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Multiplayer when?

Hello people
As a player of last epoch first of all I would like to say that the game is on the right track and I am eager to see the new masteries and the new master of time. But… can you tell me when we will be able to enjoy some content? I say this because we have been since March with absolutely nothing, or when will the multiplayer? Greetings


When it’s done, thanks for doing a quick search for a multiplayer FAQ.

Multiplayer is difficult.

Honestly that post that you have put as a response, is from July we are to November, but thanks.


Yup, that’s all we’ve had thus far, though you appear to have overlooked the last item which is from September, still not great, true, but better than July.

Plus there’s this:


Every time this question is brought up during the dev streams, Kain provides this answer:

We don’t yet have a date we’re ready to share. We want to make sure we’re confident we can hit a date before we state it. Once we have a date ready, we’ll have it posted everywhere to give everyone a head’s up - as well as the normal patch leadup posts.

Mike provides a slightly more detailed, but similar answer, in the dev stream below – with the question starting at 11:38 and the answer ending at 13:20 of the video.

Also, in the most recent dev stream on November 4th, this was asked and I’ve transcribed Mike’s response:

But the shortest (and my favourite) answer to this question is “when it’s ready!” :grin:


Hi, I wasn’t expecting so many answers, thanks to all those involved for answering. I think it’s good that when the multiplayer is ready they release it… it’s better slowly but with good lyrics… but there is no possibility of releasing other content while ? in plan: masters and we are trying new builds? I don’t know something… it doesn’t have to be the multiplayer. Even so, my congratulations for the game again… I’m addicted daily hehe

They are not releasing an “in-between” patch because that takes significant time and resources so doing it would delay multiplayer even more.

Remaining masteries (Warlock, Runemaster, Falconer) are confirmed to come with 1.0.


It’s a real shame that multiplayer development took too long and is now killing all the content drops for this game. I was really hoping this game would be the game that kept us all entertained while we waited for Diablo IV and Path of Exile 2, but damn never thought Diablo IV was going to beat out Last Epoch to multiplayer.

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Maybe, maybe not. shrugs

Doing MP is, like, difficult. Especially when you’re a small team, which neither GGG nor Blizz are.

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I’m just as shocked as you that the devs were more concerned about creating a quality, lasting game, than they were about being a ‘filler’, until your next, anticipated titled released.


The Multiplayer part is quite simply ready when it is ready.
What kind of Answer are you truly looking for?
You can have a MP which is done and “ready” in just a few weeks, which comes with TONS of hiccups and quirks, or you can actually have a MP which is truly ready and actually works, in every way as it is truly supposed to BE working.
Which one do you prefer?


And missing stuff that SP has but hasn’t been converted over yet…

Diablo 4 may not check all boxes as a mainstay game. I sincerely believe LE can claim a chunk of D3’s player base by reconstructing a game mode similar to Greater Rifts as an alternative to the Arena.

If April 2023 is the D4 release, and LE 1.0 won’t launch beforehand – knowing their season starts in July, it may be wise to aim for August/Sep 2023.

Given that LE is in early access/beta, what does “launch” even look like? Feature complete?

It’s when the number changes to 1.0? I mean, given today’s early access landscape, “launch” has kind of lost its luster.

But that’s entirely arbitrary, they could do that now even with a load of stuff still “missing”.

Exactly, it feels more like a marketing/pr thing to get people aware/interested more than anything real or tangible.

That was what I was getting at. I mean, really, they could call the current iteration 1.0, have a nice “launch” party and go about everything else.

I would have preferred they focus on the additional content, classes and performance/balance tuning, instead of spending this time on MP. However, the large push for, and the number of people laying it out as a hill they were willing to die on, obviously forced their hands there.

To those of us who have been EA supporters, launch will be nothing different than a content patch.

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Early access is not the norm, & many people will not buy an early-access game.
The launch is important, & for that reason, a good launch is critical.

However, you can be “too careful” or too obsessed to create the “perfect” product that the best window has passed you by.

IMO, the game should launch once MP is tested & ok. before D4 release, filing the arpg vaccumm before D4 Hits. Thats LE best chance of sucess IMO. If people don’t like D4, there is still POE 2 which is expected 2nd half of 2023.

Is there a compelling reason why someone will pick LE over D4 and PoE2? Or LE intend to be the bridesmaid, & hope D4 or POE2 players got bored with their season, & pick up LE to play? What is the strategy?

Sure D4 will get a lot of hype and milions will buy it, even D2 resurected was played by 500k players this ladder season. But what I heard about D4 looks really bad fun for 14 days max, plenty of beta testers are bored from testing end game allready and stopped playing.

My point is lets give Last epoch chance and time to get good, at the end might be better then D4 from current D4 real feedback I red about.