Loot Filters in Last Epoch

Some of the threads can be taken that way. based off perspective. But majority you are correct

Don’t post much but this is a game changer.

Thanks Devs for once again listening to the community and accomodating us.


thank god help with less complaining on forums with #lootfilterwhen threads

game company full of GODS

I have to 100% agree with this statement and i hope i dont bring any negativity in here with my opinion.
But i think the reason why 1.0 has been postponed is because many players demanded ‘‘small’’ things that could have waited until the release. I mean, yes, a lootfilter is a nobrainer today in an lootbased arpg game. Stash tabs are absolutely necessary to enjoy the hunt for perfect loot…BUT… i dont think a lootfilter or stash tab is the reason to keep me more excited for continue playing the game. I am really waiting for Rogue, Multiplayer, Trade…big things you know, that are changing the game. I compare it alot to PoE, they also brought in the lootfilter and stash tabs later, and now everyone is happy. ( Even though i hate to pay 20 bucks every league for a stupid league specific stash tab :wink: )
I’m still really happy that they pushed the release date back, i never wanna see a horrible launch like wolcen ever again and i’m happy for every element coming into the game. I can wait, i can play other games in the meantime if im getting bored and i still will continue to support LE!

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No, I really don’t think that’s the reason for the delay. Given it’s September & they’ve not implemented multiplayer yet, I’m expecting that to be a cluster **** for the first while until they get things fixed (which I’m sure they will because they are good at fixing stuff). Do you think that adding things like the updated stash & loot filter have delayed the release of everything they’ve not yet done? There’s a lot they need to do there! I’m not going to list them out, but there’s an aweful lot there.

I agree, the big things are the ones that bring us back, but they can’t be focussed on just the big things all the time.


Thank you so much for the loot filter. It is going to change the way we play the game a lot.

how come is complaining asking for a game feature or change during early access?

I saw this post of you after i wrote mine and you made a pretty good point with customer needs that i can agree with from the developers perspective! You are probably also right, already being in september, that fixing and balancing MP/Rogue/Trade until december would be almost impossible in that short period. It’s hard to tell without being a dev or having experiences in game developement, definitly not an easy job to make every player happy.

Yeah, if they were still releasing in December, they’d need to add 3-4 big things in each patch - multiplayer, trade, a new class with 3 masteries, 3 new end game systems (Epoch’s Call, Gates of Memoriam, Eternity Caches & WTF Lost Memories are), dual wielding (with all the attendant animations & fixing whatever DW breaks), chapter 9, game optimisation, Runemaster/Warlock, Legendary items (& all the coding for the presumably new & funky affixes) and skill dps. In 4 months. Each of those things will probably need a (big) patch or two to get settled down. But yeah, updating the stash & loot filter totally pushed all of that back.


Confirmed in this thread:
Rule order YES
Import export filters YES
Name/description to filter YES
Duplicate filter YES
Sweet UI for the filter YES
Filter by Arena Keys YES
Filter by Rarity YES
Filter by class that can equip YES
Filter by affix YES
Filter by implicit values Unconfirmed
Filter by affix tier YES
Filter by item level YES
Filter by specific affix of a specific tier Unconfirmed
Filter by weapon type(2h swords) YES
Filter by base item type Unconfirmed
Filter by exact unique Unconfirmed

Number of individual factors each rule can check Unconfirmed
Number of rules the filter can handle Unconfirmed(but likely a large number)
toggle filter off on via key press Unconfirmed

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This is not “only” a loot filter, but that is THE Loot Filter. Great News.

This looks deep, while still easy to pick up/easy to learn.

Four Words: Easy, deep, customizable, awesome


Agreed. As we got out of Spring and MP wasn’t available in some capacity I knew release would be delayed. As I said in the Road to 1.0 thread, first impression is too valuable in today’s marketplace and they can’t haphazardly release the game with important features not being in the oven. The sheer amount of iteration needed on the systems you just mentioned is going to take months to make sure they’re nailed down. God you just bringing up dual wield made me chuckle thanks to the hilarious problems it can bring.

Being able to filter out whites and low level drops is worth it alone. Being able to target specific affixes like “increased physical damage and bleed” makes it awesome! Thanks Devs!

Yes mate I think it probably has. They set out a Forecast and as you can see the loot filter was in phase 4. We knew one was coming but an overall lack of patience has caused them to move it forward which would surely mean they had to pause work on earlier forecast things. To me this has meant that other additions to the game will be have been pushed further away. They came up with a plan and it feels like we have forced them to change it.

This is spot on and I really think we should all remember that this game is early access and stop expecting to be able to play it full time like a finished product. I wonder how long before the next “add X to the game now or I will quit!” thread will take to appear?


Yeah, but they gave us chapter 8 & the updated monolith which were from phgases 3 & 4 without anyone whinging about it.

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Which was their decision not ours. Also they are main parts of game content, not quality of life stuff that could be left for later.

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Great job

Looks very nice


pogchamp! This is amazing

Thank goodness!!!