Many Dungeons still unable to complete

After .9c went live I have decided to continue testing Lightless Arbor and Soulfire Bastion dungeons as they have been unable to complete for me since .9.0 online has launched. Check me original thread here.

I had noticed it the last time but forgot to mention it. When I get to Titan’s Rest or Soul Furnace they spawn as a different level than the tier I chose to run. This must be the core of the problem. I.E. I choose T1 soulfire bastion but soul furnace keeps spawning at lvl 90 and therefore doesn’t have the correct quest state to spawn a room transition. I assume there is a correct level one out there somewhere on the server with no one in it. Since the patch I have been able to complete a single Soulfire Bastion at T1 but my attempts at T2(3 or 4 so far) ended in once again spawning a lvl 90 Soul furnace and failing.

I was also able to complete a T2 Lightless Arbor. I have since attempted a T3 but this time Titan’s rest spawned at lvl 22 which is the level for T1 and once again no room transition spawned rendering it incompletable.

Hopefully this was helpful. Let me know if I need to do anything else to test it.

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Another thing I forgot to mention if I stay in the same log-in session and waypoint back to Lightless Arbor start and enter another key, it will use the key up and open the gate but no transition spawns. Again I assume there is the original dungeon that I spawned existing somewhere on the server so it wont spawn me a new one.

Gutting. Just killed 1266 enemies to max my gambling at the soulfire, got to the boss door and it doesn’t open.

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I’ve the same problem, not sure how can I proceed to progress with the dungeons if it consistently buggs out with the area level.

Same here in T2 Soulfire