Melee skills and right click functionality

In many other arpgs binding a melee skill to your right click results in a different function compared to Last Epoch. In LE if you right click on an enemy your character closes the distance and attacks with said skill. Fine. However, if you miss said enemy by a pixel, or just click on open ground your character stands still and uses that melee skill in the direction of the cursor. Which is where it differs from other games (D2, D3 and I can’t remember Torchlight or Titan Quest, never played POE), where clicking on open ground (and/or holding it in) would work much like left click with the added bonus of using said skill if you ‘ran’ into an enemy along the way, even continue moving afterwards. The benefits are far less clicking, less erroneous clicks and a overall improved experience (imo).

So my question is, why does right click function the way it does in LE? What are the benefits to it? I can’t see a time I’d ever want to stand in one place and attack without a target. Nor would I want to have to click on nearly every single enemy to move through a level. As it is currently, it puts me off playing melee characters.

I could probably start this thread in the feedback section but I’d also like to see some discussion on the merits of both sides so I think I’ll put it here.

Fantastic game btw, this is literally the only negative for me.

Agree with you, unfortunately i had to stop playing my melee chars because of this (not that big a problem for me as theres more than enough content for me to play casters/minion full time heh).
I made a thread about it a while ago : Melee Clicking

Yeah, your post was one of the first ones I saw. Since it’s closed and there seems to be a growing community I figured I would try to get it some exposure. I also think I’m just going to focus on ranged builds for now.

With all my primalists this isn’t working in 80% of the cases untill I skill as much AoE into the skill as possible. If this worked 100% I’ll be happy but so far it isn’t.

On the topic… you need to do something different here then in other ARPGs and that’s a problem for you? I’m almost happy with it.

Welcome to the board have a good time and keep the feedback comin :).

Well, it certainly isn’t just because it’s different, it’s… worse, in my opinion.

When would I ever want to use a melee skill if I am not in melee range of an enemy? If I click on open ground 1 pixel away from an enemy or right in front of my character, having it follow the cursor to then attack anything in the way (with said skill) seems much more intuitive and makes combat feel more fluid.
Having the character flail at thin air in an empty battlefield doesn’t add anything to the combat. To me, it makes controlling a melee character clunky.

If it’s a specific design decision, what does it ‘bring’ to the table? Are we trying to be like starcraft or these hero type games where it’s an apm fest? Maybe I’m just missing the point.

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You might think it’s worse and I get where you’re coming from. From my point of view I have no problems with using the left mouse button to move. In Le i Like it even more this way because the toon almost never get’s in range or where I want it to end up. While using leftclick to move I end up where I want to and I’m fine with it.

I agree that it is weird to right click and attack in place instead to move to mob and start attacking. With so many happening in screen sometimes it is difficult to understand if i am attacking a mob or just swing my weapon (melee Beast Master here) and losing all the buffs i can give to my minions. A “no target” option would be great. Or move with right click until you engage a mob and start attacking it.

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