Massive often desync, rubberbanding, skill+animation delays. Game unplayable

I am one of the persons also having a lot of really bad desyncing issues to the point where I can’t play the game.

My internet:

  • 1GB cable internet
  • Very good wifi
  • VPNing near my friend’s location that isn’t having lag issues didn’t help
  • Couple other games report my ping does spike from ~50ms to ~250ms for a few seconds every ~10-30 minutes. This appears to be an ISP issue, and my ISP doesn’t give a crap.
    Note my ping MS is always visibly stable in Last Epoch, even when I’m experiencing many issues.

My setup:

  • Windows 11, GPU is a 3060 Mobile, 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Play on NA West and, when playing with friends, NA East. Issues are similar between both regions.

When I started noticing the issues:

  • After the first patch, around the time the queue was removed. Prior to that, although queues were time-intensive, I had no issues.

Issues I have seen, as recently as the evening of March 16th (i.e. now):

  • Rarely: 0.5 second skill delay
  • Often: Mild rubberbanding followed by multiple seconds/minutes of no rubberbanding followed by more rubberbanding
  • Very often: 3-10 second skill+movement delay (i.e. skills don’t activate, i move and rubberband back)
  • Once or twice: Yesterday I went into my friend’s Echo Portal and my character stayed in the monolith. I saw my health dropping as my character took damage, and then my health hit 0. I died after >10 seconds. My character never moved to the echo on my screen, I was still in the monolith. On my friend’s screen I moved into the echo.
  • Sometimes when teleporting it takes many seconds before it starts taking me to the zone I wanted to enter.
  • Playing with a friend makes issues happen more often. Playing by myself and I still see all these issues, but slightly less often.
  • Sometimes one echo I run has minimal lag issues, then the next one has a lot of issues. Changing zones seems like it may contribute to how much lag I get.
  • Often when I am lagging a ton, once I leave the zone, I am not lagging initially. Then my issues start happening again shortly after. I bounce between having lots of latency issues and having next to no issues (i.e. no issues or only mild occasional rubberbanding)
  • The issues didn’t happen at all before the removal of the queue, then the next day happened briefly, and over the past 48-72 hours they’ve gotten worse and happened more often.
  • I usually don’t just lag a little bit. I lag a lot, and experience a lot of these painful issues often.

Hoping these issues get resolved so I can play. Game has otherwise been a m a z i n g! I don’t have issues playing any other multiplayer games. It seems like a network routing or/and latency compensation issue here. It almost seems like my client isn’t receiving all the information from the server, or when it does it’s heavily delayed.

Player.log (119.4 KB)
Player-prev.log (225.9 KB)
Display name is timebomb0

I can record a video if it’s helpful, LMK.


I’m having this exact same issue. I will do one echo, then the next one I do it has a brief period of rubber banding and my spells take like 10 seconds to do the animation, but after that it usually settles down. The third echo I do it literally unplayable. The spells either take minutes or don’t cast at all then I die to a random monster crushing my skull in. Hitting “escape” and then click “leave game” and then go back in and do one echo before I have to reset again. I see you have elemental nova as your profile picture. Are you playing a sorcerer by any chance? I am and am using glacier, teleport, focus, and arcane ascendence. I wonder if it’s tied to the mage class perhaps. It’s weird I see nobody talking about this, but yeah I started getting this same issue I think 3 days ago on the 14th. Hope it gets fixed soon as I’m hopelessly addicted right now and it takes me like 4x as long to play with the leave game solution I found.

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Am a mage. Teleport, ascendence, lightning blast, elemental nova. I do wonder if there is an increase in issues when movement skills like teleport are often used, though it definitely seems like there’s more going on than movement skill issues.

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Also sorcerer, running into exact same issue. Static, focus, static orb, arcane ascendance, glacier.


I took teleport off of my bar to see if that was the issue. I think it might’ve been better because I got 2 echoes before it got really bad, but it definitely still got bad on the 3rd one.

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same issue and mostly same build here, when i stop using arcane ascendance the issue is gone

update: i remembered roughly when the issue started ocuring so i experimented a bit with my talents… seems to be that supe conductor is the issue now that i dropped it no rubber banding has occured so far (fingers crossed)

update: unfortunately still rubberbanding but it did delay it a lot

update 3: removing acuity seems to have helped a LOT, my educated guess would be that the server (sometimes?) does not recognize you have shot 4 spells thus thinking your still self-rooted leading to a desynchronized player

update 4: its definately acuity, ever since i dropped it i havent had any rubberbanding for 2hours, superconductor probably worsened the effect because it throws extra spells making it harder to track the 4 spells

LBlast Sorc using TP here as well. Exact same issue. Internet stable, first two are fine, third one falls apart. Hope this one gets support fast!

Just take off the acuity node on arcane ascendence for now.

This is my best-case scenario when trying to play online. I have a similar setup and if I try to play online, I often can’t even load the first screen. The loading screen just spins eternally.

if I DO get in, the desync gets so bad so fast in any kind of play that the monsters disappear and my animations stop playing when I use skills.

Offline works fine.

I been trying to do the boss fight lagon but the desync forces me to relog to play to fix the desync as you can imagine that means the boss resets and I have to run 3 zones back to boss fight. at this point I realize I probably should have take the early access seriously and figure since this is the first major patch for multiplayer/online mode this would happen but still is really irritating to have to constantly run back over and over with using relog to continue playing.
My ping is 20-50ms so pretty sure its not a internet problem I just desync and cannot interact with anything and enemies just get locked into whatever they were doing before the desync. I also have no rubberbanding.

I wish I would just have 100% desync the time that way I would just be forced to play offline but it works enough that I keep trying to play a online character and after 15 hours its starting to wear on me having relog/run back non stop. 2-3 times a hour.

Experiencing all the above, just wanted to add player logs in case it helps.

Player.log (109.8 KB)

Interesting. My friend is having the same issues with the same build. Going to pass this on to him and see if it does anything for him.

it should definately help i’ve had no issues ever since dropping acuity

I decided not to play online due to problems. Other games don’t have this problem