Multiplayer when?

It’s not what I have said. No data is going on server.

The processus is :

  • New char is create
  • New char is saved in CLOUD / on EHG server
    → We play it
    → EHG Release MP
    → They use those files saved on their server, without any kind of access from user and transfert them into Last Epoch MP version.

Advantage :

1- You can invest in a long term char that you will use in MP (outside Season)
2- No files are changed from user cause saved on EHG servers side
3- Profit

What you want is a stand-alone copy that gets converted again, why do you think you deserve a head start verse those that will only purchase once MP comes out, because you do not want to lose a character? You still refused to answer that part of the question.

You’ve forgotten the bit where you need there to be EHG servers to play the character online since they won’t allow you to download the save file, play with it on your machine then upload it again as they can’t guarantee the security of the file & that you’ve not modified it.

So you’re effectively asking to be able to play MP characters before MP has been made available.

I din’t understand it in fact, if you win nothing cause there is no rewards, no tablescore or whatever to be 100, you don’t deserve it or not, there is no economy, no sales, no pvp, no transfert. So basically, i don’t get it why people should or not deserve something.

you create the NEW char on THERE server, directly not upload from your PC or from somewhere, you create it directly on the server

Yes, I know/understand that, but unless you can use EHG’s servers to play the character (ie, the MP servers) then you’d have to be able to download it onto your machine to be able to play it then upload it again.

Currently, when you play LE, your machine is acting as the server in order to do all of the stuff (mob AI, drops, etc). When MP is released, that will all be happening on EHG’s servers rather than your own machine.

Since you say you want the character file to stay on EHG’s server, unless they have the server code running to do all of the gameplay/AI/drops/etc, you wouldn’t be able to play that character. This is why I’m saying that you want everything required for MP to be released/available before MP is released.

That’s the neat part of it !
I didn’t know that the server side works was on our computer.
And me, as dumb as I’m through that they will have a delay of few weeks. It will take ages to do everything :open_mouth:

Ah. The CTs are currently testing multiplayer (& have since early September).

And then you take out this to make yourself to look like what? Innocent? Don´t even try to say it. You are not. You said what you said. I was not the one who came in here and started banging the tables, and threw shouting lips. That was you, and with the things you said, you managed doing it towards each and every one of us. Not only against me. Yes, towards ALL of us who have spent money on this Project that we all knew that will take time through many years.
And I am certainly not your bro. Far from it.
I know the Devs here are actually working with this project and they have time and again and again actually showed us all, over and over again. I know for a fact that I one day will be playing a proper and polished project from these Devs one day. You are the one who should go outside and take a deep breath and Chill. I certainly have little and nothing left for people like you who are just bashing in the doors here and start shouting like you do.

Right because of poor communication and assumptions, doesnt take long to write an update here and there, people assume things, heres one:

But one thing we do know is if you have perhaps 50 employees and you should be working 8 hours a day you collectively spend 400 hours a week developing a game and the only updates we see are your team playing MP together months ago

Ive been waiting on the new classes for too long, last update was basically ‘we havent even started on them yet lol’ when most people assumed they were almost ready

At the end of the day peoples patience wear thin

Concerning the 3 remaining masteries, it was revealed during the September 14th Multiplayer Dev Q&A with Zizaran stream that they’d all be released with 1.0.

Then during the October 21, 2022 Dev Stream Mike mentioned that the Runemaster & Warlock were still in early development, specifically stating they were in the design/concepting phase. It’s probably not a stretch to assume that the Falconer is in the same stage of development.


My comment about “You don’t know what you don’t know” was not related to the community. It’s a common expression that means, “You can’t know to watch out for things that you don’t know are coming”.

In this case, I was referring to EHG and the development of Last Epoch. We are expecting to run into roadblocks that we didn’t know about because we haven’t previously experienced them.


According to their Twitter it launches March 9th, 2023. With some events before that.

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Good thing we now have an official date. And if everything now goes according to plan we will surely be seeing it that specific date. So I hope that not a bunch of people takes off their raging seats if it should happen that the release get´s postponed further. Nothing is released until it is released.

Of course we won’t ! We will stay sit, find an other excuse. Simp them as much as we can. That’s what we do no ? Should have it in 2021, now it’s only 2023, with a little bit help, we will have it in 2024

Would you please send more money pls ?

Any particular reason why you just deleted your old post & reposted it? There’s an edit button if you need to change it.

Yes. I missed the quote so I delete it make the quote and recreate copy+paste easier on phone.

Any other question cops ? :slight_smile:

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It’s not that we have a subscription model. If you bought LE already in EA, you don’t need to spend any more money.

Also EHG is not asking for further funding.

All you have to do is wait. Creating grumpy posts won’t change that.

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When it comes to certain people they just don´t know that games takes, as with everything else, time to produce and make. They don´t take the fact that things can suddenly pop up and unfortunate events may, can and will happen underways. Unfortunately some people do not think about this and when Devs plans and predict dates to be finished, some people take this as already written in stone, and if it does not release then these people is usually barging in and start slamming the doors. It is just how some people are. I expect some of these people will take off if this Online feature for Last Epoch should for some reason be further postponed for some unforeseen thing happening, and start running their mouths again. Many of these people are also those who does not even tried the game themselves and watch on some occasions only Videos of it on YT etc… And if they bother to even play it, they usually wait till release and MOST likely buy it when it is on SALE very cheap. These people are also known as other things, as most people already know.