Massive FPS drops - Hardly playable


Purchased the game a long time ago, been following the updates, and I tried to play again recently, but I just can’t, the same issues are still there for me. It may be my system, some specific compontents or something that’s causing the massive issues. I’m adding a video with the fps drops and a dxdiag file, if there’s anything else you need let me know I will try to provide it. DxDiag.txt (87.7 KB)

Every setting I could I set to low, but graphic settings don’t really seem to have improved anything, I also tried streamer mode to get some more performance out of it. I really want to fix it so I can play what seems to be becoming a really amazing game.

Now the video doesn’t really do it justice, it gets way WAY worse in some zones (like it drops to 5-8 fps).

I also tried monitoring my CPU and memory usage, no combat CPU stayed at about 20% - intensive combat it went to 40% but never really past that, RAM stayed at 40% throughout.

Last Epoch 2021 03 27 - FPS drops - YouTube → Video.

Bumping this one up, thanks.

Hey, Welcome to the forums…

Sorry you are having hassles with the game…

Unfortunately LE has performance issues - thankfully they get better with each new major patch release - but there is unfortunately only so much that can be done until the devs can dedicate their time to optimisation… EHG is a small team and so far content, balancing & multiplayer are taking up most of their limited resources. Good or bad depends on your perspective.,

Low FPS is a common problem - even high end systems are experiencing it, they just drop from 100+ fps to 60, while those of us (me included) have to suffer through drops from 60fps to 20fps most of the time…

There are a few standard things to try for now… unfortunately not everything works for every system setup but we can but try… Sometimes we also need to accept the fact that we have to be conservative in our expectations of the game in its current state… Even high end Nvidia 30 series systems with high end CPus have to make some concessions right now.

Performance example - I run 1080p on an i5-7500/1060/16gb/nvme system with frame limited to 60fps (my monitor is faster) and everything on its lowest setting or disabled. I get 60-40fps in 80-90% of normal play. If I hit a know fps killer moment (lots of mobs, lots of skill effects proccing all over the screen, lots of minions etc). then it can spike to 20fps for a second or two… I tend to “see” the spike coming so I change my gameplay to compensate. Very seldom does it drop into the single digit fps - and usually I know its going to so I can mitigate it a little…

so… things to try - some are obvious…

  1. Run a lower res and/or dont run a non-standard res (e.g. ultrawide) unless you really have to.

  2. Use frame limiting. LE can max out a GPU if its not enabled…

  3. Be careful with overclocking your rig etc stability is a concern right now for LE

  4. Set everything to its lowest possible setting - if it runs well, then incrementally increase them till you reach a happy compromise… Honestly everything on low seems fine to me.

  5. Disable heavy hitting graphic effects - either in the game settings or in the graphics driver itself… Antialiasing, post processing etc…

  6. Make sure all drivers are up to date - everything not just graphics drivers.

  7. Disable things like Steam Overlays

  8. Try not to run anything else in background - even if your system is capable of handling it.

There are a few odd options to try like setting the exe execution priority higher and underclocking GPUs (for stability) but they seem fringe things to try…


Thanks for the input and the lengthy post!

Most of the things you’ve listed are already done on my side. I am aware of the issues and I know of the development team, I’ve been following them for quite a while. I just noticed some streamers with similar rigs get way better performance than I do…

I’ll just push through and wait for more updates then! :slight_smile:

I think this is the most frustrating thing right now… LE seems very fickle. Your system should be on average 30-40% faster than mine (based on things like userbenchmark), but you get similar fps and quite honestly I cannot say why…

Sorry none of the suggestions helped… :wink:

Wondering if this is related - If I run high or medium settings the game runs extremely well for me 80% of the time but in some areas it will randomly drop to 20 FPS and start stuttering. It’s not consistent which areas but so far the two that are most prone to it are the College of Welryn and the Dreadnought zones. It goes back to normal if I restart the game, even in those same zones.

It probably is related… It seems that High / Medium settings affect the game stability tremendously… Even on systems that should be able to run the game on its absolute ULTRA settings… I bet if you left everything on low and did the same things you wouldnt experience the same issue at all…

There is no doubt in my mind that the game has performance issues that are directly related to whatever the high setting toggles on. I am hoping that all the reports in the technical section will help the devs pin-point the issue asap…

Well, let me tell that… If even Quin69 is experiencing FPS drops (and he has RTX 3080 as far as I know) then don’t be surprised if less powerful rigs would be experiencing it.

But yeah, I’m on 5900x and RTX 3070 and I’m also experiencing FPS drops. Especially in huge fights with 15+ minions fighting on my side. Not to mention, that I once I launch the game I start with 200 FPS and GPU pegged at 99% and 30 mins into the game the FPS average at 120 with GPU taxiing in 60-70% ballpark (in massive fights FPS drop to 30-50 and GPU usage would fall down to 50-60%).

Just on this - it seems that if you dont use the framerate limiting, LE can go loopy on your GPU… It seems that setting a framerate limit seems to help with stability and keep the GPU usage from bouncing all over the place and generally making things unstable… I would recommend limiting it to whatever your monitor can handle rather than leaving it unlimited. Others with your setup seem to use 120fps at 1440p settings … The same guys have also found that using the Medium in-game graphics settings is the most stable compromise.

Yip… This happens to everyone… You just have the luxury of some headroom while those of us like myself drop into the teens… :disappointed:

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Tried that, no change.

