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1.5 million damage Super Spirit Lich 7.10


Build Overview

Pros High Leech High Damage High Survivability
Cons Low life when no enemies to attack Low Survivability when not in reaper form so waiting on cooldowns can happen


  • Initially posted 26/10/20. Build is currently viable for 0.7.10(a/b/c)




Drain Life
Death Seal
Reaper Form
Wandering Spirits
Spirit Plague


The main affix on idols you want is % damage while tranformed. Spell damage is 2nd best with % spell damage increase at low life. After those to more health/poison chance are next runners up.


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. This gear is not be min-maxed correctly but should give you a basic idea on how to get started.

Gearplanner Link

Great work here

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Hi, between this build and your Aura of decay low life speed running build, which one is superior for the purpose of pushing arena? Thanks in advanced!!

This one will take you further in arena

Can you explain more about defensive of this build? No resist seem like can get one-shot very often.

Stack lots of HP and some dodge, your defense is having tons of leech and the spirits leech for you so all you need to do is run away from mobs at all times. Hide and live. Run and live. This is not a facetank build however as you can see in the video against empower I can facetank the dragon breath and hit because we are out leeching the damage

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Thanks. Btw it seems like you are nearly cover every single class :smiley: thank you for making all those guideline :smiley:

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While I can definitely say I haven’t made every build and some Ive left on purpose for others. I have however made at least 1 build using every skill currently in the game :slight_smile: there is lot of variety and its hard to ever get bored.


Thanks for the response! Out of curiosity, how many waves do you think both this and the AoD low life build are able to push in arena? Thanks again!

a very simliar build to this one that had no resistance and depending on wandering spirits for damage and leech(although not quite as much dps) from @Rimed pushed over 300 waves. The low life necro i pushed low 200s with so i favor the lich if i were a betting man

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When Wandering Spirits pass through a target & when they fire their poison darts at a target, they both count as hits don’t they? I’m thinking of Bone Curse.

None of Wandering Spirits components hit. (Base skill and the Spectral Putrescence)

Yeah, I’m thinking of Hungering Souls.

Spectral putrescence does hit
This is why they apply ignite when you equip soulfire
Also why there so deadly with plague staff

They apply all your ailment chance on spectral putrescences hit. This is also why poison ticks get insane whem death seal is activates with both the damage amd poison chance nodes

Well, it does not work with Bone Curse, then this is a buggy interaction.

Just tested yesterday, but didn’t actually test more “hit” effects, then bone curse.

Since bone curse does not trigger, i assumed it just does not hit. But then some1 should make a bug report on that one.

This is correct. Bone curse interaction does not work. Good thing to. Quite a fees tested this first day of patch. Imagine if it had worked :slight_smile:

I was not aware of that buggy interaction, now i gave some people wrong informations, based on the information i got from a buggy interaction >.<

Never really used DoT’s skills that much^^

Yeah im not sure if bone curse is buggy or if its a hint wandering spirits will soon be losing there hit status, but for now everything besides bone curse is applied on spectral putrescence hit.

Well to be fair it’s quiet a strange interaction anyway: DoT Skill that does not hit, has a node that grants a component that does hit.

But yeah maybe it will remove the ability to hit, we’ll have to see.

Still better, than when Bone Curses additional hits could trigger ailments, just imagine this madness :smiley:

Well it does have a spell tag so its a spell hit shen they fire their poison dart. But i agree. Nothing from the spiritual world should be able to physically touch

However if you continue to play with it. I recommend getting lots of spell leech and damage leech(global damage leech not that wussy on hit stuff)

Your survivability all go through the roof as you will leech the spirits spell hut damage :slight_smile: