Melee Clicking

Maybe its just me being lazy, having old wrists or simply just getting too slow, but having to click on every monster really gets annoying/hurting wrist when farming for hours with my melee chars.
Werebear is my favourite class, but i always end up playing my casters or minion builds as i dont have to click the monsters with those.
I know it is like that in many Arpgs, but the good old D2 and a few others had the greatest option to be able to combine the right mouse button so that it both could move your char and auto attack mobs when you got near them, which made me able to play a frenzy barb for hours on end.

Maybe the option is in this game too and i just missed it?


My hands/wrists get tired from right clicking so I either put my mobility skill or an autocast on my right click (also have it bound to num pad 5) and use Q for my main attack. I literally hold down Q and just move my mouse cursor, no clicks required.

Edit: you can change your left click to “move and attack” and it will attack with your right click ability. I dont know if that’s what you were looking for or not.

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They still need to do a bit of tweaking with that. If you hold down your RMB with a melee skill, kill the first mob, then (while still holding RMB) move over to a mob that’s outside of melee range, your character won’t move to attack it.

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Remember Diablo 1? You had to click a monster every time you made an attack… no holding a mouse button down. That game was as unergonomic as they come. This problem has gotten worse (and will continue to be) as games get more complex, and in order to ‘get to endgame’ you need vast amount of time spent playing. Click to attack, click to move, click 8x more for all your skills, click 5 times to drink your potions, click to pick up one piece of loot, click to pick up another, repeat… Then they complain about “passive playstyles” and try to discourage them. It all depends how long (years I mean) you’ve been playing such games, and when you tire of the clickfest. Younger players will complain about you complaining and ask for more skill slots and more buttons to press per second, old ones, like me, will want to play a summoner and only stoop down to pick up better loot occasionally :wink: That’s how it goes, I don’t think it can be ‘fixed’, given how large the gap is between new player’s willingness to invest time and physical effort, and more experienced / older player’s who got tired of it after doing it for 3000 hours over 15 years…
Make it easier for some, and it’ll be called an exploit, try to automate tedious repetitious task, and you get banned for ‘sinning against the EULA and the designer’s intent’. As long as there is just one ladder, everyone has to be measured by the same standard, no matter what your (legitimate) reason might be.

As a suggestion: I’ve not used a mouse in an ARPG for years, been playing using a drawing tablet: touch the pen down to the surface registers as a (left) click, the other actions I do with keyboard presses. Use a keyboard which requires less effort to press a button (MX red mechanical keyboard for example) to lighten the strain - that’s my advice.


That’s so cool. Have you been playing Epoch with a drawing tablet? Does it work well? I have never considered playing with a drawing tablet.

@DNCYPNTZ : Thanks, but it was more like Llama8 said, where you can hold down RMB 100% of the time and it would attack when mobs are near, and when theyre down it would make you run and attack the next mobs without releasing the button. It had its disadvantages tho in tougher battles, but once you had a high geared char that wanted to go in lesser hard areas to farm it was a blessing.

@LastBrat : Ye i sure remember D1, but i was playing that on a PS1 back then, so didnt really felt the hurt in the wrist there hehe. Ive played practically every arpg made since then and youre right theres becoming a big gap of what old school gamers like us wanted and what never younger players want, so i guess im gonna stick to the lazy summoner style, but it would still be great with this auto engage option for farmig low level monos with melee char for gold/items, as it would be hard to use in deep arenas/monos as you dont alway hit the right mobs with this. My Lightning Blast mage gives me this easy feel as i dont have to click the mobs but just shoot in the near direction, and thats just what i kinda want for the melee chars too.

Hmm drawing tablet, never thought of that, but that just might be something i could get use to, cheers ill sure have a look into it :wink:

Works like a charm: I got a custom mapping of a smallish area for the game (I’m using an A4 intuos, but if you have an intuos S/A6 - ish tablet you won’t need that), and since the pen acts as a mouse cursor in windows, you’re good to go. The pen tip is LMB, the side button I sometimes use, though prefer not to.
I’ve also tried it on a screen tablet (surface pro), but that’s not fun: your hands covers too much of the screen.
One warning though: since I’ve played a lot, I noticed that in ARPGs your cursor stays most of the time within a very small circle around the center (where your toon is). and if you do not remap the screen - tablet coordinates, you may wear out the surface (my tablet developed a ‘bald spot’ in the center, and I had to replace it :slight_smile: This is never an issue with drawing, as you move your pen much more than in games, but I did manage to wear out one of the tablet buttons (I’ve estimated I’ve clicked it over a million times, using as ALT while drawing). hehe.

TLDR version: (small) drawing tablet = recommended. You can buy one for less than a usual gamer mouse (like a Huion) these days, just get one with a batteryless pen they’re lighter and better balanced.


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