I principally refuse using anything else less than Ultra in any game at this point considering how much time and effort (coding a script to check 5900x and 3070 availability on a 5 minute basis) I invested into building my current setup in these challenging times :smiley: Leave alone the money I spent on this hardware. Call it a “big d@@k@ syndrome” if you want :smiley:

I appreciate your suggestions. I really do. I have absolutely no issues with these performance dropouts really. I totally realize that this game is in a development stage and considering how much fun I had playing Acolyte-Necro build - I’m not complaining at all. Being a Diablo fan for over 2 decades it was a breeze to play an ARPG game that makes you feel… excited.

Lol… :wink:

I set everything to its lowest setting and still run into these issues. I’m running a fairly decent rig (MSI GS-75 Stealth w/ RTX-2070) and don’t see a lot of performance issues in games. For some reason even on absolute low settings I get horrible FPS drops in certain areas, especially that one corridor with the fire and worms on both sides.

Unfortunately laptops add another whole level of complexity to the equation that usually mean that the same desktop solutions no longer work or at least dont work as well… Even laptops like yours with high end components…

What I have found personally with laptops is that the trickery that manufacturers bake into them to make them better on various metrics - for example, things like nvidias Max-Q, finely turned power management, complicated cooling etc… - all impact differently when compared to desktops in games… especially games that are not optimised properly.

Another issue I have found with laptops is that the drivers of things like GPUs tend to lag quite far behind the GPU manufacturers versions because the laptop manufacturers have to tweak them for the laptops… This can and does usually mean that the older drivers dont perform as well as the newer ones for desktops… especially wrt. bug fixes in drivers etc…

Theoretically a 2070 in a laptop should be the similar to its desktop counterpart (within reason) but it is usually heavily underclocked and power limited to work within the physical specs & thermal limitations of the laptop - so its never going to have the same performance as a desktop 2070…

Simple things like restricting the power on your 2070 to make sure it doesnt overheat beyond what the laptop cooling system can handle, could exacerbate the issue with LE maxing out a GPU - these two things could present as instability or even absymal fps.

Ideally with games in Beta like LE, the hope is that performance issues are sorted out - at which point the laptops (with all their clever trickery) are better able to handle the more stable game and overall things improve…

For now, the only way to deal with things is to lower expectations and make a compromise somehow…

Wondering if it didn’t get worse in the last patches. Seem to oscillate between 8-30 fps on a 5 years old laptop, all settings at the lowest possible.
Can’t play melee builds really. Gonna park the game for now I think, it’s quite good really but when the fps drop too much it’s really unenjoyable. Hope there will be some focus on the technical side of things, those problems are kind of a deal breaker :confused:

On my desktop, I saw an improvement when they went to patch 0.8 of about 10fps on average - especially on some maps that were known to cause problems and the update seemed to stop the big fps spikes I experienced sometimes in 0.7x versions. I havent noticed any change in 0.8.1 in performance.

I have no idea if the devs changed performance things in the more recent updates - they said they made a few improvements around maps & graphics animations related to the skills but nothing specific about performance beyond “general improvement”. So its pretty much impossible for us as players to know 100% until they tell us…

They did add a lot more content obviously and it could be that some part of this has affected performance on the low end… I honestly cannot say.

Thankfully they are usually open about things they are doing so I am pretty sure they will let us know if they change something that should affect performance either way.

Not much we can do but wait for them…

I think there is some inherent issue with the VFX renderer. I have an OK computer spec despite fairly old (i9-7980xe 18c/36t CPU overclocked to 4.4Ghz all cores / GTX 1080ti overclocked / 128GB Ram / All SSD setup and custom water cooled)

I play shadow dagger build. There is basically no performance difference between low/medium/ultra graphic setting. (I play 60fps with vsync enabled)

When the screen does not have a lot of mobs or I am not using shadow daggers, all graphical level setting maintain 60fps stable

When the screen filled with a lot of mobs and the mobs cast some VFX heavy spells at the same time I use a lot of daggers, all graphical level settings also reduced to 10-40fps or so even on low preset , depends on how many VFX on the screen.

Yip… You are experiencing what everyone else is… Some just notice it more than others… A lot of mobs, lots of skills procing, lots of minions procing thier skills etc… These are all known results of the performance issues…

Visually I agree that there is almost no difference between the graphic settings especially between Medium & Ultra… But there is a major stability issue. The guess is that there is something that is enabled on the High(er) settings that causes the stability problems.

Depending on the resolution, your spec should be able to get closer to 80-90fps. I run a i5-7500/1060/16gb/nvme @1080p and I can get 75fps framelimited on very low settings without any hassle - I dont run at this because it pushes my GPU temps higher than I like so I limit it to 60.

People with overclocks have had more instability issues so I am not sure if this will work against you in terms of getting better performance… It seems that LEs issues tend to cause problems with systems already running in the redline.

Rtx 3080 + Ryzen 5950x here. My fps drops from 80 to 38 on ultra whenever I put my storm totem down with blizzard passive. Its super sad the game is so good but right now for me I can’t stand playing it.

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Something is wrong here… Even with LE’s performance issues, your spec should be getting 120fps+ idle fps depending on resolution - definitely not 80 before getting a spike unless you are running like 4k… Based on other users with similar setups comments, even on 2560 × 1440 your system should be going from 120+ down to 90ish at most… I can get 75 on my old 1060/i5-7500@1080p if I let the temps go high and when I run it at 60 (cooler), the spikes go down to 20~30.

Stop running it on Ultra… There really is no point visually and you will experience a much smoother and more stable game. When they fix things, then dial it back up again.

I don’t have encountered “hardly playable” style of drops yet, but I wanted to +1 this issue. I have an i5/GTX1070 setup and can’t reach stable 60 fps 1080p even with lowest settings. Standing in town, you can see high variance with framerate dropping a bit, going up again, just a very high variance. Especially with vsync on, this does rob the game a lot of fluidity.