Majasa is way too hard

This is my first character and playthrough. I reached her at around level 55, got smoked in phase 2, then tweaked my gear to get 73 lightning, 75 physical, and 55 poison resists. She still kills me at level 66 in phase 2. There shouldn’t be an 11 level halt on a boss; it seems excessively difficult. I am a necro minion build and i can basically melt anything else in the game so far, with a few mistakes causing deaths. The leveling progressive difficulty seems about right. Except for this boss. Make her a little more forgiving for the level at which the game naturally allows you to reach her. She should be hard, but not infuriating.

Is she supposed to be defeated at level 55? Probably not, but it’s now been 11+ levels of grind and I still can’t beat her. Gear also seems pretty hard to come by at this point.

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Pick yourself up and try again.

Also welcome to the forums and the game! Enjoy :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to the community!

Majasa has been discussed for a long time here. It seems that the fight’s difficulty really depends on your build. Sometimes she’s easy, sometimes she’s a nightmare. And she has already been nerfed once.
See this thread:

Often it is simply good to provide more information about your build in general.
→ The more precise your information/pictures/videos are in this regard, the more likely someone will be able to help you just as specifically.

There are a few bosses (more to come later) which require a lot of practice/basic skill, but even these become easier with time.

I also experienced trouble with this, on a necro/summon heavy build. Particularly the stone breath in phase two is nasty - if you do not manage to get out of it (and thus get rooted) then the double melee attack she follows up with was unsurvivable. This may be caused by the low amount of self-defense on my toon.

How was your physical res?
I had my first meeting with her yesterday. I have read no guides and made my own derp build. 690HP marksman. I did have to try a couple of times, to learn the mechanics, but i didnt use a lot of time. BUT, this is still the only fight that has been somewhat interesting, its up until now (lvl 65) been the only small challenge i have met. I find the game very little challenging, now every one wants to nerf the only challenge (before very late game?). I have played a decent amount to reach lvl 65, i believe that if there is something this game needs, its a interesting and challenging+rewarding time before you hit endgame.

I have no idea what it does but I smacked down Majasa pretty easily after I stopped fighting her among the blood puddles where before I was taking much more damage.

Even as a ranged or summoner build, stay at close/medium range.

Don’t go to far away from her, since escaping the the cone is much harder, the further away your are.
Also try running diagonally towards her into one direction when trying to get out of the cone.

You can escape the stone gaze without any movement speed whatsoever with this strategy.

Yes with the right preparation. As mentioned you especially need phys and poison resists and some sorts of movement skills to kite her in phase 2 in case you have no crowd control skill (enemy stun / freeze / slow). Having a good amount of HP is also benefitical.

Can you maybe share your character so we can take a look what other defense you have or need? (upper left icon for uploading character saves)

Thank you!

75% maxed. I agree I enjoy challenges while leveling, it’s usually my favorite part of games like this. But this boss seems much, much harder than all the content leading up to her.

Here is my current build, thanks for any suggestions. I think it’s relatively decent for being semi-casual at this point.

Your weapon seems pretty bad for your build. I would go with a weapon at least a little more relevant like a Sickle (1-Hand Axe).

Your passive tree doesn’t look very optimized either.

I think you should figure out what you want your build to do and spend a little time in the build planner to get your points right.

Theres no point even fighting this boss, you get nothing from it. huge middle finger to newer players

Theres no point continuing the story currently past Yrun the tree gimp as you have all passives/idols unlocked

as far as I can see this boss is a just a strange timesink/noob trap

I beat Majasa on my Paladin when my pc was wiped and had no issues but could see her causing problems for newer players, since EHG changed the story to award all points 2 chapters prior, it really begs the question to why EHG would allow their newer players to get steamrolled by an optional boss for no reward at all - while making it seem it isnt optional… its actually pretty funny but also pretty harsh

I agree, it is a very unfocussed, chaotic build. You’ve got multiple different minions (fire, cold, physical), and your gear doesn’t really support them at all.

  1. All your gear should have “Minion” affixes. Things like “Increased Necrotic Damage” on your offhand or “Increased Fire Damage” on your Amulet only affect you + your attacks/spells, not your minions at all.
  2. All your gear should have base types which support the build. As Darkdeal said, a Sickle (axe) or Skeletal Sceptre (sceptre) would improve your weapon dramatically.
  3. All your skills should also be homogeneous.

Here is just a small example of a changed version of your build which would simply perform better once you got the right gear, swapped passives, and swapped skills.

You get 1 attribute point (big whoop!) plus 1 passive point if you’ve not done all of the earlier quests that give them (though why you’d do that I don’t know).

What a strange thing to say.
We are playing a game, the entire “point” is to beat the bosses.

You said it all. She is not particularly hard, she just comes as a shock because there is nothing remotely challenging before her. I don’t believe Majasa needs nerfing, but I do believe the campaign’s difficulty needs to be more progressive.
Strangely, I died twice to Lagon before I learnt how to avoid his beam, but I never died to Majasa in 6 characters. Mostly melee, that makes phase 2 a joke, I suspect she is harder for range types, but still my beastmaster beat her easily at level 55…

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Hmm…very tough bosses. This sounds so much fun! It means that this game is definitely not casual. Hard to get. I like that…

It has a lot to do with player experience. When you have played your fair amount of hours and know how to build well, you won’t have much issues.

For a new player it is hard to get all the details especially with all the minion stuff (what benefits only you, what benefits your minions?).

People already gave you good advice for your build. I just want to add some general rules of thump for a Necro minion build:

  • Seach for a damage type your minions have in common. For example build towards
    • all melee minions (Rogues, Death Knights, Wraiths)
    • all Fire (Pyromancers, Fire Archers)
    • all cold (Cryomancers, Frost Archers)

A golem is always nice to have regardless if it fits to your damage type. Take the Aggro nodes in the bottom branch and everything that adds to tankiness (Armour, HP, maybe choose Spectral Golem). It will take aggro away from you and your other minions which helps a lot in terms of survivability.

I’m a fan of Dread Shade. With the node “Enemy of my Enemy” you can cast it on enemies instead of minions and it won’t drain the live of your minions. It adds a good amount of damage and has a node to buff your minions with an extra 60% more damage, which is really huge. For a melee minion build you want to max the radius so all minions within a certain distance from your target get buffed. For ranged minions you want to keep the radius small and take the node that buffs all minions outside that area around your target.

Also: The minion attack command is your friend. Use that button often to focus damage on certain enemies or move minions out of deadly aoe effects.

In terms of Majasa it helps to focus down the elemental things she spawns in phase 1.

For better movement you could also swap one skill for transplant to be always able to teleport out of lethal situations.


That’s what I thought, but I found it’s more a matter of build.
Some builds will have a hard time against her, some will be easy mode.
Of course the player’s experience matters, but it’s not prevalent.