Mandatory Gear Mods

tl;dr → out of the possible 40 (44 if using offhand) gear mods, usually 30 of them are required to be some form of necessary damage mitigation. This means that build variety is going to be hugely disadvantaged, and a great many gear mods will never be used.

Disclaimer: I am not referring to leveling builds, or “fun” builds that have very limited viability pushing higher tier content.

Yes, it is the great topic of glancing blow, crit avoidance and dodge again. But this time I have gone and looked at several current builds that are topping ladders and leading endgame. For the sake of simplicity I will refer to a single Druid build (Boardman as to be expected - thanks for putting out content for the rest of us).

For reference:



This is a melee physical damage build that uses a passive skill to convert spell physical damage into melee physical damage. To accomplish this build (awesome build, recommend checking it out) only 7 mods on his gear are towards melee/spell physical damage and attack speed. The remaining 33 mods are locked behind defensive affixes that are almost absolutely required if you plan to progress to higher tier content.

It should also be noted that this build does not reach the desired 100% crit avoidance (sits around 65%) and does not include a single unique or set piece. So even will full rares, the “necessary” crit avoidance has not been met.

The problem with this current system is that this gear is almost indistinguishable between other builds that use the same damage types. They all require as many protections as possible, approximately 70% dodge, 100% glancing blow, and up to 100% crit avoidance.

There is almost no room at all for build variation within gear. I am not saying there is no build variations, I am simply saying that the gear alone seems to be nothing more than accumulate the same stuff as everyone else. This has created an atmosphere where the large majority of mods on gear aren’t even useful and tend to be “trash” stats.

For the sake of clarity: I am not saying these seemingly mandatory stats aren’t important, but I am saying that they are currently too important. Adding more mod slots on gear, an alternative slot/method to accumulate these stats, removing them all together, consolidating them into a single affix, increasing the upper range for T5 so you need fewer of them, or anything else for that matter would be, in my opinion, a much better option - at least if the plan is to encourage build diversity.

End rant.

Please leave any suggestions that may not have been discussed already, I would love to hear what other ideas players have.

And a big thanks to Boardman21 for putting out content like this.

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I think the direction there going (for instance the new chest and helm) have huge offensive power in the suffix slot now that are even class specific. Going to 5 or 6 suffixes would be a huge change in game especially balance and i know for a fact if i could craft 6 things on all items this game would be way to easy. I have a feeling we should wait for passive trees/skills/and possible other items changes to make it easier to go defensive. We have no idea what sockets will bring. Just a patience game atm.

Like the post though its good feedback! also just a heads up that linked build is from last patch, the new patch updated build uses slightly different armor (new chest/.helm)

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I had no idea that sockets were in the works, that could very easily free up a lot of the dependence on the “required” affixes. Good to hear. Any chance you remember where you’ve seen this? Love to read it.

Also, I think 6 slots would be a pain for the current crafting system to use, and to balance. My only suggestion to the “5th” slot was in reference of only providing a spot that can specifically take the things like glancing blow that they seem to be balancing around. Similar to how a lot of games do PvE/PvP -> just add an extra spot on each item for the PvP mitigation slot and call it a day. This way players can focus more on the stats they want to customize the build they want, and still have to progress the glancing blow stat via the 5th stat location. Could even embed that 5th stat in a “grind” linked to end game progression/content. Most players don’t even need it until they start pushing arenas and monoliths anyway.

There was a leak in patch 0.7.4 or 0.7.5 that accidentally released a scroll to socket an item. So that hinted sockets are coming at the time. They may do away with them or rework them into something else. There hasnt been much talk Officially about them but i bet there coming.

That is actually pretty awesome to hear. Fingers crossed it will be talked about sooner than later.

Also, updated the build link, I am not sure why I linked the wrong one in the first place. The gear link was the current build.

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The only socket system I’m aware of is the lost memories system.

I really liked that Diablo 3 threw resists into secondaries.
Definitely agree that there is too much focus on defenses currently

At the given time and the reapperance of the topic it would be nice to hear something from the devs about this :). Maybe @Sarno or @Mike_W can bring something to this topic or an EA for a development podcast on this topic.

Adding more slots or increasing values does not make any affix less mandatory. Even if you say that a 5th slot is for defensive set affixes only, does not create more diversity. It locks players to use this slot for defensive purposes. That’s even less choices than before. It’s not giving you new possibilities. The additional slot will be used for stacking more of the stats you need for your build.

What’s the point of your suggestion? what do you aim for? What’s your issue here? Gearing too hard? Mandatory stats? It’s not entirely clear for me.

I once made a thread about “underused affixes”. When I scrolled through the list I could find only 4-5 affixed that I would call “useless”. All others are important for a specific build. And those “useless” affixed are not useless on their own (I am referring to blind chance or slow for example). But they are not mandatory for specific builds and will be replaced in almost 100% of cases if possible.

To encourage players to use these affixes it’s not done by adding slots. You need to enable builds that make use of it. There need to be skills that synergise with these stats to for example make a slow build on a shaman.

But on a second thought the number of “useless” affixed is very small. And there also have to be some filler to encourage grinding for the perfect gear.

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Offense was supposed to be prefix and defense was supposed to be suffix. The set affixes broke that (as they are prefix) and that is why people just double up on defense stats. I don’t know that anyone will put offense in the suffix spot even if it is available.

Increasing values for glancing blow set -> requires 2 gear pieces to max, not 3 or 4 -> remaining 1 or 2 gear pieces can be used for other things.

Mandatory gear mods would consume less spots on your gear, and therefor would allow more freedom to use other things.

Not sure why you are always so sour in your forum posts, but there is a “feedback” part of the “feedback and suggestions” category in which people give there thoughts on things in the game. This was designed to get others to participate and provide their thoughts (and hopefully suggestions) about the experience they have gearing up.

I would be interested in hearing what 4-5 affixes these are, and how many of the others on the list (that aren’t commonly in the builds we see on the forum) have important roles for for specific builds, as you mentioned. Personally, I prefer to play builds that aren’t common, so I am genuinely interested in any unusual builds others can suggest. Provided they are at least viable in the endgame tiers.

My concern with the current “perfect gear” is that the vast majority of people will be bottle-necked into the same “perfect” mods. What is the point of grinding to the perfect gear one one character when it will mean already having half of it to pass to your next one? This could seriously shorten the life of “grinding for the perfect gear” when players desire multiple characters.

All this could be completely irrelevant if, like what was mentioned in above replies, there are more gearing mechanics coming that we are unaware of.

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No problem with that. Just asking what you are up to. Often suggestion only work on the symptoms. So finding the root cause of flaws people have is important. I am not sour in any kind. I like discussions about these topics.

This I doubt as I’ve written before. You will not use other items than these with stats fitting your build. No diversity. Just higher numbers for stats you already use.

Heres the link to the thread where affixes are a part of:

Werebear is already better using it as offense instead of defense.

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Than “mandatory” mods will even more mandatory.

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