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Loss of character due to a crash

My PC crashed. Character disappeared. Seems like a thing from last year.

I tried: deleting the files (after a backup) and replacing them with the “temp” version.
Downloading, placing (and after that try, also renaming accordingly), the data from steam cloud.
None of it worked.
There is a “backup” folder with a “global backup” file, can something be done with that?
And for what is the crashes folder? There is no error report or log after it happened.

Is it known that this problem still exists?
Why is the safety net not working? Because i restarted the game after the crash?
Is my character gone for good? What “alternative” ways of…reducing the loss can i do?


Unfortunately if your savegame is corrupted by a game crash there is very little that can be done about it… There are no online server based copies of your saves - this is only coming with the multiplayer update - for now, everything is local to your machine.

Steam Cloud can also cause additional problems as it can inadvertently update the corrupted file to the cloud - thereby stopping you from retrieving a good version from the cloud… Steam has no way of knowing that a savegame is messed up - it just tries to sync the latest files - and sometimes this causes more problems.

The _temp file in the Saves folders are the simply the last save the game was able to make - if you look at the datetime stamps you can see that they are very close backups so sometimes both copies are messed up - it all depends on what the game was trying to do at the moment it crashed… Sometimes you can replace the active savegame with the _temp one (simply renaming to swap them out) but sometimes this doesnt work either.

The global data file is the one that saves the stash, gold, forge items etc… it is common for all saves in a particular format of the game - shared stash, single stash etc…

This problem “doesnt still exist” - its a side effect of the beta game and any instability issues - i.e. the problem is not with the savegames, its with the game crashing while its accessing the savegames - for whatever reason. For example, just alt-tabbing away from the game while waiting for the character screen to load can sometimes cause a crash and this can then mess with the savegame files.

The only current way to ensure that this doesnt happen catastrophically is to make your own manual backups of your saves & filter folders… This will ensure that the worst that can happen is that you lose a single playsession and not your entire character or stash. Personally, I also disable Steam Cloud… just to make sure that it doesnt copy a messed up file by mistake.

Interesting way to name the problem about “why does it still happen”.
I was referring to this:

That was may last year.
That’s why “still exist”. It sounded like it should not be a problem these days.

Anyway. Thank you for answering my question.
Still feels god damn awful. Fuck me and fuck the world.
I still think there could be a few backup files in the save folder. Like having 5 auto saves.
Or giving some kind of message about doing manual backups.

Oh, and i didn’t had any crashes of the game until i was at the 85 monolith. And the crash was 10 seconds after starting a “rift” and attacking an enemy.
No kind of tabbing out of the game or other stuff.

Last Epoch is great on many ways. But this particular thing really isn’t. Can kill the whole game for people. Sadly.
Have a nice day.

Well, I felt it neccessary to illustrate that while the problem still exists the cause doesnt have a solution and is unlikely to have one soon.

My point is that its not the savegames themselves or the game saving process that is causing this issue… Its the beta state of the game that can crash for a multitude of reasons and if the game crashes (something it cannot anticipate) at the time it is accessing the savegames then the potential for this problem to occur is high… So yes… it still exists but its not something that can be resolved until the underlying instability is resolved.

Hope that clarifies my “Interesting way to name a problem”

Losing characters is unpleasant for sure - I am very used to this happening (even in launched games) so I always make backups - it doesnt help you right now, but I’d recommend it.

Crashes are almost 100% guaranteed to happen in the game right now… its just the nature of the beta beast and its just a question of when… However, if you are having regular crashes at certain points in the game or using specific skills/maps/gear etc, then this is something that should probably be investigated as it might point to something the devs can fix for everyone…

There are also lots of known issues, mainly performance related instability problems that can be mitigated slightly with workarounds & being conservative but these particular issues will remain until the devs can dedicate time / resources to optimising the performance.

Have a nice day too… and post a reply if you feel the crash(s) could be investigated…

I mean, that was my first and last crash since playing the character.
And there was no crash report in the crash folder?
i don’t think there can be much investigated. Ever again.

Thread can be locked i guess.

Edit: i just saw that the global save is also corrupted. Even though the character had his own stash.
So yeah, even more got deleted. Sigh.

I’ll answer the ?

For the game to generate a crash log it needs to be able to trap the crash before giving up - these are usually errors in the game code that it can anticipate and these you will find either in the player.log or in a error.log in the crash folder… Unfortunately a lot of errors (especially GPU related ones & others related to processes external to the game) can crash before the game has a chance to realise what is happening and it has no chance at logging anything… These errors are therefore not logged but can be traced by what the game last logged (i.e. what it was doing at the time) and the system logs (event viewer etc) to see what the OS could log about what driver/dll was involved…

The stash shared across all characters in a single game mode is stored in a single separate global data file. It stores things like your forge inventory, stash chest contents & gold - things that are accessible for all your chars (unless you are using other game modes).

The stash file doesnt get corrupted as often as the savegames but it is obviously still possible. The same _temp option exists but again, it might not work.

So it seems like you are really more unlucky than most… the first and only time the game crashes, it took out your savegame & global stash… :frowning:

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