Map with enemies having spell immunity

Enemies and objects in this map were immune or ignored any spell damage. I was only able to damage enemies or objects with a melee ability. I was able to freeze enemies with snap freeze, but my main damaging spells had no effect. In the screenshot above I was attempting to destroy the crates with fireball, but the fireball projectile was blocked by the crate but dealt no damage. I was able to destroy the crates with shatter strike as seen in this screenshot

I went to Lake Liath and this same issue is occurring. I will try to reproduce and troubleshoot further tomorrow. I uploaded the log file.
output_log.txt (431.4 KB)

I believe this issue is related to this bug. As I just check my stats screen and noticed the ±6924% base spell damage. I’m also using frozen ire.
Frozen Ire and cold related skills

Thanks for the report!

We’ve posted an update on this bug here;

Let’s consolidate the discussion in that thread so it’s easier to track. :slightly_smiling_face:

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