very daunting.
The progression curve is the best of any aRPG i played and you will literally make every build work, if you put some thought into it.

I would highly advice you to just start the game on your own terms and experiment.
This is easily doable in LE and if you have any issues learning and figuring them out yourself, will teach you the game way better.

However, if you really want a guide i can highly recommend Wasted’s Lightning Blast Mage
This is not only a very beginenr friendly guide, but also has tons of usefull general tips in it, if you take your time and read through it all.

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Hello :slight_smile: and thank you so much for your insight.
If you had to compare LE to any ARPG with which one(s) you would compare it or is it it’s own game?
I noticed that they have a few supporter packs, do those bring skins/cosmetics for the character?

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Thank you.
One thing i just noticed, so i bought the game on steam and it says this " Buying Last Epoch through Steam gets you the Ancient Gladiator Supporter Pack:" but i don’t know how to access this supporter pack.

I’ll be honest and admit that the range of ARPGs I’ve played is narrow. So I might not have a best assessment on this. Also, LE is a game in development and a lot of their features including multiplayer and endgame systems are not fully fleshed out yet so it’s difficult to say which game it’s closest too.

I’ll say for now, the character building seems closest to D2 and the plans for long term support for the game is closest to POE. I’m very hopeful for LE’s future :smiley:

You can check out the support packs available from the store in this website. But currently, most of the mtx that comes with the pack are cosmetic pets. You do get points to spend in the mtx store and the store will presumably have skins and cosmetics for your characters. But it will be quite a wait - devs have indicated that mtx store is not likely to be implemented until release (or at least very close to it).


Can you clarify me on something because i can’t find it anywhere…so i bought the game on steam and it says at the store Buying Last Epoch through Steam gets you the Ancient Gladiator Supporter Pack: but i can’t figure out how to get the Ancient Gladiator title to display next to my avatar here in the forums or the rewards i got in game.

Try this? You should automatically have ardent gladiator once you buy on steam and linked your steam account to this site.

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Thank you so much for your help Jerle i already sent a ticket about the issue :slight_smile: .
Previously you stated that the devs will keep expanding the game, other people in this same thread said that we don’t know about that, if may ask how can you tell that the devs will keep expanding the game?

I wish I could point you to the exact exchanges I’ve had with the devs (some of which probably can still be searched in the public discord). But I can’t.

All I can assure you is that in my interactions with the devs, they are all very clear that last epoch is a game they want to continue working on for years. Much like how GGG has been focused on iterating on POE.

You should feel free to join their discord and ask the devs themselves about this :slight_smile: they may not be able to tell you specific plans (because they won’t be able to promise what features will be in the game post launch). But I’m sure they will express what I’ve indicated here which is that Last Epoch is something they want to keep developing.

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Comparing LE is a bit harder. From the difficulty and the complexety it’s between D3 and PoE. The skilltree and gear interactions are pretty nice and on par with PoE from my point of view. Respeccing is easier then PoE you just need to sped money but you can’t respecc your masteries.
The classes are a bit stiff and boring since the rogue was implemented because with the rogue EHG realy showed what they are capable of. The pet AI is a bit silly atm but changes are incoming so the minion AI might be equaly good or bad like other games.
LE makes some things different and others are good copys of good working game mechanics from other games. It’s hard to find something to realy compare it to 1:1.

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It’s mostly something we’ll get when the game is officially delivered, I guess

If you say it experienced form the past exchanges with them i believe you and it reassures me :slight_smile:
Sorry for all the questions and if i keep asking stuff but i’m really enjoying the game and the feedback that i’m getting.

I have seen a few websites that display pieces of gear and weapons, i noticed that there are green items, and even orange ones…for example rogues seem to only have 1 orange/unique dagger, will they add more? How many tiers (colors) are there for gear and weapons ?

Hello Macknum and thank you for the feedback.
So i guess that the rogue class is really good and feels good in terms of mechanics and gameplay?
Well if for you it’s hard to compare it to other games that’s a good thing, maybe i will get that feel as i keep playing, i would love for LE to stand as it’s own thing.


Just to confirm: we’ve every intention of still being here a decade from now. :slightly_smiling_face:


Last Epoch currently has the following item rarities;

  • Normal. White in colour. No fixed or random affixes.
  • Magic. Blue in colour. Between 1 - 2 random affixes.
    • All affixes will be between tiers 1 & 5.
    • Not every affix can appear on every item; e.g. some are only available on weapons.
  • Rare. Yellow in colour. Between 3 - 4 random affixes.
    • All affixes will be between tiers 1 & 5.
    • Not every affix can appear on every item; e.g. some are only available on weapons.
  • Exalted. Purple in colour. Between 1-4 random affixes.
    • At least one affix will be tier 6 or tier 7.
      • Other affixes on the item will behave the way they would on rare items.
    • Not every affix can appear on every item; e.g. some are only available on weapons.
  • Unique. Orange in colour. Multiple fixed affixes.
    • Not all affixes on these items are available elsewhere.
    • These items ignore regular affix tiers; their modifiers have their own ranges.
  • Set. Green in colour. Multiple fixed affixes.
    • Not all affixes on these items are available elsewhere.
    • These items ignore regular affix tiers; their modifiers have their own ranges.
    • You gain bonuses for equipping multiple items from the same set.
      • These are shown on the tooltip of each item from the set.
        • The tooltips also differentiate between active & inactive bonuses.

The Legendary rarity is also planned, and we’ll be sharing details closer to its implementation.

Most of our content patches include new unique items, as well as improvements to items of other rarities. We also introduce new item sets occasionally, albiet less frequently.


Could you share a little bit more on Legendary items, just tell us which color it would be?

I honestly don’t know!

I think that, pre-Exalted items, the plan (or at least assumption) had been purple.


I’m going all in: Red :smiley: