Game Breaking Sorcerer Bug - No damage after leveling up

On level up my damage gets reduced significantly until I leave game and re-enter. My crits are around 3000 per crit before level up, and 500 after. The only clue I have is, I took off every piece of gear and re-equipped it. If I take off both of my rings, which are both Invokers Static Grasp, I DO NO DAMAGE AT ALL. I think after level up its only using the +13 lightning damage added to spells as my base spell damage, and nothing else. I’m also using Frozen Ire scepter which adds stats per character level, which could be the culprit.

I keep finding these incredible bugs. If a developer would like to reach out to me on this one it may take a further digging into to figure out.

EDIT 2: I thought it may be the Archmage node on sorcerer passive tree but it’s not, as I removed points from it before level up.

Sorry about this! Please post your log file if this happens again (or if you haven’t restarted the game since it last happened), and some screenshots of your skill trees, passives and gear would also be helpful.

I think there may need no need. I unequipped ‘Frozen Ire’ before I leveled up, then equipped it again after leveling. This “solved” the issue. It’s either the weapon itself, or its interaction some other part of the build.

I apologize if it’s bad form to reply to this thread, I just wanted to add that I have run into this same problem, also using the Frozen Ire. If I have the weapon equipped on level up, the enemies no longer take damage and I have to restart the game. Swapping the weapon before leveling up keeps the issue from occurring. I have saved my log and can provide screen shots of my build and gear if needed.

Not at all! We definitely appreciate your contribution to the bug report.

Could you please post that log file if you still have it? You can do so by clicking the button.

Hi all,

I have the same behavor.
output_log.txt (51.9 KB)

This bug will be fixed in Patch 0.7.6.

Thanks again for the reports!

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