New to LE - knowing more about this game

Thank you so much for the welcome Sarno :slight_smile: , i’m happy to be here and excited to see where we will go in the future.

By the way i’m really sorry to have pinged you on discord.
About the missing badge issue is there an ETA as to when the custom service team usually responds to tickets?

Thank you in advance.

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No worries!

The regular waiting time varies depending on the issue; I’d expect under 24 hours for that one. Such tickets are usually tackled quite promptly, but we don’t presently have staff answering tickets 24 hours a day, so the time of submission is also currently a factor.

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Can we have rainbow for legendaries please. Ideally animated as a wave going through the item name.


It was that or eye-burningly-pink.

In terms of comparing in to other aRPGs, it draws from a pretty wide variety of sources. I’m also new to the game, so I haven’t finished the story yet and can’t speak to the endgame or to class/skill balances.

The general feel of the game I guess reminds me most of Grim Dawn? The way combat feels in particular. The telegraphing is better than I’ve seen in any aRPG, that makes me think of FFXIV. The enforced simplicity of the skillbar and the quality of the writing feel like D3; the writing at least I hope gets improved later. The limit of only 5 skills feels frustrating to me as someone who used a lot of utility skills in Grim Dawn/PoE, but I might be able to get used to that over time.

Character building is an interesting hybrid of D2/3 and PoE. It’s not as flexible as Grim Dawn or PoE, but it still provides adequate room to enable a wide range of builds, unlike Diablo. (If you’re coming from PoE, it’s basically like you have skill trees instead of support gems on skills, plus a D2/3 style class point thing.) I’m looking forward to see how many silly things I can put together once I’m more familiar with the game, since that was one aspect of PoE that I most enjoy.

The crafting system really is unique, I think, and it’s one of the best features of the game. It’s a nice hybrid of determinism and risk.


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