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Lich Version of Boardman Build?

Did Boardman ever post a Lich variation of this build?

I was interested in trying it and have gotten to level 45 or so and am wondering how you’d build it to be as survivable and spec Reaper form > Transplant?

Hello, you can find the complete post over here Updated SpeedRunning Necro With Aura of Decay 0.8c. Build works very well.

What am I supposed to do with that? I’m not looking for discussion or anything about that build. I’m asking if he ever posted or talked about the “lich variation” he talked about in the video where it’s the same thing but instead of transplant he uses Reaper form.

There’s nothing in that thread that I can see that isn’t discussing the necromancer build rather than the lich build.

No need to be harsh. Somebody tried to help you.

Maybe the best way to find the answer you search for is to ask @boardman21 directly. Ping him, PM him, post in his build guides comments or go to his discord and ask.

Hope this was helpful.

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I have not made a lich version. Not sure if anyone else has.

It wasn’t my intent to be, and if it came across that way to DMFVisuals, then I apologize for that. I was just genuinely confused and wanted to be clear about what I was asking about given the confusion.

Also thanks @Boardman21 for the reply.

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its fine, i just want to share the page from the introduction video. i mean the the one that you revert too. For the “other” lich build take a look maybe you find what you need. 1.5 million damage Super Spirit Lich 7.10 . hope you find what you’re looking for.

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