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Music Showcase - Heoborea

Hey Travelers,

This week we are talking more about music from the zone Heoborea. As a non-combat zone, composing music presents unique challenges. Our composer Wesley shares some details about the process.

Heoborea Music

Heoborea is a non-combat zone in the northern lands, the lands of the patron god Heorot. Musically one of the biggest factors that needed to come across was that since this is a zone without combat, the player needs to feel like they can take a breath and rest from the conquest for a bit.

Heoborea is also an interesting place with a unique culture, and finding this musically was really interesting and fun. As a partial description our Last Epoch lore and story creator Kyle had written the following about the zone: “The city is more developed than the other purely nomadic tribes of the north, but it retains that nomadic heritage, nothing is very developed, buildings are built with the idea that if need be, the skins forming the walls can be taken down, loaded up and moved.”

To capture this hybrid aspect of “nomadic heritage” I used simpler instruments that sounded both primal but also capable of being taken with them. Woodwinds, small harps, and some mallet based instruments really helped to define the relaxing instrumentation while also giving the area a unique palette from other areas (such as the deserts of the south). The melodies are playful and happy, but still relatively simple and unsophisticated. I hope that they achieve their goal of helping the player feel relaxed and welcomed into this wonderful culture within the Last Epoch lore.

We hope you are enjoying our music showcases. You can always find more music from Last Epoch in our Youtube Playlist.


Great Stuff, keep the music comin’

I love music, and the whole thinking that led to how music was designed!

I still hope for more action packed music in the combat zones. I find the music too relaxing in general for an ARPG.

I do enjoy the music! Super nice to have the whole playlist now while streaming! Keep em coming wesley!

I hope we get some intense Metal Sound Track for some of the potential future Epic Endgame Bosses :metal:


You know you could do that yourself by just screaming constantly while you play & have a pair of cats fight in a metal dustbin.

nice music

This music does have a dreamy, ethereal feel to it. :smiley:

The more I listen to this music and all the others in the game, the more I think of all the players who always listen to their own playlist and never to the ingame music. I can understand them, but it also makes me a bit sad.

sounds great :slight_smile: I especially love first track in chapter 1, it’s so immersive and inviting for a journey, I hope there will be more of it :slight_smile:

Have not played for a week. Maybe thats the reason it sounds the same for me.
Still good tho as it really catches the ambience there.

But in general there are lots of zones that need improvements. They often are either too loud and/or pompous. Would be nicer if they are more decent but still recognizable.

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